6 Best Dog Beds for Large Dogs

When it comes to dog beds and large dogs, deciding the best one can be tricky! The truth is that there are so many types on the market that you may not know the perfect one to choose.

I’ve decided to find the best dog beds for large dog breeds and do extensive research on each one. I wanted to make it easier for consumers to pick out a bed for their dog without having to spend countless hours doing research.

I have done all the work for you down below in my best dog beds for large dog’s review! Check it out and view the buying guide for more information about specific features.

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Best Dog Beds for Large Dogs

Big Barker 7″ Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed for Large and Extra Large Breed Dogs

The Big Barker dog bed is known far and wide. You may have heard about this bed from popular T.V. segments on ABC, NBC, CBS, and much more.

Their mission is to provide you with three important things in a dog bed. Those things are Incredible support and comfort for your dog, easy to clean, and will add a great design and look into your home.

There are four different layers of foam to give your dog maximum comfort. The dog bed is designed to never flatten over time with your dog lying on it.

The therapeutic mattress keeps your dog joints in better health because it elevates your dog off the ground and helps soothe painful conditions like arthritis.

This bed is available in three different sizes from large, extra-large, and giant. The large size is perfect for golden retrievers, Pitbull’s, and dogs under 25 inches tall. The extra-large size is perfect for mastiffs, German shepherds, and Dobermans. The giant size can be used on the biggest dogs, such as a Great Dane.


  • Made right here in the united states
  • Soft microfiber top so its soft for your dog
  • Four layers of foam that will never flatten
  • Machine washable
  • Three different sizing options and four-color choices


  • One of the most expensive dog beds on our list


I really like how thick this dog bed is. If you have ever owned a large breed dog, then you know the struggle of finding a bed that can support a big heavy dog.

I also like that it is machine washable so if it does get dirty, you can clean it. It’s an expensive option, but the quality is well worth every penny.

Best Friends by Sheri The Original Calming Shag Vegan Fur

This dog bed is very fluffy and shaggy. The cuddler dog and cat bed line were made to make sleeping more comfortable for your furry friend.

They make multiple sizing options that come with special features. You can find this line ranges in sizes from small to extra-large.

The bed is in the shape of a donut. The donut shape provides more comfort than a square or rectangle bed. The wall of the circle is nine inches high, which not only gives your dog head support, but it also stops them from falling off.

The inside is stuffed with virgin airloft fibers. The top layer is a fake vegan shag that is very soft and makes your dog feel like it is curled up with other dogs.

You can machine wash the cover of the bed when it becomes dirty. To keep the fur from matting up, you need to let the bed fully dry before letting your dog back on it.


  • Beautiful fluffy design
  • Two color options and multiple sizing choices
  • Made with vegan furs and fabrics
  • Machine washable
  • The donut shape cuddles and comforts your dog


  • This is not a dog option for puppies even if they are large breed puppies


This is another option for your dog as it is very comfortable, and the shape of it is more comforting than a flat laying dog bed.

If your dog doesn’t have any other doggy companions, then the fur will feel like another dog cuddling them. This is another great choice for one of the best beds for large dogs.

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed, Orthopedic Memory Foam, Multiple Sizes/Colors

Tired of your dog stealing up half your bed space? Now you can reclaim back your bed and give your dog something just as comfortable.

This dog bed is made from a memory foam pad. This is perfect for larger dog breeds that are prone to hip and joint issues.

There is an outer pillow connected to the bed to be used to support your dog’s head and neck. It is inside a cover that can be removed to be washed.

The cover of the entire bed is made with a water-resistant material. This will slow the water absorption rate. It can also be removed and washed in the washing machine.

There are four different sizing options to choose from. You can really pick out a bed that will work for your big dog. There are also three different colors to choose from.


  • Memory foam mattress
  • Water-resistant cover
  • Can be machine washed
  • This is a breathable blend of cotton and polyester fibers
  • Four sizing options to choose from as well as three color choices


  • Read the sizing carefully to make sure you are picking out the correct size for your dog. Issues with sizing have occurred


Your dog deserves to have a very comfortable place to sleep; this dog bed from PetFusion gives your dog that. I love that it Is washable and water-resistant. You can clean up a mess quickly before it absorbs into the fabrics.

