Best Dog Shampoo 2019: Dog Shampoo and Puppy Shampoo

Most dogs enjoy playing or rolling in dirt and muddy waters. Often, these fun times results in a smelly and filthy looking dog. For most dogs, walking around all dirty and muddy is fun. The owners have to wash the dogs to keep them looking good and smelling nice. That’s why you need to use the best shampoo for dogs.

It is advisable not to bathe your dog too frequently because baths reduce the skin oils on your dog’s coat. Production of excess skin oils could result to bad odors.

As you bathe your dog choose a shampoo for your dog from our list of pet shampoo. Take into consideration your dog’s allergies, skin care, and the natural skin oils. Use the best shampoo for dogs for best results.

Our Top Pics of Best Shampoo for Dogs

Shampoo Type Rating
Earthbath Natural Shampoo Organic A+
Wahl Oatmeal Shampoo Organic A+
BarkLogic Deodorizing Shampoo Heavy Duty B
​SynergyLabs Triple Strength Dirty Dog Shampoo Heavy Duty A
4-Legged Certified Organic Shampoo Hypoallergenic A+
Vet’s Best Shampoo for Sensitive Skin Hypoallergenic A
Earthbath Oatmeal and Aloe Conditioner Conditioner A+
Isle of Dogs Coating Conditioner Conditioner A+
OxGord Natural Shampoo And Conditioner– Editors Choice Conditioner & Shampoo A+
Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo Conditioner & Shampoo A+

The Best Shampoo for Dogs Reviews

There’s no shampoo that’s suitable for all dogs. Each shampoo suits the needs of certain dogs but not all. Shampoos are classified into five distinct categories:

  • Organic Shampoo
  • Heavy Duty Shampoo
  • Hypo Allergenic Shampoo
  • Shampoo and Conditioner Combined
  • Conditioner

A. Best Organic Shampoos

These shampoos are made using natural ingredients and are suitable for most dog breeds. Organic shampoos are gentle and very effective. Some of these shampoos are:

1. Earthbath Natural Shampoo

Earthbath are totally natural and well formulated to efficiently clean your dog. Earthbath is made up of oatmeal; Aloe Vera purified water, coconut-based cleaners, food-grade vanilla, almond extracts and vitamins A, B, D and E.


  • It is environmental friendly
  • The aloe and oatmeal heals itchy parts and efficiently moisturizes the dog’s hair and skin
  • The shampoo is gentle and non-teary
  • The addition of almond extracts and vanilla to the shampoo ensures the dog is well scented
  • It easily lathers


  • Smelly dogs may require a more efficient shampoo other than Earthbath

2. Wahl Oatmeal Shampoo

Wahl has a line of natural dog shampoo. It has several different scents and formulations to choose from depending on your dog’s needs and your preferences. All its ingredients are extracted from plants. The shampoo ingredients include of Aloe Vera, lime and lemon verbena, coconut, and oatmeal.


  • Wahl is natural, gentle and safe for cleaning dogs
  • Oatmeal relieves itching and heal dry dog skin
  • Only small quantities are required to lather water since the shampoo is concentrated
  • Has several scents to choose from


  • The scents are quite strong and may be a bother to sensitive or allergic people and dogs
  • The shampoo may not be effective in cleaning very dirty and stinky dogs

B. Best Shampoos for Stinky Moments

Heavy duty dog shampoos are the most efficient to use when cleaning dirty and stinky dogs. It’s advisable to have a heavy duty dog shampoo just in case the situation gets stinky. Heavy duty dog shampoos are not to be used regularly but only for dirty and stinky moments.

1. Flaxseed Deodorizing Shampoo

It’s natural and extracted from plants. It’s more efficient in handling serious odors than the organic shampoos.


  • Fast and effectively gets rid of the odor on contact
  • Gentle on the dog’s skin and non-toxic
  • Easy to lather
  • Environmental friendly and biodegradable
  • The shampoo is fit for vegans

Has only one disadvantage that the dog requires repeated shampooing to maintain a refreshing scent.

2. SynergyLabs Veterinary Formula Triple Strength Dirty Dog Shampoo

This shampoo is famed for its heavy-duty action when used to clean dirty dogs. The shampoo is comprised of vitamin E, glycerin, de-ionized water, tetra sodium EDTA, foaming agents and fragrances. If you are looking for a shampoo for your dirty dog, consider this option.


  • The active cleaners in the shampoo have been tripled giving it an edge over its competitors
  • Boasts of an additional “Dirt Repel” formula
  • The aloe, wheat protein, shea and vitamin E protects and restores moisture on the dog’s coat
  • The shampoo is concentrated and lathers easily
  • Scented with tea and green apple perfumes


  • The refreshing smell is not long lasting as it lasts only a few days

C. Best Hypoallergenic Shampoos

Some dogs have very sensitive and allergic skins thus require special shampoos. Hypoallergenic shampoos are best suited for these breeds of dogs. If you are looking for dog shampoo for itchy skin and or dry skin, consider this options.

1. 4-Legged Certified Organic All Natural Dog Shampoo

It is a natural shampoo but is mostly used for its moisturizing qualities that come in handy when dealing with sensitive skins.


