Best De-Shedding Tool for Husky

Are you tired of the constant trail of dog hair in your house from your Husky? I sure am; one way to solve this problem is by using one of the best de-shedding tools for Huskies. This tool will take out all of the dead hairs from your dog’s coat when you brush the tool through your Husky’s fur. You can check out the best options on the market below as well as our buying guide.

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Best Best De-Shedding Tool for Husky – Reviews

Furminator De-Shedding Tool for Large Dogs

I am sure by now you have heard of the Furminator brand due to all the amazing products this company creates. Our top pick for the best de-shedding tool for Huskies is the Furminator large dog shedding tool. This tool can remove up to 90% of loose hairs that would ultimately end up on your furniture and floor of your home.

This tool has the ability to shed the topcoat loose hairs as well as the undercoat layers all in the same brush. When your stainless-steel bristles start to get full of hair, you can push the release button that retracts the bristles and allows you to remove the hair. This makes it extremely easy to clean since Husky’s have a lot of hair that sheds you will be cleaning the hair out of the brush often.

  • Reduces loose hairs and shedding up to 90%.
  • The teeth of the shedding tool are made from stainless steel bristles.
  • Works to remove topcoat as well as shedding undercoat.
  • Used by both groomers and professional veterinarians.
  • Handy push-button retractable blades that allow you to clean the de-shedding tool easily.

With this tool being designed by both groomers and veterinarians, you know the product will work like it is intended to. The price is higher, but this product works well to completely de-shed your dog’s loose hairs. It can be used year-round when your dog is in its peak shedding season. Perfect when you pair it with one of your Husky’s regular brushes.

Andis Pet DeShedding Tool

When your Husky’s shedding season starts in the spring and fall, you will soon regret not having a reliable de-shedding tool to get all those loose and dead hairs out. The Andis line is a wonderful grooming line for both humans and dogs.

This tool has hooked shaped teeth that can easily be used to brush through your husky’s top layer coats as well as undercoats. When it slides through the hair, it scoops up the dead and loose hairs and gets them out and onto the floor. You can decide how you want to clean up the loose hairs. This tool is designed to remove 90% of the shedding hair.

  • Helps reduce shedding up to 90 percent.
  • Keeps the top coat of your Husky damage-free.
  • The claws of the de-shedder do not scratch your dog’s skin.
  • Hook shaped teeth help to grab fur and hair that is dead.

The handle on this de-shedding tool is not as ergonomic as some of the other brands in this review. However, it is a skinny handle that is easy to hold onto due to the rubber grips on the side. This is a moderately priced tool for your Husky. It is not the cheapest option but also not the most expensive. You can trust the Andis brand because they create some fantastic quality products.

Pet Grooming Brush Deshedding Tool for Dogs

This is an extremely popular De-shedding tool as so many people have purchased it. This tool can remove 95% of the loose dead hairs that need to come out of your dog’s coat. This tool will move easily through your Husky’s dense, long coat. The stainless steel 100mm bristles easily trap the hair that has fallen out, and you can easily clean it and brush your dog again.

This de-shedding tool can also help remove tangles and knots without ripping them out of your Husky’s fur. The handle of the tool has an ergonomic feel that makes it easy to hold in your hand. This is one of the larger de-shedding tools, so it makes it easy to groom large breed dogs.

  • This de-shedding tool removes up to 95% of the dead hairs inside your Husky’s coat.
  • The tool uses a 100mm stainless steel blade that is protected by the plastic cover to protect your dog.
  • The handle has easy grips to hold onto the tool easier.
  • Very affordable price point.
  • Easy to clean teeth on the brush.
  • Comes with a free how to groom Ebook.

This is one of the more affordable options when it comes to a de-shedding tool. It works easily to get out loose hairs and prevent them from falling all over your house. This brush does come with an eBook that gives you tips on how to use this tool as well as grooming techniques. These are all the reasons why this is one of the best de-shedding tools for Huskies.

SleekEZ Deshedding Grooming Tool for Dogs

This de-shedding brush from SleekEZ has a patent on it for its design and wave blade. This really helps to remove the loose hairs that are going to fall on the floor, dirt stuck in the fur, and even dander buildup. The large wooden handle makes it super easy to grab and hold onto. The simple push down and brush method will be all you need to do to use this tool.

You have the option to choose from a few different sizes. This will allow you to customize it to whatever size dog you have. In the case of a Husky, you will want to either get the 5-inch medium-size or the 10-inch large brush. They even have a few different wood color options.

  • This is a patented de-shedding tool that can be used on all sorts of pets.
  • This brush features a wave blade that helps get rid of loose hairs, dirt, and dander.
  • The tiny teeth on the brush help to get the dirt off the hair.
  • They work well without pulling or tugging on your dog’s fur.
  • Comes in different sizes for you to choose from, small to even extra-large.
  • Wooden handle for holding.

This is one of those moderately priced de-shedding tool options. It is very high quality, and the teeth on the brush do not hurt, snag, or tear out your Husky’s hair. We actually have a full review on the SleekEZ de-shedding tool where you can learn more about this one specifically. Overall, another valuable option to consider.

