Where to Find American Hairless Terriers for Sale

american hairless terrierAs a member of the AKC’s non-sporting group, this is a rather new breed. The first recorded American Hairless Terrier was born to a Rat Terrier in 1972; for those who may not know – the AHT (American Hairless Terrier) is created due to mutations of the Rat terrier genes. Regardless if they are created from a mutation or not, these alert and loving dogs are considered the true hypo-allergic dog. This is said to be because their lack of hair reduces the amount of dander. Moreover, if you don’t like worrying about fleas, you don’t have to with this breed! In fact, fleas are not very fond of this breed at all! After you conduct your research and determine that this is the perfect dog for
you, it’s a good idea to begin looking into various American Hairless terrier breeders. Below you will find some useful tips that will provide you with information on how to find an American Hairless terrier for sale.

Find a Reputable American Hairless Terrier Breeder

Breeders are one of the most common places to get any type of dog, and that should be no different for the AHT. Here are a few reputable breeders to consider first:

–      Trout Creek Kennel: The AHT actually originated at this kennel; it was here in 1972 when the first one was born. Currently, Edwin still raises American Hairless terries that he sells all over the USA and other countries. If you would like to contact him to see if he has any American Hairless Terrier puppies for sale you can check out his site at http://www.troutcreekkennel.com.

–      AHT Kennels: AHT is comprised of a small network of dog breeders from Kentucky and Wisconsin. Since they have many breeders working together, chances are that they have puppies or adults up for adoption most of the time. You have to contact them via their website at http://www.ahtkennels.com.

Locate an American Hairless Terrier Rescue

On the other hand, if you would rather save the life of a rescue dog, you can do that also! There are currently a few AHT rescues around the county. One such rescue is called Sweet Lucy’s. They save these dogs from shelters and owners who no longer want to care for them. To see if they have what you are looking for, check their site out at http://sweet-lucys.com/hairlessdogs/ahtrescue.html.

In the end, an American Hairless Terrier is a very loving and alert dog that makes a wonderful companion. If you or a family member suffers from allergies, you may want to look into this truly hypo-allergenic breed! Once you see what these dogs are all about – you will be happy you did!

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