Best Shampoo for Yorkies

When it comes to Yorkie owners, they are truly obsessed with their dog. The love and care that a Yorkie owner gives to their dog is unconditional. The owner wants the best for their dog in every aspect, even in their dog’s shampoo. So what is the best shampoo for Yorkies? You will find that these top five shampoos are the best to use on your Yorkshire Terrier.

Best Shampoo For Yorkies

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5 Best Shampoos for Yorkies

Nature’s Specialties Plum Silky Dog Shampoo Conditioner for Pets

Nature’s Specialties has really made a perfect shampoo for the Yorkie breed. It is an all-purpose shampoo that will clean your dog’s coat, but it will also condition it, leaving it smooth, silky, and soft. The conditioning quality of the shampoo will work great to remove tangles and knots from your Yorkies hair.

If your dog performs in shows or dog competitions, you will be happy to know that this shampoo completely lifts the appearance and coloring of your dog’s coat. Your dog will wow everyone with its perfect appearance.

The shampoo has a very nice pleasing smell that will keep your dog smelling fresh even after it has been washed. All of the ingredients used by this company are non-toxic and made here in the United States. It is a pH-balanced formula that will work on even Yorkies with sensitive skin.


  • This is a conditioning shampoo that works to clean and make the hair silkier.
  • Moisturizes the skin when rubbed in.
  • It creates a good lather to shampoo your dog.
  • Made in the United States.
  • Ingredients are made from non-toxic sources.
  • Fresh and long-lasting smell after use.


  • More expensive than other options on the market.


If you are looking for the best shampoo for Yorkies, then look no further. You will be more than pleased with the way your dog will look and smell after using this product. If you want your Yorkie to look its best for a special event or show, you will want to pick up this shampoo. We have rated this Shampoo the best overall for your Yorkie.

TropiClean Shampoos for Pets

This shampoo made by the company TropiClean works very well to completely deodorize your dog. If your dog was rolling around in something stinky or even just has that dog smell, you can completely take care of it with this shampoo.

The aloe and coconut smell is a very refreshing smell that most people tend to like. This shampoo will clean your dog’s fur and skin as well as bring back moisture to your dog’s skin.

Another thing that is very interesting about this shampoo is that it is made from very high-quality, safe ingredients. The formula that this shampoo is made out of is pH balanced, paraben, dye, and soap-free. This company also creates its products in the United States.

Apply the shampoo to your dog and lather it up. You will notice the smell of your dog already being eliminated from the good smelling shampoo. After your dog is good and washed, you can begin rinsing.


  • Effectively deodorizes stinky dogs and helps your pet stay fresh longer.
  • Returns moisture back to your dog’s skin and coat.
  • pH balanced solution as well as paraben, soap, and dye, free.
  • Can be used on dogs that are 12 weeks and older.
  • Made in the United States.
  • Very affordable dog shampoo.


  • It doesn’t make the coat as shiny as other products. You will want to use conditioner on your dog to get the glossy and shiny feel.


This is our budget-friendly pick for the best shampoo for Yorkies. This shampoo works great to eliminate dog odors. The ingredients in this shampoo are made of high quality and are all-natural. You won’t find any harmful ingredients inside of this shampoo.

PetAg Fresh ‘n Clean Scented Dog Shampoo

This is a soap-free based shampoo that will effectively clean your dog’s hair and skin. It is gentle and will help dogs that are sensitive to products. This pH-balanced formula will help clean and condition the skin without being too harsh.

The shampoo contains aloe vera and extra vitamins that are essential for a good healthy coat. This will help bring moisture back to your dog’s skin, and it also has a conditioning effect that will help remove knots and tangles.

Is your Yorkie extra stinky? If so, this shampoo can help. It has a nice smell that will eliminate dog odors keeping your dog smelling nice for a long time.


  • This shampoo has conditioning agents inside of it and aloe vera to help keep the coat shiny and smooth.
  • Nice clean and fresh scent that lasts a long time.
  • Contains vitamin E and aloe to help moisturize and repair the coat.
  • Very affordable dog shampoo.
  • Made with natural ingredients and made in the United States.
  • Soap-free formula shouldn’t irritate your dog’s eyes.


  • Some people prefer a more floral scent, and this product has a more fresh or medicated smell.


