Help! My Dog Ate Moldy Food

As a dog owner, it can be very frustrating when dogs get into the trash and eat things they are not supposed to do, such as moldy bread or moldy foods. This can be very serious if you do not take action. Click here to learn what to look for in mold toxicity in dogs.

How Long Are Pugs Pregnant For?

Here you will find out exactly how long Pugs are pregnant for. We will also explore complications that your Pug could have during her pregnancy. Click here if your Pug is expecting a puppy.

Can Dogs Drink Green Tea?

We, humans, are guilty of sharing various human foods and drinks with our dogs. Not everything we give our dogs is good for them but is green tea good for dogs?

Why Do Yorkies Lick So Much?

Some dog breeds tend to lick more than others, and this is true for the Yorkshire Terrier breed. Why do Yorkies lick so much? Here we will explain the possible reasons why your dog is doing this.

My Dog Ate a Pencil, What Now?

Some dogs will eat almost anything, which can be very worrisome. What happens when a dog eats a pencil. Obviously, this is an object that your dog shouldn’t be consuming, but if it does, what happens? Find out the answer here.

Do Male Dogs Have Nipples?

Do you ever stop and wonder if your male dog has nipples. We know it’s a weird question, but many dog owners think only female dogs have nipples, which isn’t true. Both male and female dogs have nipples.

Do Dogs Sleep with Their Eyes Open?

Have you ever seen your dog sleeping with its eyes open? It can very odd and you may wonder why your dog is doing that. Thankfully I have the answer for you. It is actually very common among dogs and it isn’t something you necessarily need to worry about.

All About Doxycycline Hyclate For Dogs

Doxycycline Safe For Dogs

Does your dog seem to suffer from many bacterial infections throughout the year? If you said yes, let me introduce you to a drug called Doxycycline Hyclate. This is a common antibiotic used on dogs and cats.

Can Dogs Go in Hot Tubs?

Can Dogs Go In Hot Tubs

Hot tubs can be very relaxing, but it is not recommended to bring your dog inside of the hot tub with you. There are many reasons why you shouldn’t do this, and you can read them all here.

Can Dogs See in the Dark?

Do Dogs Have Night Vision

Many people have heard the myth that dogs see in black and white, but can dogs see in the dark? Let’s talk about how our dogs see and just how good.

Best Flea Treatment for Dogs Comparison

Dog Flea Medication

It definitely can be a challenge when your dog is covered in fleas, and you are just so unsure what to do. Here we have broken down the best fleas treatments for dogs and let you know what is great about each one. I hope we can help your dog get rid of those fleas.

Why Do Dogs Lay in the Sun?

Why Do Dogs Lay In The Sun

You may find your dog laying around in a bright sunny spot, wondering to yourself why do dogs lay in the sun? Isn’t your dog hot sitting there? I can tell you exactly why dogs lay outside in the sun and sunny spots around the house.