Learn about the German Shepherd Border Collie Mix

german shepherd border collie mixThe German Shepherd Border Collie mix is great combination of breeds. This large working dog takes all the positive traits from both the German shepherd and Border collie and as a result it is extremely intelligent and full of energy. This crossbreed has adopted its high energy levels and playfulness from the Border collie and its natural sense of protectiveness from the German shepherd. Their appearance can differ depending on the dominant breed they were crossed with. Usually the German shepherd Border collie mix looks more like a purebred German shepherd rather than a Border collie with its tan colored coat and black saddle and it is often mistaken as a full bred German shepherd. Its tail resembles a Border collie’s which is typically less bushy than that of a purebred German shepherd. The most distinctive feature of this dog is its slightly floppy ears on a German shepherds face. The coat is noticeably hairier than that of a German shepherd; however, its large and muscular body is typical of a purebred. This mixed breed dog has been dubbed a hardworking dog and is known to be one of the most industrious working dog breeds.

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