Learn more about the Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog, its puppies and more!

Alapaha Blue Blood BulldogThe Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog is a muscular canine that is very playful despite its intimidating appearance. The breed has the slack, loose lips and wide set eyes that are common with other bulldog types. The muzzle is pronounced with V-shaped ears that hang to the side.

The nails on each paw tend to grow long and tapered. The thick appearance is more than just a visual quality. Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog puppies will quickly grow and begin to display the powerful build and stout shape that is common with this breed.

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More information on the Valley Bulldog

Valley BulldogDescription:
The Valley Bulldog is a designer bulldog which is a taller version of the English bulldog and a shorter version of the Boxer dog. It considered to be a rare breed and it is the result of the cross breeding between the Boxer and the English bulldog. Breeders originally started to crossbreed these dogs to get a strong athletic dog which has the calm temperament of the Boxer and the bravery of the Bulldog. The Valley Bulldog as a breed does not have a long history and it is thought to have originally originated from the AnnapolisValley in Nova Scotia, Canada, hence their names the ‘Valley’ bulldog. Like most Bulldogs the Valley bulldog has a muscular body and a strong build with a broad head and thick neck. Additionally, it is also noticeably broad across its shoulders and chest. Valley Bulldogs are also known for their strong jaws and teeth with an under-bite. They come in a variety of colors including white, brindle, black, tan, red or fawn.

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Find out about the Bulldog Shih Tzu Mix

Bulldog Shih Tzu MixDescription:
This dog turns out to be rather sweet looking despite the fierce appearance of the Bulldog. A Bulldog Shih Tzu cross usually has the face and shaggy coat of a Shih Tzu and the stout body and upturned ears of a French bulldog. Their colorings vary and can be plain white, tan or black or with different colored markings. These hybrid dogs have a calm nature which is usually in common in other bulldog hybrid dogs.

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All About the Miniature Bulldog aka the Bull-Pug

Miniature BulldogMini Bulldog description:
This is not a purebred dog and it is a cross between the Pug and the Bulldog. It is also known as the Bull-pug or the Mini Bulldog. Because of the Miniature Bulldog’s size some of the typical Bulldog characteristics are not evident in the mixed version. They have a powerful and low body with broad shoulders and a pronounced head and a short smooth coat. It comes in a variety of different colors, the most typical being: white, brindle, fawn, red or patched. The Bulldog was originally bred to catch bulls, however, this miniature version is calm, gentle and has a loving nature that many cannot resist.

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