About the Boxer Pug Mix AKA Box-a-Pug

Deciding on the perfect dog for your family can be a challenging task. Sometimes hybrid dog breeds are the best family companions. The Boxer Pug mix is a great example of this. This hybrid breed combines the Boxer and the Pug together. Sometimes this mixed breed is called a Poxer or a Box-a-Pug. Below you will learn more about this hybrid breed and what makes it so special.

Boxer Pug Mix

Boxer Pug Mix History

Hybrid dog breeds do not have much information regarding their history because the breeding is usually done accidentally. Most likely, this is how this hybrid came to be, and there is no information on when the breed was created. So below, you will find information about the parent dogs that make up this mix.


Boxers originated in Germany, and It is said that the famous Boxer was first developed or a descendant from the Tibetan Mastiff. This breed was very important during World War I as it would act as a guard dog and also pass along messages during that time.

Eventually, the Boxer dog breed made its way around the world and to the United States, where the breed was one of the first police dogs. The AKC accepted the breed in 1904, and it started getting really popular in the 1940s.


The Pug has a very old history because it is said that the breed was around in early B.C. This breed became quickly popular amount the emperor in China. He used it as a guard and lap dog. The breed was also popular among Tibetan monks.

The breed was hidden from the rest of the world for a very long time until a traded acquired a Pug and brought it along its trade route. When it came to Europe, the breed became a hit among other countries. In the early 1800s, the Pug came to the United States. It got accepted in the AKC in 1885.

Today the Pug breed is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. There are even clubs and Pug meetups that owners have. You will find the Pug breed being mixed with a variety of other dog breeds.

Box-a-Pug Appearance

Appearance will greatly depend on which traits your dog takes from which parent. Remember that each puppy can look different, but you will find an estimate of what the Box-a-Pug may look like.

Just remember that this is a small to medium size dog breed. Depending on the Boxer parent, you may end up with a larger hybrid dog. The squished face is an iconic feature of the Pug parent, and even the Boxer has a little bit of that, so you will find that in this hybrid.

The breed will have a tail, and traditionally boxers get their tails docked but most likely shouldn’t be done with this hybrid dog breed. Also, your dog’s eyes will depend on which trait it gets from what parent because the Pug has very protruding eyes where the Boxer doesn’t. So again, each Box-a-Pug will look different from another.

Pug Boxer Mix Coat

Both the Boxer and the Pug have a short-haired coat that can feel very smooth. Therefore, this breed won’t need a lot of maintenance besides some weekly brushing to keep the coat looking clean and shiny. However, both of these parent dog breeds have shedding issues, so expect your Boxer Pug mix to have some shedding and more during shedding seasons. Below you will find some of the coat colors that your Boxer Pug mix may come in.

Pug And Boxer

What Colors Do They Come In?

Here you will find some of the colors that your Boxer Pug mix can come in. Your dog can have one of these colors or even more than one.

  • Brown
  • Tan
  • Brindle
  • Black
  • Silver

Your Boxer Pug mix will traditionally have a black nose and brown eyes.

Boxer Pug Mix Temperament

One of the first things you will notice is that the Box-a-Pug is a very playful and friendly dog breed. This will be a wonderful family companion both to you and the children it is close with. This hybrid breed will bond quickly with you and your family members.

Even though this mix will make a wonderful family companion, it can be stubborn at times with exercise and training. However, if you are consistent, you will be able to train your dog successfully. Another thing to keep in mind is that your dog may feel separation anxiety if left alone for long periods of time.

Overall, temperament will vary from each dog. Still, most likely, if you get your dog from a young age as a puppy, then you will get a very loyal and affectionate family companion.

Box-a-Pug Size

The Pug Boxer mix is a small to medium-sized dog breed that can vary in weight and size from dog to dog. This will also vary on the size of your parent dog breeds because not all Pugs or Boxers are equal. We can give you an estimated size but just keep in mind it can vary.

The Poxer can weigh between 20 to 25 pounds and say 12 o 20 inches in height. This is just an estimate your dog can surely go above or below these numbers. If you have a Box-a-Pug, please leave their height and weight in the comments below.

Poxer Health Problems

Here you will find some health problems that the Poxer can get. Keep in mind this is again just an overview. Your dog may have one of these issues or none at all. It is important to be aware of these health issues.

Patellar Luxation – This is a painful joint condition in which your dog’s knee cap is actually dislocated and will slide in and out of place. This will be quite painful for your dog, so if you notice your dog not walking or limping, you should take your dog to the vet to get it looked at.

