Learn about the Chihuahua Dachshund mix aka the Cheweenie

Chihuahua Dachshund mixDescription:
The Chihuahua Dachshund mix is more commonly known as the Cheweenie in breeding circles. Other lesser known names for it include the Mexican hotdog, Chiweeni and the Chiwi. This is a small dog of a stocky stature with shorter legs and a slightly elongated body. Their distinct ears are large and bat-like that either stand erect or flop downwards. A Cheenie’s eyes are generally large and their foreheads are wrinkled giving it a frowning appearance.

The coat of the Chiweenie can differ dramatically from dog to dog and it can go from short and bristly to longer and silky. Both Chihuahuas and Dachshunds can either have long or short coats of different textures so it depends on the parentage as to what kind of coat the Chiweenie puppy will have. Chiweenies, just like their parentage, can come in a number of different colors; however, the most common colors are tan, brown or black.

Chihuahua Dachshund mix temperament:
This is a friendly dog and is much calmer than the full-bred Chihuahua. It loves people and being in the company of humans and they form attachments very quickly. When separated for too long this dog has the tendency to suffer from separation anxiety.

This dog, while it is keen to please its owners, is more difficult to housebreak than others. They do not respond well to a firm hand and better results can be seen through positive reinforcement with regards to training.

Although the Chihuahua is known to not be well-suited to children the Chiweenie seems to be the opposite and loves to be in the company of children and all the attention they give it. Sometimes the Chiweenie can become a little too complacent and once attention is given they expect all the time.

This is a high spirited dog and despite its size it appears fearless especially around other dogs even those which are much bigger than it.

It also has a strong protective instinct and it has been known to go above and beyond when protecting their owners. It is a barker and it can get a little bit yappy at time if left alone for too long. Because of its protective nature this dog makes a good watchdog.

Chiweenie size:Chihuahua Dachshund mix
This small dog measures a mere 8-9 inches (20-22cm) in height and weighs only 5-15lbs (2-6kg)

Chiweenie health problems:
These small dogs only suffer from a few known minor health problems with the most common being allergies to pollen and dust. Just like when a human suffers from hay fever the dog’s eyes will water constantly.

The Chihuahua Dachshund mix does not really suffer from inherited health problems but it cannot be completely ruled out. Some possible inherited Chiweenie health problems could be Hypothyroidism which causes weight gain, heart disease and skin problems. Another illness that could be inherited if the dog is overweight is diabetes and some of the classic symptoms in a dog could be excessive thirst, constant urination, its coat being in a poor condition and even vision loss. A typical Chihuahua illness is hypoglycemia which could result in the dog being suddenly weak, shivering, lack of coordination and even seizures. Most inherited health problems is due to over breeding so to avoid any potential inherited health risks be sure to go with a reputable breeder and check the parentage of the puppies.

If looked after carefully the average life expectancy for the Chiweenie falls between 12-15 years.

Living conditions:
These are small dogs and it is an ideal dog for those people who live in an apartment. They do however, have a lot of energy and will need a couple of daily walks to unleash their energy.

Chiweenie exercise:
Because of its high energy it needs to be walked on a regular basis ideally twice a day. It is a good idea to make them run and burn off calories as they are prone to weight gain.

Chihuahua Dachshund mixChiweenie grooming:
This dog has a low-shedding coat and it is easy to keep clean and maintain. If it has a shorter coat a brush once a week with a soft bristle brush is sufficient and if it has a longer coat then it is advised to brush it every 2-3 days to stop it getting tangled and keep it shiny.

It is necessary to feed the Chiweenie high quality health food as they are prone to runny eyes and weight gain. Because of their stocky build they should not be overfed as they have the tendency to put on too much weight if given a lot of food.

The Chiweenie make a perfect family pet and they get on well with children. They do however require a lot of attention while growing up and owners need to spend a lot time trying socialize and train them.

4 thoughts on “Learn about the Chihuahua Dachshund mix aka the Cheweenie”

  1. I have a Chiweinnie, and I LOVE her!! My children are all grown, I have grandchildren. I never thought I would own a small dog, I don’t care for the yappy type. This one doesnt bark at all!! She will whine if she needs to go outside and potty. Other than that, she is happy and travels in a carrier with me when I go run errands. She gets along wonderful with my highland collie and my australian shedherd/highland collie. Which are both happy dogs…they play together and my female collie could not be spayed (allergy to anesthesia) she acts like the mother of this little gal. So cute to see them together. I could not be happier with this small dog! Our vet said this breed seems to have breed the bad of both chihuahua (yappy) and dachshund out. We used to have a miniature dachshund so I am aware of the “stubbornness” of that breed. She does prefer me to my husband. I’m glad this spoke of how well the dog responds to positive reactions when training. My husband tends to use “anger management”, now he knows to try a lighter positive hand.

  2. My Chiweenie, Cinnamon Christopher is the best dog I have ever had in my life. He is always cheering me up when I’m feeling down, he has even ran away from home with me as support before. I can’t put how much I love him into words because it’s just so much more than words could say. My little Prince will always forever be in my heart. Cinnamon is very intelligent I even taught him how to read flash cards! Anyway I just wanted to brag about my wonderful, loyal Chiweenie pal.

  3. My little Chiweenie, PIA(yes, her full name is Pain in the a$$), is the best little dog I have ever known. She loves to cuddle, has only weighed 4lbs for all of her life, and loves me, my boyfriend and my son unconditionally. I never thought I would own a little dog like her, but I saved her from a horrible situation when she was three months old and I was six months pregnant with my son and just the thought of losing her quickly became unbearable. I think it was an effect of adopting her when I did, but from the second he came home, she became his protector, even going after my brother the first time he went to pick up the baby. She has never been much of a barker, but even now, at eight years old, she gets huge bursts of energy daily and needs to run. She also gets along with cats fairly well, meaning she doesn’t mess with them unless they come after her. But when we spent several months living with a friend who owned a pit bull, she put the bigger dog in his place almost immediately and was top dog until we left. I recommend this breed for anyone living in a small apartment or sharing a home with others. They’re great in multiple pet situations and if you have a small child, the dog and child will be able to entertain each other for hours a day.

  4. I have a Chiweenie that I’ve had since she was 2, she was rescued out of Texas where they were going to put her down . She is now almost 7 . The best dog I have ever had . She know’s I don’t feel well or am hurt.She has been my constant companion since my Wife’s passing in 2015. She’s a clown & won’t play with any thing that doesn’t squeak. She is not my pet she’s my babygirl, her name is HOPE


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