Dog Clippers vs Human Clippers

You may think at first glance looking at a pair of dog hair clippers that they look very similar to human clippers. That is actually not the case, there are very distinct things about dog clippers and human clippers that make them different. Today in this article, I am going to discuss dog clippers Vs. … Read more

Bark Collar Reviews 2019: Best Bark Collar to Stop Dog Barking

Have you and your neighbors had one too many sleepless nights because your dog has been barking endlessly? Worry not, there is a solution to your problem. Dog Bark Collars! There are many dog bark collars on the market and you need to know the best bark collar that fits your dog. This article on bark collar … Read more

Learn more about the Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog, its puppies and more!

Alapaha Blue Blood BulldogThe Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog is a muscular canine that is very playful despite its intimidating appearance. The breed has the slack, loose lips and wide set eyes that are common with other bulldog types. The muzzle is pronounced with V-shaped ears that hang to the side.

The nails on each paw tend to grow long and tapered. The thick appearance is more than just a visual quality. Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog puppies will quickly grow and begin to display the powerful build and stout shape that is common with this breed.

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All About the Mountain Feist Dog, its temperament and more!

Mountain Feist DogDescription:

The Mountain Feist dog is a sleek, compact canine that has a handsome profile and short coat. The average example of the breed stands 10 to 22 inches tall. The ears are pointed and can be upright or folded over. As Mountain Feist puppies grow into adults, their muscular shape becomes more prominent.

Healthy dogs will have powerful legs with curved nails that are sharp and ideal for climbing. This quality improves the canine’s ability to chase down elusive small game. Mountain Feist breeders will offer pups in a wide range of colors, however black, white and light brown are the most common.

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SleekEZ Dog Brush Review: Why Your Dog Needs This

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Best Outdoor Dog Beds for 2019

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Best Dog Harness for Small Dogs

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Best Flea Powder for Carpets 2019

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Best Carpet Cleaner for Pet Stains

Unfortunately, accidents happen, even with house-trained pups and potty-trained toddlers – an “oops” is part and parcel of having children and pets. From food and juice stains to poops and pees, it doesn’t take long before your shabby chic carpets are more shabby than chic and your house smells like old Macdonald’s farm. But there’s … Read more