I also like the memory foam pad. It doesn’t flatten over time and its very comfy. /I can see why dogs love the bed because of how soft the memory foam is.

The Original Elevated Pet Bed by Coolaroo

We are going to take a look now at an original looking dog bed that doesn’t come with all the padding and fluff. This is a standard off the ground dog bed that uses HDPE fabric to keep your dog cool.

This bed is off the ground to reduce stress on your dog’s joints. This makes it more comfortable for your dog to lay on. The breathable fabric allows airflow to go through cooling your dog down and reducing stress on your dog.

Perfect to use indoor your home as well as outdoors. The powder-coated steel will keep the steel strong when outside in certain weather elements. The bed itself is straightforward to clean; wipe or hose it off, then you are done.


  • Breathable and insulated fabric
  • Lifted above the ground to help with your dog’s joints
  • Can be used inside and outside
  • Very easy to clean
  • Very affordable price point


  • The mat does wear out after a while


This is a very budget friendly option for a dog bed. Especially, if you wanted to leave this one outside, and it could be your dog’s bed for outside.

I also really like how easy it is to clean. Rinse the bed with your garden hose and leave it outside in the sun to dry. It’s that simple.

Furhaven Pet Dog Bed | Ergonomic Contour Lounger & Therapeutic Sofa-Style

This dog bed features the traditional sofa look. There are three sides of extra support that can be used for your dog to lay its head on. The area your dog lays down on is lined with a faux fur that is extremely soft and plushy.

The pad your dog will sleep on is great for orthopedic therapy, which means it will help soothe joint in on your dog. There are a few layers of foam used in the product to create the orthopedic feel of the mattress.

The cover of the dog bed can be removed to be washed. This is very convenient because if there are any accidents, you can wash the stinky smell away. The bed comes in multiple sizes and multiple color options.

This is also a very affordable option for dog owners. Some orthopedic dog beds can cost a lot of money, and this one is rather affordable.


  • Removable and washable sleeping cover
  • Soft faux fur on the sleeping mat
  • Multiple sizes and multiple colors
  • Supportive pillow edges on three sides


  • The egg crate foam that they use isn’t as durable as other orthopedic foams


The bed itself works well. I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite choice, but it does the job of giving your dog plenty of support on their body, head, and neck. It is soft and comfy, and there are different options of foam to choose from.

I like that you can choose from a ton of different colors and styles. This is a very nice feature. The price point makes it one of the most affordable orthopedic dog beds on the market.

MidWest Homes for Pets Deluxe Super Plush Pet Beds

This dog bed is perfect for big dog breeds. Now, this dog bed does not feature any thick foams, and some people prefer it that way.  The huge size of this dog bed will allow your dog to be able to spread out as much as they like.

One of the coolest things about this bed is that the entire thing can be put into the washing machine. You don’t have to worry about taking off covers and leaving out the foam for your dog to destroy.  Just remember to dry the bed after washing.

The bottom of the bed features non-skid pads that prevent the bed from sliding and moving all over the floor. The top is a very soft plushy feel that will keep your dog cozy and comfortable. This pet will perfectly fit in a crate that is sized a little bigger than the bed.


  • Perfect size for small homes and crates
  • Soft plush on the top keeps your dog comfortable
  • Nonskid bottom
  • The entire unit can be machine washed
  • Multiple sizing options
  • Three color choices


  • Not a very thick padding from the floor.


This is a very standard dog bed that you can find at many pet stores. It doesn’t provide your dog with very much padding. Again, some owners and dogs don’t like to have such a soft bed.

The price is very reasonable, considering there are dog beds out on the market for hundreds of dollars. This bed is a good choice for dogs because of its simplicity. This is why it made it to our best dog beds for large dogs list.

Best Dog Beds for Large Dogs

Buying Guide

There are a number of different features and specifics that will all depend on what you’re looking for. In this buying guide, I strive to give you clarity on what you are looking for in the best dog bed for your large dog.