If you are on the hunt for a very simple but effective shampoo, then this is it. This will get the job done of cleaning the dirt and debris on your dog’s skin. The formula is made with all-natural ingredients and will not be harsh. This is also one of the most affordable options on our list.

Pro Pet Works All Natural Oatmeal Pet Shampoo

Many people have heard of this popular shampoo from Pro Pet works. It is a soap-free shampoo made from all-natural and organic ingredients. This shampoo will be perfect for your dog if it has sensitive skin or if it needs a hypoallergenic shampoo.

Some of the awesome ingridents that make up this shampoo are aloe vera, almond, oil, coconut extracts, and one of the most important ingredients is the oatmeal. This shampoo is free from any parabens, animal by-products, alcohols, or soaps.

This shampoo works well to clean the hair without stripping the natural oils that your Yorkie has. It will bring back the moisture to your dog’s skin. The extra added vitamins bring life back to the coat.

This is a shampoo and conditioner combo, so you can factor that into the cost of this shampoo. You will not have to spend extra to purchase a conditioner.


  • All-natural ingredients inside, such as oatmeal, aloe vera, almond oil, coconut, and added vitamins.
  • This is an all-natural shampoo product that uses organic ingredients.
  • Brings back your dog’s natural oils to relieve its dry or itchy skin.
  • This soap-free formula makes it perfect for dog breeds with sensitive skin.
  • Made in the United States.
  • Free from parabens and animal by-products.


  • This is one of the more expensive shampoo options to choose from.


This is a very reputable shampoo brand that works great. This is perfect for your hypoallergenic Yorkie that may have skin issues. I love how all the ingredients are organic and all-natural. This combined shampoo and conditioner will clean and condition the hair.

Everyday Isle of Dogs Silky Coating Dog Shampoo for Yorkies

The Everyday Isle dog brand is another very reputable brand that works well to clean and condition your dog’s coat. If you are looking for a shampoo that will clean and moisturize the coat at an affordable price, then this is a great option.

Do you want your Yorkies hair to feel smooth and tangle-free? If you said yes, you will want to get this shampoo. This shampoo also has a really nice smell of vanilla and jasmine. Even hours after washing your dog, it will still smell fresh and clean.

This is another affordable option for you to choose. This 16-ounce size will give your dog multiple uses. It is recommended to purchase the companies conditioner to go along with your dog’s bathtime routine.


  • This is a conditioning shampoo that will moisturize the coat leaving it looking luxurious.
  • Perfect for long and short coat breeds to keep the coat from tangling together.
  • It has a pleasant smell of jasmine and vanilla.
  • The aloe leaf ingredient helps repair and strengthen the coat.
  • Affordable shampoo that can be combined with their matching conditioner.


  • This is not a tear-free shampoo so keep away from the dog’s face.


This is our last but not least recommendation for the best shampoo for your Yorkie. It is has a nice mild scent. This is also a quite large bottle meaning you will be able to get multiple washes from it. It will leave your dog’s hair clean and silky smooth.

Shampoo For Yorkies

How to Choose the Best Shampoo for Yorkies

Below is our how to choose guide. In this section, we will help guide you in which product to choose above. We will talk about ingredients, quality, and price. /make sure you read through this guide; that way, you know what to look for in the shampoo you purchase for your Yorkie.


The ingredients that are in the shampoo are very important because you want to make sure your dog isn’t allergic to them. You always want to find a shampoo that is made from natural ingredients.

Yorkies need ingredients that are for sensitive skin. Some Yorkies suffer from allergies and sensitive skin, and you don’t want your Yorkie to break out from the shampoo you are using.

Ingredients such as aloe, oatmeal, and even coconut can be very beneficial for your dog’s skin. Most of the ingredients found within these different shampoo brands bring a lot of moisture back into your dog’s skin which is needed for Yorkies

Check the labels of the shampoo bottles and explore what ingredients are used. You will find that most of the shampoos in our best shampoo for Yorkies list are made from all-natural ingredients, paraben-free, sulfate-free, and made right here in the United States.


Yorkies need moisture; their skin can get dry and look dull. Shampoo with either added conditioners or ingredients that bring back moisture into the skin is vital for Yorkies. All of the shampoos in our list above have some sort of ingredients that will help bring moisture to the skin.

