Blue Buffalo Dog Food Review

Features Rating
Meat Content  75
Grain Content  50
Overall Ingredients  75
Price  45

Blue Buffalo dog food was developed by Jackie Bishop and Bill after their beloved dog started having complications. They named it after their dog Blue. Blue Buffalo dog food is a natural meal that helps control and regulates a healthy oxidation balance in the dog’s body.

It also helps maintain a healthy immune system. Blue Buffalo is driven by their motto, “Love them like family. Feed them like family.”

Blue Buffalo dog food is manufactured by the Blue Buffalo Company situated in Wilton. However, companies like Ainsworth, Triple T Foods, Vita-Line, Tuffy’s and CJ Foods are also included in the production process where Blue Buffalo Company outsources its manufacturing.

Recalls by Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo has had to recall their products several times. The first recall case was in 2007 when an ingredient that was used in Blue Buffalo Health Bar Baked with Apples & Yoghurt Dog Treats was mishandled before it arrived at the company’s production facility.

The most recent was back in October 2010, when several sick dogs were found with large amounts of vitamin D in their blood. All the sick dogs were found to be taking Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Recipe.

The company had to recall all the recipes with best-by dates from 07/12/11 to 10/12/11.

Blue Buffalo Dog Food Reviews

Most dog owners that have bought Blue Buffalo products are well pleased with the results after feeding their dogs. The only issue is with dogs that have allergies or aren’t pleased with the taste. Other than these two issues the rest give good reviews.

Product Line:

  • Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dog Food
  • Blue Buffalo Basics Dog Food
  • Blue Buffalo Freedom Dog Food
  • Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dog Food

Blue Buffalo is determined to produce the best dog food by using only the best natural ingredients. Blue Buffalo does not use any by-product meals, soy proteins, wheat, corn, artificially made flavors, preservatives or colors.

Every ingredient added to the formula has its purpose that contributes to making the meal balanced. This meal helps your pooch meet his daily energy requirements, overall well-being, and growth. Normally, the first ingredient in Blue Buffalo dog food is always deboned meal.

An addition of deboned meat raises questions since real meat sheds most of the protein content and water after it is cooked. However, the company is able to retain a sufficient amount of crude protein.

They are able to maintain the crude protein because they use meat meal as their second ingredient. Meat meal is reported to have a surplus of 300% protein content as compared to real meat.

Other than adding meat, Blue Buffalo also adds several necessary nutrients to the formula. They are classified into four categories:

  • Water
  • Minerals and vitamins
  • Carbohydrates- these provide an abundant source of dietary fiber and energy
  • Fats- they provide energy and helps your pooch absorb the fat-soluble vitamins

Blue Buffalo is a premium brand and has a modest rating. Read customer reviews on our top choice Blue Buffalo dog food.

Blue Freedom Grain-free Healthy Weight Chicken Recipe Review

Blue Buffalo developed a new product line which they named Freedom. This product is totally grain-free. Its first ingredients comprise of tapioca starch, peas, chicken meal, potatoes and deboned chicken. The addition of deboned chicken helps improve and guarantee a sufficient protein content.

Peas, potatoes, and tapioca starch are added to provide enough carbohydrate for your dog’s energy needs. The list of ingredients continues including additives such as manganese sulfate and caramel some of which raise a lot of questionable doubts among the buyers.

Blue Freedom Grain-Free Healthy Weight Chicken Recipe has low crude protein content around 20%. Crude fat content is not spared either, with a very low percentage of about 8%.

Even though the formula used to make Blue Freedom Grain-Free Healthy Weight Recipe has several questionable ingredients it saves the day with the addition of LifeSource Bits. LifeSource Bits is a mixture of minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins.

They are processed in such a way that the initial nutritional value is maintained. This formula guarantees high-quality dog food. If you are looking for more protein content for your pooch opt for other products like the Wilderness.

Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain-Free produces 14 different varieties of dry dog food. From these 14, ten have met the required AAFCO nutrient profiles for adult dog maintenance and the rest for growth, especially in puppies. Below is the list of the 14 recipes:

  • Freedom Grain Free Adult Lamb
  • Freedom Grain Free Senior
  • Freedom Grain Free Large Breed Beef
  • Freedom Grain Free Large Breed Lamb
  • Freedom Grain Free Adult Beef
  • Freedom Grain Free Puppy Beef
  • Freedom Grain Free Adult chicken
  • Freedom Grain Free Puppy Chicken
  • Freedom Grain Free Small Breed Chicken
  • Freedom Grain Free Large Breed Puppy Chicken
  • Freedom Grain Free Healthy Weight Chicken
  • Freedom Grain Free Large Breed Puppy Chicken
  • Freedom Grain Free Small Breed Puppy Chicken

Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain-Free Dog Food is an above-average product in terms of dry matter content. The ingredients comprise of 24% dry protein content, 16% fat level and carbohydrates occupy a whopping 52%.

The fat-to-protein ratio stands at 57%. This product line is plant-based and the amount of turkey or chicken meals used as the main animal protein source is below average.


Blue Buffalo dog food is a good choice for your dog. It has modest rating and reviews. The company produces quality dog food using some of the best ingredients. It is a good choice for your dog especially those without allergies. It is manufactured in America, which most associate with quality. Buy your dog Blue Buffalo dog food and you will not be disappointed.

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