Size is clearly a factor when picking out a dog bed, especially when you have a large breed dog. You will need to find a large or even extra-large size offered by a company just to accommodate your dog.

You will also have to make sure you have room in your house for a dog bed of such a big size. Measure a space in your home and make it your designated dog bed space.

Above you will find six different options that should accommodate your dog.


Materials used to make large dog beds are very important. Depending on the material can affect how it smushes down when your dog lays on it.

A cheaper filled dog bed might be fine for a smaller breed dog, but when a big breed lays on it, it’s practically like they are laying on the floor.

Memory foam beds are very common for larger dogs. The foam will mot be moved out of place by your dog’s size. Its soft, and it will provide comfort for your dog’s joints.

You may also find other types of foam used, some thicker than others. An orthopedic bed is another option. We have reviewed some of them above, and it will basically help your dog’s bones and joints better than a memory foam bed.

Wash Ability

Not all dog beds can be machine washed, but some come with removable covers that can be washed. This is something you will need to seriously consider if you have a dog that is dirtier or has more accidents than the average dog.

I have reviewed a few options that can be completely laundered, as well as some that have a removable cover. Few bed companies have stated they are water-resistant, so the absorption rate is slower.

You will have to decide if you are okay with only a bed being able to be partly washed or one that is fully washable.

Large Dog Bed


Style is determined by personal preference. You may be into one look of a type of dog bed that can be harder to find. The most common styles are a rectangle, round, or oval bed option.

Does your dog prefer to be on the ground or elevated off of it? Does your dog need a specific part for a head rest? Does your dog prefer smaller curled up spaces like in a round bed?

These are all questions you will need to ask yourself when picking out the best dog bed for large dogs.


You can decide to have a dog bed in just about any color you could absolutely want. The color or the look to speak matters to many owners around the world.

You don’t want to purchase a dog bed that looks ugly. Each product I have reviewed above has the option to be purchased in multiple different colors.


Price is another huge factor when deciding what product to purchase. I have reviewed large breed dog’s beds at very affordable prices and some that are higher priced.

Just because a dog bed is more expensive doesn’t mean it isn’t as good as the cheaper ones. The higher priced products usually have more features and different quality of materials.

My suggestion to you is to pick out the budget you wish to stay within and then look through my reviews. This will help you decide which product you like the best and how close it falls within your budget.

Dog Bed For Large Dogs


Q: Do Dogs Need a Bed?

A: Yes, just like us, dogs should be given a bed not just for comfort reasons, but there are many other reasons why.

A bed really benefits your dog’s overall health, especially join health. As you should already know, if you own a large dog breed, they are prone to hip and joint problems. Having something soft and comfortable to lay on can help alive some of that pain.

This is also a good way to train your dog not to get up on the furniture. With your dog having their own safe space, they can relax and nap all in one place. This will keep your furniture cleaner and train your dog not to jump on furniture.

Q: How do I Stop my Dog from Destroying Their Bed?

A: When dogs decide to chew and destroy things, it typically means they are bored. You need to make sure your dog is getting proper exercise to prevent them from destructive behavior.

You can also purchase chew toys and plush toys to keep their mind off their bed and on their toy when inside the house. You can also take measures to train your dog better, to keep this from happening.

Q: How to Clean a Large Dog Bed?

A: Some dog beds can actually be put right into the washing machine. This is an amazing feature because when your dog’s bed starts to stink, you can throw it right into the wash to get clean.

Other dog beds I have reviewed have removable covers that can be washed. You will not be able to wash the foam, but if necessary, you can spot clean them.

Always look at the manufactures information to see if it can be washed in the washing machine.


In the end, every dog deserves a bed, even large dogs! However, purchasing one can be overwhelming as there are many types to choose from.

Use my buying guide to help you narrow down what you want in a dog bed.

I hope my reviews helped you pick out the best dog bed for your large breed dog. I took the time to extensively research each product to make sure you have all the facts about each one.

Let me know which dog bed you decided to go with.

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