Since the Yorkies skin can get sensitive, they are required to get bathed more often to remove the allergens. If you are not using a moisturizing shampoo, your dog’s skin may get cracked.

Shampoo & Conditioner Combo

Sometimes companies will make a two in one combos that combine shampoo and conditioner together. I really like these combos’ value because then you do not need to purchase a separate conditioner.

This will make the combo actually more affordable than buying the shampoo and conditioner separately. These combos will not only clean the hair, but it will also condition it. Your Yorkie will be free from tangles, knots, and mats after it is done using it.


Many people do not like their little lab dogs to be stinky. So it is important that you are getting a shampoo with a lovely fragrance to mask that stinky dog smell.

You also want to consider how long the fragrance will last. You don’t want the smell to wear off only after a day of it being on your dog.

Look for a shampoo that has a natural plant-derived fragrance. This will ensure that your dog will be less likely to develop an allergic reaction.


Of course, we have to touch on the price of these shampoos. Price in our world is determined by everything. You have products that are very affordable and others that cost more. So how do you know which one to choose?

My first piece of advice for you is to set a budget of how much you are willing to spend for a shampoo for your Yorkie. Do you go for the more expensive version or, the cheaper one? Remember to take into consideration the things above because they can factor into the price.

The quality of the ingredients, how it lathers, and is it moisturizing can all be factors to consider. Some brands that may be more expensive may hit on all of these features that you want in a good shampoo.

Yorkie Bath


Below are some common questions and answers associated with bathing your Yorkie.

How Often Should a Yorkie be Bathed?

The answer to this question truly depends on your Yorkies skin and how often your dog gets dirty. Most Yorkies need one bath every month, but if your Yorkshire Terrier has skin issues, you may want to bathe your dog every two weeks.

Also, if your Yorkie competes in competitions, you may want to establish a grooming routine that keeps your Yorkshire Terrier looking good at all times.

Should I Shampoo my Yorkie’s Face?

No, it would be best if you never put shampoo directly onto your Yorkies face. Even if the shampoo you purchase is soap and tear-free, it is very important not to get any suds into your dog’s eyes or mouth.

If your dog’s face is dirty, you can take some water or even a special dog face wipe to clean its face.

Do Yorkies need Shampoo and Conditioner?

Dogs do not necessarily need conditioner, but it is highly recommended for certain dog breeds. The Yorkie is definitely a dog breed that needs to use conditioner. For one, the conditioner will help smooth the hair and leave it feeling soft and shiny.

Dog conditioner is also good for dogs that get tangles, knots, and mats easily. You put the conditioner on the dog’s hair, and it will soften those knots that way; you can brush it out.

Can You Use Human Conditioner on Yorkies?

No just like with human shampoo, human conditioner cannot be used on dogs. The pH levels are much different than the dog variety. Most human products can make dogs break out, and some dogs even have allergic reactions to them.

Can I Use Baby Shampoo on my Yorkie?

Absolutely not; human shampoos, even the baby ones, are formulated for different pH levels than that of dogs. If you use human products on a dog is can cause your dog’s skin to become very irritated. I cannot stress this enough that you need to only use dog formulated products on dogs.

How Do I Stop my Yorkies Hair from Matting?

Definitely use a conditioner that is formulated just for dogs. After you place the conditioner on your dog, you can use a brush to brush it through the coat. This can help gets mats out of your dog’s coat and also helps to prevent them.

For times when you are not giving your Yorkie a bath, you can use a detangling spray. This spay acts like a liquid conditioner that just allows you to brush through knots, mats, and tangles.

What Shampoo Is Good for Yorkies with Itchy Skin?

One of the best shampoos for Yorkies with itchy skin would be the Nature’s Specialties Plum dog shampoo or even the Pro Pet Works Pet Shampoo. Both of these shampoos are formulated with your dog’s skin in mind. The ingredients are all-natural and made specifically to be safe on your dog’s sensitive skin.

Best Shampoos For Yorkies


Now you know our recommendations for the best shampoo for Yorkies. Definitely give one of these shampoos a try. These are truly the most popular and better-working shampoos out on the market for the Yorkshire Terrier. If you use any of these products, make sure you let us know in the comments.

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