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American Indian DogDescription:
The American Indian dog is a pleasant creature with nearly almond shaped eyes that shine with an intelligent gleam.  This beloved canine is bred in two sizes with two different hair lengths and coat colors.  They sometimes have a curled tail, much like the Alaskan Malamute but are usually preferred with a long tail held down.  A bend may be present near the tip of the tail when held in this position. The canine’s head is broad with upright ears.  Coat color can be anywhere from silver to black with some American Indian dog puppies born with a tortoiseshell coloration.  Native Americans sometimes referred to the tortoiseshell version as the “Spirit Dog”.

Temperament of an American Indian dog:
American Indian dogs are very intelligent, which makes them easy to train.  They show an eagerness to please their human and are very loyal.  This breed is not built like a typical guard dog, but it will be protective if it feels its loved ones are threatened.  They are very sensitive and require gentle treatment and training. Being too firm or harsh can cause behavior issues and fear.  American Indian dog puppies should be socialized well so they do not act shy around strangers later in life. This breed is great with children and other animals.

American Indian DogHeight & Weight:
The average American Indian dog weighs between 55 and 120 pounds (25 to 55 kg) and stands 23 to 34 inches (58 to 67 cm).

Health problems:
American Indian dogs are prone to hip dysplasia.

Living Conditions:
Anyone looking for an American Indian dog for sale should keep in mind that this breed is not good in urban settings. Apartments, condos and small dwellings are not recommended.  This breed requires access to bigger spaces in the outdoors and does not thrive as a house dog only.  Rural locations are recommended for the American Indian dog breed.

Reputable American Indian dog breeders will tell you that this canine requires moderate exercise. The breed is intended to thrive in the outdoors, so long walks, vigorous jogs and play time is required to keep the canine happy and healthy. This is also an opportunity to reinforce dominance in a positive way.  That being said, the American Indian dog breed is generally mellow and laid back and does not require excessive activity to burn off its energy.

American Indian DogLife expectancy of an American Indian dog:
The American Indian dog lives approximately 14 to 19 years.

Spring is shed time for the American Indian dog breed. Owners should plan to schedule extra brushing sessions during this season to rid their pet of shed hairs. Regular grooming throughout the rest of the year will reduce the presence of fur in homes.

The American Indian dog breed was created by the Native Americans. Prior to the arrival of the Spaniards in the mid-1500s, canines were the primary work animal for native peoples in North America.  They would pull carts, hunt, fish and even served as caretakers and guardians for children and elderly family members.  The canine was featured in many drawings and texts created by missionaries outlining the way Native Americans lived day to day with their hard working four-legged companions.

Other types of American Indian Dogs: 
Aside from medium to large size individuals, the American Indian dog breed contains no notable sub-groups.

What colors do they come in?
Any color from silver to black and tortoiseshell.

American Indian DogCool traits / characteristics?
The American Indian dog is a true work animal that can handle almost anything. They are versatile and willing to pull sleds and carts, hunt, fish and guard.

Other names?
Spirit Dog

Good for first time owner? Training?
The American Indian dog breed may not be a good choice for an inexperienced owner without a mentor or other guidance.  The breed is very intelligent and easy to train, but it is also a sensitive animal. Excessive force or firmness can greatly impact the animal.  Otherwise the breed is friendly, versatile and pleasant with traits that make it good for families with children.

Common mixes:
No notable American Indian dog mixes currently exist.

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