Bloat – Bloat is a serious condition in which the stomach twists and will flop when it gets too full or has eaten too much. If you control your dog’s meals by giving your small dog meals more often than larger ones. Bloat is very serious and can make your dog very sick and, in worse cases, die if you aren’t taking care of the situation or getting it fixed by a vet.

Epilepsy – Epilepsy is a condition in which your dog will have seizures. Even with this condition, your dog can life a completely full and normal life.

Hip Dysplasia – Hip Dysplasia is another condition that is very similar to Patellar luxation, where the hip bone and the socket do not connect properly. This can make your dog unable to walk, so it should definitely get checked out by your veterinarian.

Pug Dog Silhouettes

Life Expectancy of a Boxer Pug Mix

Life expectancy is another difficult thing to determine because every dog is different, and some dogs are healthy, and others are not. So, this life span is an estimate, and if you truly want an accurate time span, I would consult your veterinarian.

Pugs have a life span of 12 to 15 years, and Boxers have a life span of 10 to 12 years. So, expect your Pug Boxer mix to have a life span of 10 to 15 years, depending on their health. If you ever need a second opinion on your dog’s health, make sure you consult a veterinarian.

Living Conditions

Since this is a small to medium size dog breed, it can live comfortably in a small home such as an apartment or a condo. This mixed breed dog does not need much exercise either, so if you’re working or an older person who can’t give their dog that much exercise, then this is the dog breed for you.

The Boxer Pug mix is naturally a lap dog, so you may find this breed wanting to sit on your lap or begging to sit with you on the couch. Another reason why your dog may be around you all the time is due to separation anxiety. If your dog always wants to stay by your side or has extreme stress when you leave, your dog might have separation anxiety. This is something to keep an eye out for with this hybrid dog breed.

Pug Boxer Mix Exercise

The Pug parent traditionally does not need much exercise as a Boxer would. Give your Pug Boxer mix around forty minutes of exercise each day. You do not need to do all of this exercise at one time. Split it up into two different twenty-minute sessions.

Pugs traditionally love to lounge around and are traditionally lap dogs. This means your dog will not want to go out and exercise, so you will need to make your dog go out and exercise for at least 40 minutes each day.

Boxers have more energy than Pugs, so it is important to make sure your Pug Boxer mix gets the required amount of exercise as it may have very destructive behavior if it doesn’t get its energy out. There are a variety of great things you can do with your dog to give it exercise.


Poxer Feeding

The amount of food your dog will need is based on your dog’s weight. Each dog will need a different feeding amount because every dog is a different size. Expect your Poxer to need between one to three cups of high-quality food per day.

Remember that once you get your dog the exact amount of food it needs per day, you do not feed your dog more than the required amount of food. If you feed your dog too much, it can lead to obesity or excessive weight gain. One way to help feed your dog and keep it fuller throughout the day is by giving your dog more feeding but smaller meals throughout the day. You can do this on your own or purchase an automatic dog feeder that has multiple food compartments.

Look at the ingredients of the dog food that you pick. Make sure it is full of a variety such as proteins, carbs, and vegetables. Another thing you should look for is a great protein source in the food. Typically, high-quality foods will have a protein source in the first few ingredients. Some examples of protein sources are fish, red meats, chicken, etc.

Remember that Box-a-Pug puppies will have different diet requirements than an adult Box-a-Pug. Puppies will need a special small breed puppy food that is high in protein and nutrients to help your puppy grow.

Box-a-Pug Training

Training can be very difficult to do with this hybrid dog breed. The Pug and Boxer parent breeds can have difficulty during training and can be stubborn at first. However, one of the best ways to train your Boxer Pug mix will be from consistency. If you are consistently training your dog, you will be able to teach your dog a variety of different commands.

If you can you should begin to train your dog from a young age when your dog is a puppy. Start with the basics and then slowly start adding in some obedience training. Always use positive reinforcement when training your dog. Make sure you praise your dog with a lot of love while training to create this positive experience. If you praise your dog with treats, make sure you do not overdo it because it could lead to excessive weight gain.

Make sure you are patient with your dog because, as I said, the Pug Boxer mix can be difficult to train because of its stubbornness. You need to practice often but also take breaks when you start to feel frustrated.