Thunderpaws Best Professional De-Shedding Tool and Pet Grooming Brush

The Thunderpaws grooming brush has been designed to remove up to 95% of the dead or loose hairs that are in your Husky’s fur. The bristles that are used to capture all of this loose hair is made from stainless steel. You can easily detach the bristles on the connected part to easily clean the hairs out of the tool.

If you use this de-shedding tool often on your Husky, you will remove the dead hairs out before your dog sheds it on your floor. Remember that groomers recommend you groom your dog weekly and sometimes daily.

If your Husky tends to get mats and knots in their fur, you can easily remove them without pulling out the entire hair shaft. The handle of the de-shedding tool is ergonomic so that it will feel good in your hand. The handle has this rubber coating on it, so it is easy to grip and not let go of.

  • The de-shedding tool has a four-inch stainless steel bristles to help get the loose hairs out of your dog’s coat.
  • Reduces the shedding in your dog’s coat by 95%.
  • Non-slick handle that has been coated in rubber.
  • The handle also has an ergonomic feel, which makes it comfortable in your hand.
  • Detachable bristles to make it easier to clean.

Overall, this is the most affordable option that we have reviewed. It works very well to get the job done of de-shedding your Husky. The detachable bristle piece makes it easy to clean. The handle is very durable, and it should hold up for a long time.

Best De-Shedding Tool for Husky

How to Choose the Best De-Shedding Tool for Huskies

Here is our how to choose guide. In this guide, we explain more to you about de-shedding tools and how to narrow down our list further so you can pick the right one for you and your Husky.


The bristles that are used in a de-shedding brush are typically very fine and thin. There are usually a lot of these thin bristles that way; it can capture each strand of dead hair as it is brushed through your Husky’s coat.

Most often, you will see companies make their bristles out of stainless steel. This is an efficient way of grooming and even cleaning. Stainless steel lasts a very long time too.


The tool’s handle will most likely be ergonomic, as this is what most companies are doing nowadays. Ergonomic simply means that it will feel good in the palm of your hand instead of awkward. Some companies even go the extra mile to provide even more comfort by coating certain parts of the handle in rubber to make it softer.

Easy Cleaning

Cleaning the hair out of the de-shedding tool is another thing you will have to do, especially when you groom a Husky. Some brushed will trap the hair, and then to clean it; you will need to pull the hair out of the bristles.

Some companies have a push-button option that retracts the bristles, and then It makes it super easy to pull the hair out to throw it away. Some tools just pull the hair out, and then it falls to the floor for cleanup. You will need to decide if there is a specific way you want to clean your de-shedding tool.


Price is certainly one of the most important factors to consider. Grooming your dog can be expensive, especially when you tend to have a higher maintenance dog like the Husky. De-shedding tools can range from moderately priced to more expensive options. The more expensive options may have stronger, more durable handles and even better bristles. You will need to determine how much you want to spend on a de-shedding tool as I’m sure there are other things you will need to purchase to groom your Husky such as a rake, brush, and even shampoo.

Best De-Shedding Tool for Huskies


Below are some questions and answers that you will find about de-shedding tools for Huskies. If you have any other questions that we did not answer, leave them down below.

Why do Husky’s Shed so Much?

Husky’s shed a lot because they actually have two different coat types. Your Husky will have a top layer coat and then an extremely thick undercoat. The undercoat is the layer that does the most shedding.

There are multiple layers to the undercoat, and sometimes traditional dog brushes don’t do the job of penetrating through the hair. That is why a de-shedding brush will help brush through that hair and remove all of those loose hairs that would otherwise be all over your floor.

What is the Best De-shedding Tool for Huskies?

In my personal opinion, I believe the Furminator De-Shedding Tool for Large Dogs is the best. This tool can remove up to 90% of your Husky’s dead hairs that are going to fall out. The stainless-steel bristles help trap the hairs that you brush to make it easier to clean instead of all over the floor. The Furminator company makes amazing products that are durable and work amazingly at its intended function.

When Does Shedding Season Start?

Depending on what time of the year, you see this question will dictate when your dog’s next shedding season starts. Husky’s have two major shedding times, the beginning of spring and the beginning of fall.

Husky’s do shed all year long, but you will find that shedding to be so much worse during the first few weeks of spring and fall. To combat this issue, you can frequently brush your Husky with one of the best de-shedding tools

Can you De-shed a Husky Puppy?

Your Husky puppy will most likely not start shedding hair until they are around 6 to 8 months old. You certainly can use a de-shedding tool on your Husky as a puppy. It will not hurt the dog in any way, but you can first ask a professional groomer if you are nervous. Most likely, they will be starting to de-shed your dog at this point too.


A de-shedding tool is truly essential to have in your grooming supplies, especially if you own a Husky. You will truly notice a difference in your Husky’s coat’s density after using one of these tools. Your home will have less dog hair all over it too. So, which one of the best de-shedding tools for Husky’s did you choose? Let us know down below.

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