Best Senior Dog Food: Boost Your Dog’s Immune System and Joints

The phrase senior dog has different meanings according to the breed of the dog. According to your dog’s breed, ‘senior dog’ can be anywhere between 6 to 20 years.

If your dog is an Irish Wolfhound, whose life expectancy is nine years or less, then a 6 years old dog can be said to be a senior dog.

This means the best senior dog food for an Irish Wolfhound will not be suitable for other smaller breeds like Whippets or poodles who can live up to late teen years.

Smaller dog breeds do not to show old age until they are early into their early teen years.

Our Top Picks of Best Senior Dog Food

Food Quality Price Our Rating
Holistic Select Senior Health A $$ 91
Orijen Senior Grain-Free A $$$ 92
Fromm Gold Senior Dog Food A- $$$ 96

*The above ratings are based on expert opinions and/or on our experience with the products. Click the link above to read customer reviews and see the current prices on Amazon.

Senior Dog Food Basics

One thing’s for sure, older dogs are not as playful as young dogs and this means they don’t need as much calories. Their decreased physical activities as well as their slowed metabolism rates should see into it that their calorie intake is decreased by 20 percent.

As dogs become old, they are bound to become overweight.

They have problems with metabolism and they have a tendency of losing their muscle tone. According to experts, elderly dogs might need more calories as well as good quality proteins that are easier to digest and absorb.

Therefore, when looking for the best senior dog food make sure you have considered your dog’s age, its activity as well as its health condition.

In the event, your dog is about to become a senior dog, and there are signs of extra weight, you need to get him food that has fewer calories but make sure the protein content does not change.

If your dog has no diet conditions, it is important to maintain the calories and proteins intake because it still needs to maintain its muscle tone.

Foods for senior dogs are either all life stage dog foods or maintenance foods. If these foods have the right nutritional percentages and nutritional requirements, they are good for your furry friend.

However, you need to read the ingredients part of the pack well before you settle on one.

Best foods for senior dogs

If your dog has already shown signs of gained weight on his regular food, you can reduce the amount of food that he eats. Senior dogs must have at least 25 percent protein and some moderate fat in its meal.

Low-fat foods will only leave your furry friend feeling hungry all the time. If your dog is quite skinny because senior dogs have a problem holding their weight, the best senior dog foods to help him have his weight in check is food high in fats.

Look for a dog food that has moderate carbohydrates because foods with high carbohydrates are not of much help to your dog.

Things that help your senior dog

Some of the best senior dog food contains glucosamine as well as chondotroin which are good supplements for dogs.

As much as these ingredients are not required in dogs’ foods, they might be of great help to some senior dogs. You are also advised to add more supplements since your dogs is bound to benefit greatly from them.

One thing that you should never forget no matter the age of your dog is good exercise.

Exercise will help your dog keep its muscles toned as well as help him in good digestion and maintaining an overall good health.

Staying fit means a longer life for your dog. Senior dogs are not different from dogs of other ages which means they still need good quality food that contains good quality proteins.

All in all, pay attention to your dog’s weight as well as its condition. Don’t put him on a weight loss diet unless there’s a need for weight loss.

Recommended Best Senior Dog Food

Holistic Select Senior Health Dog Food

Holistic select senior is one of the best senior dog food because it has been formulated in such a way that the dog will have an easy digestion.

It has active probiotics, digestive enzymes as well as healthy fiber that makes digestion easier.

When this food is combined with other natural ingredients, it helps in the absorption and the utilization of the vital vitamin in your dog’s entire system.

Holistic Select Senior leaves your dog feeling and looking healthy and happy.

Its key benefits are supporting special caloric needs in senior dogs and supporting healthy joints especially hip bones.

Orijen Senior Grain-Free Dog Food

Orijen senior has to the best senior dog food because it contains 75 percent animal ingredients, 25 percent fresh fruit vegetables and it is grain free.

This food’s ingredients are free-run chicken, whole eggs, turkey and wild-caught fish as well as regional vegetables and fruits.

The fact that this food has been made with fresh ingredients ensures that there are no artificial preservatives and neither is it frozen.

It has been infused with marine-sourced EPA omega 3 fatty acids as well as DHA thus helping in cleansing the toxins that might have been in your dog’s body.

Fromm Gold Senior Dog Food

When in its golden years, your dog needs food that keeps its weight in check.

This means that Fromm Gold Holistic is one of the best senior dog food because your furry friend gets all the nutrition it needs but in reduced calorie kibbles.

The best thing is that your dog gets chicken, eggs, duck, cheese and lamb in the diet.

The added chicken cartilage helps in protecting overworked joints as well as easing inflammation in these joints.

It has also been enhanced with probiotics that help in digestion; salmon oil in the food also helps in giving your dog a healthy and shiny coat


We recommend Fromm Gold Senior dog food.

What food do you feed your senior dog? Tell us on the comments section below.

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