Where to Find American Indian Dogs for Sale

American Indian DogThe only dogs once used by the Native Americans, the American Indian Dog makes a great family protector. In history, Native Americans used these dogs as a large part of village life. In fact, it is said that the American Indian dog breed once pulled carts containing family belongings, and were also used to hunt, fish and “babysit” the elderly and village children while the adults were away gathering food. Today, these dogs are well-suited for life in the country. They will not do well as a complete house or apartment dog, as they like to roam and feel as if they are free. So, if you live on enough land and are looking for an American Indian dog for sale, then keep reading and you will find some ideas for where to look.

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American Indian DogDescription:
The American Indian dog is a pleasant creature with nearly almond shaped eyes that shine with an intelligent gleam.  This beloved canine is bred in two sizes with two different hair lengths and coat colors.  They sometimes have a curled tail, much like the Alaskan Malamute but are usually preferred with a long tail held down.  A bend may be present near the tip of the tail when held in this position. The canine’s head is broad with upright ears.  Coat color can be anywhere from silver to black with some American Indian dog puppies born with a tortoiseshell coloration.  Native Americans sometimes referred to the tortoiseshell version as the “Spirit Dog”.

Read moreDiscover the American Indian Dog, Breeder info and more!