Best Orthopedic Dog Bed 2020: Best Dog Beds, Cheap and Comfortable

When your dog has had a good night’s sleep, he wakes up happy and cheerful. He hops out of his bed, he stretches happily and trots of to pee or to get something to eat. However, if your dog wakes up sore and stiff, his bed must be worn out. It’s time to get him the best dog bed that’s comfortable.

A good dog bed offers good support for your dog which means he will have a good night’s sleep and will wake up happy and cheerful. After a long day playing and running around, your dog needs a cozy bed.

Our Top Picks of Best Dog Beds

Bed Quality Price Our Rating
Big Barker 7” Orthopedic Bed A+ $$$$ 98
Integrity Orthopedic Memory Bed A $$$ 95
MPX Orthopedic Waterproof Bed A- $$ 96
K&H Memory Sofa Bed A $$$ 94

*The above ratings are based on expert opinions and/or on our experience with the products. 

What is an orthopedic dog bed?

When it comes to dog beds, there is no technical or legal definition of a dog bed. However, an orthopedic mattress can be described as the one that supports the joints, the back as well as the rest of the body.

If a dog’s bed is squeezed and you can feel the floor when your fingers are squeezing the mattress; then it is obvious the dog is quite uncomfortable on that bed.

When looking for an orthopedic dog bed, don’t go for filled beds; you know the beds whose mattresses have been filled with fiber, foam or other small particles. Such beds adjust slowly when the dog gets up, at times they don’t even adjust. As time goes by, the beds become displaced and lumpy thus needing you to fill them up again.

A good orthopedic bed for a dog should have the thickest mattress whose material is super thick and high-quality foam. Such a mattress is able to evenly distribute your dog’s weight and offer a cushiony, firm and balanced support to the dog. Some of these orthopedic dog beds are:

Foam filled dog beds

With foam cushions, the thicker the better and this comes in handy for large and heavy dogs because it offers better support. It also lasts longer. Some orthopedic dog beds have been made with thinner foam slabs that are glued together.

These glued beds tend to be cheaper but they don’t last as long compared to the single piece of the thickest foam. Thick flat foams support the dog well, thus, making sure it gets good sleep and rest.

The most used material in making dogs’ beds is the egg crate foams and it is a first choice when it comes to human healthcare. It is preferred because it has good support, absorbs shock better, and is economical.

Egg-crate foam is like open cell form and when it is combined with egg-crate shape it offers more air flow as well as a cooler surface. These two characteristics of the egg-crate foam make it better as compared to flat orthopedic foam or the memory foam.

These days, any foam whether memory foam or crate foam can have air pockets that allow heat to escape. Egg-crate foam is able to adjust to pressure immediately but the downside of it is that it doesn’t last for long.

It becomes permanently compressed with time. This means when you start seeing your dog’s imprint on the bed, it is time to get him an orthopedic dog bed.

Memory foam

Memory foam when used to make orthopedic dog bed offers the best support for your furry friend. It was invented in the 1970s by NASA. It is polyurethane. That is, it is molded into shape as it becomes warmer.

This warmth includes the warmth from the dog’s body and it provides the best support in thinner slabs as compared to the ordinary foam. Quality memory foam is not evaluated by its thickness but by its density.

A two-inch memory foam pad is able to offer your dog an excellent support. When the dog lies on the bed, the memory foam is able to slowly adjust to the weight distribution thus offering a good support system. Memory foam offers the advantage of being long lasting.

The only disadvantage of memory foam in an orthopedic dog bed is that it can retain excess heat because it doesn’t have a means of allowing airflow.

Some of the newer memory foams though have been fitted with air pockets. The warmth problem can be solved by placing a ‘cool bed’ on the top when temperatures go up.

Easily washed beds

A good orthopedic dog bed should be easy to clean because, at some point, the sleeping pad will be quite dirty and unhealthy for your dog to sleep on. The Pet-O-Bed unfortunately, does not have closures or zippers because all the covers have been zipped off.

These kinds of beds need close attention when reading the instructions so that once they have been cleaned, there will not be a problem when they are being re-assembled. The urban sprawl fiberfill mattress is easily washed in a front-loading washing machine.

In the other beds, foam mattresses can be spot-washed or they can be slightly sprayed with a water and vinegar mixture to remove odors.

It is also good to leave the foam mattresses outside because the sun is a good antimicrobial agent. However, you need to be careful not to leave the foam outside for too long because it can be damaged by the sun rays.

Things to consider when buying an orthopedic dog bed

It is good to observe sleeping positions of your dog so that you can get him a bed that suits his sleeping position. For example, a dog that sleeps in a ball might need a nesting bed while a dog that likes to ‘hide’ while sleeping will need a Bagel bed. Snugglers need a bolster bed that has a raised side which is usually the back.

The size of the bed matters a lot and even if you have a small breed, it is good to have a bigger bed. It is good to have a spare five or six inches on each side of the bed. It is best if you order a bed that is 12 inches longer and wider than your dog’s measurements.

It is good to check the company’s return policy if you are ordering the bed online. This is important because when returning the bed, the return shipping cost can be quite expensive. On the first few days, you need to place a clean sheet on the bed to cover all sides just in case you might need to return it.

Best Orthopedic Dog Beds

Big Barker 7” Pillow Top Orthopedic Bed for Large Breed Dogs

Integrity Bedding Orthopedic Memory Foam Joint Relief Bolster Bed

MPX Orthopedic Memory Waterproof Bed

K & H Memory Foam Cozy Sofa Bed


Bottom line is, when buying an orthopedic dog bed, cheap is expensive because you will keep on replacing the bed. Dogs can be quite hard on their beds; they scratch, they nibble and once in a while they keep dragging their beds to new positions. With this in mind, a good dog bed should be durable, easy to wash and the covers should be resistant to stains.

If your dog chews the covers on its bed, egg-crate foam bed is the best. For dogs with severe arthritis or orthopedic issues, memory foam is the best because it offers the best support. This is followed by the flat foam while the egg-crate foam should be the last option.

If you are not sure the kind of bed you should buy, the rectangular flat bed should come in handy. However, make sure you buy a bed that is a size bigger than what you need. If you choose a round bed, make sure the dog is able to sleep on it flat as well as curled up and still fit on it.

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