  • Has natural moisturizers and works well when used on dogs with dermatitis conditions
  • Has natural tick and flea deterrents
  • The shampoo is 100% vegan and the packaging can be recycled
  • The shampoo is hypoallergenic and suitable for all age brackets and skin types


  • Its consistency is thinner compared to other shampoos

2. Vet’s Best Hypoallergenic Shampoo for Sensitive Skin

Vet’s Best Shampoo is suitable for sensitive skin and re-moisturizes the dog’s coat. The shampoo is made up of Allantoiin, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Panthenol.


  • Designed to re-moisturize, soothe itching and restore energy to the brittle coats
  • The shampoo has no soap assuring that the dog will not tear during a bath
  • Does not affect tick or flea treatments applied earlier
  • Can reduce hair shedding
  • Does not require the use of a conditioner afterwards


  • Does not lather easily
  • The shampoo is not scented

D. Best Conditioners

1. Earthbath All Natural Oatmeal and Aloe Conditioner

The conditioner is natural and works well with the Earthbath Shampoo.


  • The conditioner is suitable for use with all types of hair
  • Has a moisturizing effect on the hair and eases itching or irritation
  • The conditioner is concentrated thus budget conscious


  • The conditioner irritates the dogs eyes when it comes into contact with the eyes

2. Isle of Dogs Jasmine and Vanilla Silky Coating Conditioner

This conditioner is gentle, scented and promises silky, lustrous looking hair locks. The shampoo is largely chemically based.


  • Re-moisturizes the coat and works well with tangled hair
  • The conditioner is scented
  • Lathers and rinses of easily without leaving sticky residues
  • Has a long term effect on the silky coat


  • The shampoo is chemically based thus not suitable for those looking for natural products

E. Best Dog Shampoo and Conditioner Combined

If you want the best results when using dog shampoo, then go for the shampoo and conditioner combination. The shampoo and conditioner mix saves you time when bathing your time and leaves your dog clean and healthy. These are the two best shampoo conditioner mix.

1. Oxgord Organic Oatmeal Dog Shampoo and Conditioner

It is highly effective and is among the most popular 2-in-1 currently in the market. Both the shampoo and conditioner are fully organic.


  • Natural and environmental friendly
  • It is recyclable and appropriate for vegans
  • The conditioner detangles the dog’s coat
  • Lathers easily and has a re-moisturizing effect on dry skin
  • The combination has no soap thus assuring no tears


  • it is quite expensive compared to its competitors
  • The fragrance has a low density and thin consistency

2. Earthbath All Natural Mango Tango Shampoo and Conditioner

The product is organic and made up of plant-based conditioners and cleansers.


  • Has a gentle touch on the skin and coat
  • Has a long-lasting effect on the dog’s hair
  • Does not affect earlier flea treatments
  • It is totally biodegradable
  • The combination lathers easily
  • Its mango scent is refreshing and easily rinses out


  • It is not very effective when used on hair or skin problems.

Reasons To Use Dog Shampoo Instead of Human Shampoo

Sometimes you may be tempted to use human products to clean your dog; here are the reasons why not to do it.

pH Levels: To begin with, human beings and dogs have different pH levels. Human shampoos are acidic which best suits the human skin but when used on dogs it alters the pH levels making them vulnerable to infections, parasites, and bacteria. Using an acidic shampoo on an alkaline dog skin breaks the skin mantle exposing the skin to bacterial infections.

Sensitive Skin: Lastly, dogs have a more sensitive skin as compared to human beings. Human skin has 10-15 layers while the dog skin has 3-5 layers. The dog skin gets easily irritated by human products due to the sensitivity of the skin.

The human skin can handle the harsh products but the dog skin becomes dry, abrases, and becomes itchy. Visit the pet store and buy the best shampoo for dogs but in case you run out you could use baby shampoos.

How Frequent Should You Clean Your Dog?

How regularly you clean your dog depends on the dog’s lifestyle, breed and habits. Mostly for those dogs that spend most of their time outside they will require a bath every 4-6 weeks. Dogs that stay indoors will require less frequent baths every 2-3 months.

For double-coated dog breeds bathe them after three months. Keep the baths as minimal as possible unless they get too smelly. Select the best shampoo for dogs and reduce the baths to minimize the possibility of the oil skins drying out.

Excessively shampooing your dog could lead to hair damage and lose of the natural hair shine. The most ideal way to increase the time intervals between baths is to brush your dog’s hair every day. Not cleaning the dog at all could lead skin irritation and eventually lesions appear.

Tips on How to Clean Your Dog

To get the best results when cleaning a dog follow a procedure.

  1. To begin with, brush your dog’s hair and remove debris or tangles caught in between the hair. Secondly, prepare the bathroom and assembling all the bathing materials and treats for good behavior.
  2. Remove the dog’s collar and if necessary restrain using a muzzle or a special bathing tether. Use lukewarm water and a comfortable mat such that the dog will not slide while bathing. Gradually introduce the dog to the lukewarm water by sprinkling on the back.
  3. Use low pressure and allow the dog to get accustomed to the feeling of water running down its back. Protect the dog’s eyes using petroleum jelly and insert cotton balls in the dog’s ears to protect them from water and shampoo.
  4. Using a soft brush lather the dog in the hair growth direction then clean the dog’s paw pads. Rinse thoroughly starting from the head down to the rest of the body.
  5. If need be you could use a dog hair conditioner. Lastly, wash out the hair conditioners and shampoo then dry the dog. Keep him warm till he’s fully dry.


With the above recommendations choosing the best shampoo for dogs will be an easy task. Choose a shampoo or conditioner according to the dog’s needs. If you want a nice smelling dog opt for a scented one.

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