More About the Corgi Husky Mix aka Horgi

Corgi Husky Mix aka Horgi Description:
The cute looking Horgi is a cross between two much loved dogs, the Corgi and the Husky. It is most commonly known as the Horgi, but in some circles it is referred to as the Siborgi. Taking the best traits from both its parents, these dogs tend to have a sweeter temperament than most mixed-breed dogs. However, they do also tend to have a lot of energy and love being outdoors as both the Corgi and the Husky are known to be herding dogs. This designer mixed breed dog was bred to have the positive characteristics of both its parents, but in a smaller size just like the Corgi.

These low-set dogs are well-built with shorter legs. Their ears are erect and often they can resemble a miniature sized German Shepherd. Their rounded heads have deep set almond shaped eyes. Depending on the dominant gene will depend on your Horgi’s coat as it can take after either of its parents. Their coats come in a variety of colors including, sable, brindle, brown, black, and red.

They need a lot of training, but with the right socialization from a young age, they are good with families with smaller children.

The Horgi’s average life expectancy is standard between 12-15 years.

Horgi Size
The average Horgi is much smaller than its Husky parent and it is quite short like the Corgi. Their average height is approximately 13 inches and typically they weigh between 20-50 lbs.

Horgi Health Problems
The Corgi Husky mix doesn’t have any major health problems. In some particular dogs it can inherit a common health problem from the Welsh Corgi – back problems. This is a genetic condition and just because your Horgi’s Corgi parent suffered from back problems, it does not mean your dog will automatically inherit the condition too. Such problems can be minimized with careful breeding, so make sure you get your dog from a reputable breeder and check the parents’ health before committing yourself to a Horgi.

Both the Corgi and the Husky have very healthy appetites therefore it is almost inevitable that your Horgi will also eat a lot and beg even after it has eaten. Do not give into your dog begging and train it from the beginning. Weight gain in Horgis is common, which of course can lead to other more serious health problems, but this can be easily avoided with a careful monitoring of the diet and good daily exercise.

Horgi Temperament
Generally, the Horgi is a lovable dog if you train it well. They have a good temperament and are mostly friendly and outgoing dogs, however, if not exercised enough they will be full of energy which could often be mistaken for aggression. If you look after your Horgi, they are gentle dogs, but they are also very alert and will warn its human family with barking if any strangers approach. Although your Horgi will bark when an unfamiliar person or animal approaches, it will not show any aggression towards them as they are generally friendly with all people, which is why it is not recommended to keep these dogs as guard dogs.

They are intelligent dogs just like the Husky and you should have no problem training them. They will often go out of their way with training because these loyal and lovable dogs like to please their masters making them an agreeable family dog.

Horgi Grooming and Exercise
The Corgi Husky mix usually experiences a medium to heavy shedding of their coat, however, it really does depend on the individual dog with this particular breed. Daily grooming and brushing will easily control your Horgi’s shedding.

The Horgi has a double coat of fur, which is water resistant and this is the reason why it can survive in extremely cold temperatures, however, when you bathe your dog, it will take a little bit more time than usual to get its fur completely wet and washed. If you brush your dog’s coat on a daily basis, there should be little need for too much bathing as an excessive amount of bathing will strip your dog of its natural protective oils.

Your Horgi is bound to be a highly energetic dog and will require ample time to run about and play. It needs a fair amount of daily exercise and regular walks on the leash or long runs so your dog will have an outlet for its natural energy. These dogs love to run, so if you are into fitness, it would make a great running companion or better still jump on your bike and have your dog run along you. It is recommended to take these dogs out twice a day morning and night for at least 30 minutes at a time so your dog will continue to be happy and healthy.

Horgi Training
It is really important to pay attention when training the Horgi. Due to its energetic and herding nature, it needs regular and consistent training from when your Horgi is a pup. It is a smart dog and it will not be difficult to socialize, however, because of its parents it may be a little bit more difficult to house train, so you need to dedicate time to your dog every day.

Both of its parents are obedient when trained, but your Horgi will need firm and positive training.

Horgi Suitability and Living Conditions
The Husky Corgi mix is an adaptable dog and because of its herding instincts it can easily adapt to different kinds of weather conditions and it is able to survive in most areas, even extreme temperatures if necessary.

The Horgi is a small dog and people automatically think that is suitable for small dwellings. Although this can be true, a Horgi does better when it has a fenced in yard to run around in and play because they can get easily bored.

When trained from a small puppy, this dog can be good with children, but if you’re adopting one, be cautious and check its family history first and whether it has been socialized with children and other animals.

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