Pug Boxer Mix Grooming

The Pug Boxer mix doesn’t need much grooming as other dog breeds. So you will have an easy time taking care of your Poxers hair. You can brush your dog’s hair about once a week to help distribute the natural oils on your dog’s skin. This will keep the skin and coat looking great too.

Both the Boxer and the Pug have natural wrinkles on their face that will need to be cleaned to prevent infection. Clean the wrinkles with Q-tips and a washcloth, and make sure you dry the folds completely not to leave moisture in the folds.

The Pug Boxer mix can also have sensitive skin, so it is important to use products such as shampoo and conditioner made from dogs and on that is for sensitive skin. You only need to bathe your dog about once a month unless your dog is visibly dirty.

This hybrid breed will shed moderately, so it is important that you know that upfront if you are sensitive to dog shedding. Brushing your dog will help combat some of that shedding. Always check your dog’s nails and ear to make sure there is no infection and that the nails are not getting super long.

Pug Boxer Mix

Boxer Pug Mix Puppies

Puppies of this hybrid dog breed can be difficult to find because there are not many breeders out there that breed the Boxer Pug mix. So, it may take some time to find a reputable breeder but take your time, and you will eventually find a breeder.

Most hybrid dog breeds are affordable compared to their purebred parent. For example, you can expect to spend around $700 to $2,000 for a Pub Boxer mix puppy. The price you pay will vary by breeder; some may charge more, less, or even fall into that estimated price range. Price also varies based on your breed’s parent breeds and if they come from championship bloodlines.

If finding a reputable breeder is too difficult, you can always look to adoption. Call around your local dog shelters and see if they have a Boxer Pug mix. Shelters usually get a lot of mixed-breed dogs, so it is worth a try to see if they have one.

Boxer Pug Mix Litter Size

Litter size is very difficult to determine because it can always be different. Each female will have different litter sizes based on their size and their breed. Boxers usually have five to seven puppies in a litter. Female Pugs can have between four to six puppies in a litter.

With this information, you can expect your dog to have anywhere between four to seven puppies in a litter. Again, every female dog is different, and your dog’s size plays a role in how many puppies it can carry.

Key Takeaways

This is one of my favorite sections of my articles because it gives you key points about the hybrid dog breed. These points are the most important things, and you can check them all out here:

  • The Boxer Pug mix combines two very popular dog breeds, the Boxer and the Pug. Sometimes this mix goes by its nicknames, the Poxer or the Box-a-Pug.
  • The appearance will vary depending on what traits your dog takes from which parents.
  • This very affectionate dog breed will make the perfect family companion. Keep in mind this breed can be stubborn at times, but you can help combat that with training. Remember that training will take time, so be patient.
  • Your Box-a-Pug will be a small to medium-sized dog breed.
  • There will be some health issues that you will want to be aware of in case your dog gets one of these conditions. Your vet can help you by checking over your dog’s health periodically to ensure you have a healthy dog.
  • Thirty to forty minutes of exercise per day is all your dog needs.
  • Make sure you feed your dog a high-quality food based on its weight. Each dog may eat differently due to its size.
  • Training your Boxer Pug mix will take some time, so I recommend starting when your dog is a puppy and working consistently at it.
  • The Box-a-Pug will only need minimal grooming requirements to keep the dog looking good and clean.
  • Always purchase your dog from a breeder and not a pet store or puppy mill. You have the option to always adopt the type of dog you’re looking for from a shelter.
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Here are some common questions that people have about the Boxer Pug mix:

What is a Pug Boxer Mix Called?

The Pug Boxer mix actually has two common nicknames: the Poxer, and the other one is the Box-a-Pug.

How Big Does a Boxer Pug Mix Get?

This will truly depend on the size of the parent breeds producing the puppies. Typically, the Boxer Pug mix falls into a small to medium size dog category. The estimated weight range of this mix is between 20 to 25 pounds.

How Much is a Boxer Pug Mix?

The price you pay for a Boxer Pug mix puppy will range from breeder to breeder. This will depend on the parent’s background, their reputation as a breeder, and well as what comes with the puppy. Most of the time, hybrid dog breeds are more affordable than purebred dog breeds. The estimated price for this hybrid is between $700 to $2,000.

How Long Do Boxer Pugs Live?

This is different for each dog because each dog may have different or their own health problems. Your dog may live longer than another Boxer Pug mix. The estimated life span range is 10 to 15 years. Again your dog may live longer, less, or right in that range.

Close relatives of the Box-a-Pug

Below you will find a few dog breeds that are very similar to the Box-a-Pug.

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