Best Dog Kennels


When you purchase a dog kennel, you purchase something that you want to be comfortable and safe for your dog (or dogs). As a result, buying a quality product is important. The best dog kennels accommodate your need for comfort and security. They should be strongly constructed, and capable of safely housing even large dogs. In addition, ease of set up, the ability to enlarge, and weather resistance should add to their overall durability and usability. The following are some of the best dog kennels on the market today, and offer all of these features and more. As a result, they should give you good options from which to choose when housing your dogs.

Advantek Pet Gazebo Modular Outdoor Dog Kennel

The Pet Gazebo from Advantek is one of the best dog kennels on the market today for a number of reasons. Perhaps the biggest reason is that it is designed to be weather resistant and, therefore, perfect for outdoor use. It comes with a reversible cover that has been coated in polyurethane. The result is that it is weather resistant and it offers shade to your dog. Plus, its gazebo shape creates a low profile that also protects it in the weather. You can even buy accessories such as shade panels to give extra sun protection to your dog.

In addition, the Advantek Pet Gazebo is both easy to set up and versatile. It requires no tools to set up and can be set up in less than half an hour. Plus, you can do many things with this pet gazebo. You can purchase multiple gazebos and connect them in whatever way you wish. Or, you can buy one of three different sizes to suit dogs of any size or to hold multiple dogs.

Reviewers give this pet gazebo high praise for its usability. They find that it lives up to its claims to be easy to assemble. In addition, they report that their dogs generally like the gazebo. Reviewers also put the gazebo to a variety of uses, including occasionally using it to house cats. Most reviewers report that this pet gazebo is durable, even when left outside. The result is a reliable, weather resistant, cost effective way to kennel your dog.

Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Wire Kennel

The Uptown dog kennel from Lucky Dog is one of the best dog kennels on the market, thanks to its excellent quality and proven effectiveness. Designed to give dogs a safe place to be while their owners are out and about, it works for dogs of all sizes. The kennel is designed to be destruction-proof, even when housing large dogs, thanks to the use of 10 gauge welded steel. This construction makes it difficult for dogs of any size to chew through it or knock it over.

In addition to its high quality, this kennel boasts easy assembly. Designed for no tools assembly, the kennel can be set up by anyone of any skill level. Plus, this kennel comes with features that make it even more appealing and useful for dog owners. These include a cover to keep out the sun, a powder coated finish to make it look more appealing, and the ability to connect with other Lucky Dog Uptown kennels to create the size and configuration you need.

Reviewers praise this kennel for its sturdiness, even during outdoor use. In addition, they generally find that the kennel lives up to its promise of easy assembly. They report that the kennel is well constructed and is strong enough to contain even large dogs. Used by rescuers and regular dog owners alike, the Uptown kennel from Lucky Dog provides a smart kenneling solution for dog owners of all kinds.

PetSafe Cottageview Dog Kennel

The Cottageview dog kennel from PetSafe offers a reliable and safe haven to kennel dogs of any size. The kennel boasts welded steel construction for maximum strength and a pleasing appearance. In addition, the kennel is coated in a black powder finish. This finish helps to prevent rusting on the kennel and adds to its polished appearance.

Besides durability, this kennel makes it easy to house dogs of all sizes. The kennel itself is 5ft. X 5f. X 4 ft., large enough to hold dogs of a variety of sizes. However, you can also buy an expansion pack that allows you to further enlarge the kennel. The result is a space that can safely house even large dogs. With a black mesh covering included with the kennel, you can also easily protect your dog from the elements if you are kenneling them outside.

The reviews of the Cottageview kennel show why this kennel is one of the best dog kennels out there. Reviewers especially appreciate its durability. They report that even large dogs are generally happy in there (although a few figure out a way to escape). They also report that the set up of the kennel can be accomplished in less than an hour. These reviews show that this kennel works reliably to safely and comfortably kennel a variety of dogs.

Best Dog Kennel Flooring

PetEdge Molded Plastic Dog Kennel Flooring

Perhaps the best dog kennel flooring currently out there is the molded plastic dog kennel flooring available through PetEdge. This flooring, which measures 47.5in. X 24in. X 2in. is to keep dogs up off the ground while in their kennels or doghouses. As a result, the flooring provides a more comfortable area for your dog and helps keep them away from moisture and bugs on the ground.

This dog kennel flooring is designed to be difficult to destroy. As such, it is made of molded hard plastic that is almost impossible for dogs to claw or chew to pieces. In addition, it is made to be cleaned easily. Spraying with a disinfectant is sufficient to get the flooring back to cleanliness if a mess occurs. Finally, the surface is non-skid to be even more comfortable for your dogs to use. It also is resistant to bacteria, mold, and mildew to keep it clean and usable for a long time.

Reviewers back up PetEdge’s claim to having a quality dog kennel flooring. Only one review found their dogs capable of destroying the flooring. Otherwise, every review praised the flooring’s durability and ease of use. Some reviewers have used the flooring for years with no issues. The result is a truly high quality kennel flooring.

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