Yorkshire Terrier Breed Information

Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier is another dog breed that is widely popular worldwide, mostly here in the United States. Here you will find a bunch of information about this specific dog breed!

Fourche Terrier: Westie Yorkie Mix

Westie Yorkie Mix

Have you ever heard of the rare crossbreed called the Fourche Terrier? This is a unique mix of a Yorkshire Terrier and a West Highland White Terrier. This is more of an uncommon mix.

Learn More About the Schnauzer Yorkie Mix

The Snorkie is a combination of a Yorkshire Terrier and a Miniature Schnauzer. This mixed breed has a very playful nature that excites many dog owners. This is a very small lap dog that has been so trendy among celebrities. Learn more here!

Where to Find Shorkie Puppies for Sale

Shorkie Puppy For Sale

The cute designer dog breed the Shorkie can be hard to find a reputable breeder. Most people find this mixed breed in pet stores where you shouldn’t purchase a puppy from. Here you will find exactly where you can purchase a Shorkie puppy.

All About the Yorkshire Terrier Poodle Mix aka Yorkipoo

Yorkshire Terrier Poodle Mix

The Yorkshire Terrier Poodle also is known as the Yorkipoo which is a small dog breed. This breed only weighs around 6-14 pounds. This dog will stay small in size its whole life. this is a sweet dog designer breed that most people adore.

All About the Chorkie – The Yorkie Chihuahua Mix


The Chorkie is a mixed breed that is made from a Yorkie, and a Chihuahua bred together. This dog breed tends to be more hypoallergenic than other dog breeds. It is also an extremely small dog breed so keep that in mind.

Learn About the Yorkie Shih Tzu Mix aka the Shorkie-Zu

Yorkie Shih Tzu Mix

The Shorkie-Zu will make the perfect next dog for you and your family. This is a mixed breed dog that was created by combining a Yorkie and Shih Tzu. This is a small friendly dog breed that won’t need very much exercise. They love to snuggle up to their owners too.