Dog Cameras – Top 5 Best Doggie Cams

Have you ever wondered what your furry friend does all day while you’re gone? Well now you can solve that mystery with dog cams. This has becomes increasingly popular over the past through years with consumers! Everyone loves being able to see what their dog is doing with the click of a button! Now you can put your mind at ease without the worry of what trouble your furry friend is getting into. Check out our top picks below and stayed tuned for the bottom of the article with everything you need to know about dog cameras!

Furbo Dog Camera Treat Tossing, HD Wifi Cam, and 2-Way Audio

Furbo is a new innovative way to communicate with your pet while you are gone! This product comes with a two way chat so you can talk to your pet and comfort them just like if you were there with them. It also has the ability to toss treats to your dog on your command. You can fill your furbo with up to 30 pieces of your dog’s favorite treat! This is truly the best dog treat dispenser with a camera out on the market!

Pros of the Furbo Dog Camera Webcam

Doggie Cam Quality – Every reviewer is talking about how the camera quality is superb! The furbo dog cam gives you a high quality camera with a nice wide picture of your dog! The camera also comes with night vision if you are gone late at night from your furry friend. Everyone is saying it’s great to have a camera to see your dog but to also have a treat dispenser too makes everything top notch!

No More Anxiety – you will feel less stressed with being able to check on your animals throughout the day! You won’t have to worry if they are scared or if they are barking looking for you! Now with a click of a button you will be able to see your furry friends and talk to them making them calm down!

Simple – this dog product is extremely easy to operate! Once you have it set up at home all you have to do is get the app and connect to your furbo camera! This product has a very sleek and simple design and it also has a wooden top giving it a nice touch to the room it’s in!

Cons of the Furbo Dog Camera

Treat Size – some reviewers have complained about the treat dispenser not dispensing the treats correctly. Either they bought to small of a treat or too big making the treat jammed.  Furbo gives you a sample of the treats they suggest using in the furbo treat dispenser.

App Issues – the app works great when it’s actually working but sometimes it takes a long time to load and connect! Most people have gotten connection error messages with it being unable to connect to the camera! Another issue is the sound when you are trying to talk out of the camera cuts out depending on the internet connection you may have. Again furbo does not have their own tech support line which is very unhelpful in situations like these.

Petcube Camera  720p Video, 2-Way Audio, and Built-in Laser Toy

Petcube is a cool doggie cam that you can use while you are gone from your furry friend! This camera allows you to see your friend from anywhere with your app! The camera is connected to your own Wi-Fi system! This two way microphone system allows you to talk to your furry friend and them to you! Check out our pros and cons list below for more information on the Petcube camera.

Pros of the Petcube Camera

Laser Pointer – A cool feature with this dog camera webcam is that is comes with a laser pointer so you can use this for dogs or for cats. You can drag your finger on your app and that is where the laser will be pointing in your home. Wherever you want the laser to point it will. Another pro I want to mention is the camera quality. The quality is nice and clear and goes up to 720p!

Sharing Mode – Another cool thing is you can share your camera feed with a friend so they can also watch our pet for you if you are unable to. They can even communicate with your furry friend with the super cool two way microphone!

Cons of the Petcube Camera

Wi-Fi Issues – Some people are experiencing many difficulties connecting to Wi-Fi. Either they get to connect and then loose connection hours later or they just have to connect it on a whole other Wi-Fi system such as guest.  Talking though the Wi-Fi microphone seems to de distorting voices; which are scaring the animals.

Other Issues – another issue is customer service is extremely hard to get a hold of. If you have issues they might not get back to you for a couple days which can get very irritating. There is also no night vision on the camera so if it gets dark you will not be able to see your pets clearly. Another issue reviewers have noticed is that if the camera happens to fall, even if it didn’t fall hard the camera cube doesn’t work like it did before.

Petzi Treat Cam Wi-Fi Pet Camera & Treat Dispenser

Watch everything that goes on in your home while you are away with the Petzi Treat Cam! This dog camera webcam allows you to see what your furry friend is up to throughout the day! If you c=want you can even say hello to your dog and give him a treat for good behavior! Snap cute pictures of your dog while you’re gone and post them on social media for everyone to see! This camera is a great way to keep your mind at ease while you are gone for the day!

Pros of the Petzi Treat Cam

Camera Quality – Camera quality on the Petzi camera is absolutely fantastic! The picture comes out nice and clear so you can check on your furry friends anytime anywhere. That’s what people love about it! It is also a privacy camera so none else can hack or use your app to see your dogs. Plus the app is free for all users!

Customer service – the customer support staff is great and reliable! Unlike other pet camera products, this customer support line will answer any questions you have regarding their pet camera. Its good to have a reliable answering team in case something does go wrong with your pet camera so they can fix the issue right away.

Cons of the Petzi Treat Cam

Signal – some reviewers have mentioned that the signal to the camera for its connection isn’t always reliable! It can get a glitch when trying to connect making it inconsistent. This is an issue some people are having! Another thing reviewers wish this camera had two way audio.

Treats – for this treat dispenser you have to have a very small treat size! Some reviewers are saying the treats that come with this treat dispenser actually don’t fit and get jammed. So you might want to buy some small round treats!  If you have a bigger dog you can dispense more than one treat!

PetChatz HD Pet Camera Two-Way Audio/Video

The Petchatz is a really special dog camera! Here is why, it comes with a two way audio and two way video! Two way video is very hard to find in pet products because of course it will make a price point go up. It is sure worth the price because now your furry friend can not only hear you but see you! This is also a treat dispenser so when you see your dog being good you can reward them! This is truly a very special pet camera!

Pros of the PetChatz HD Pet Camera Webcam

You Can See Each Other – With this dog cam you can actually see each other! With typical pet cameras you can usually only see your dog, but with this one they can see you too. Reviewers have said that their dogs absolutely love to see them every time they make a call. Its making the dogs feel more calm and relaxed being home for long periods of time if they get to see their owner periodically! Also this works with other animals too like cats!

Picture Quality – People are raving about the high definition quality of this dog camera! They can’t believe how clear it is! Reviewers are also saying when they take a picture or even record a short clip of their furry friend it’s also in HD! If you experience any issues with camera quality or technical difficulties, the customer service team for this company is amazing and they will help you with anything you need!

Cons of the PetChatz HD Pet Camera

Connection – some reviewers have complained about the connection quality of the PetChatz. They are saying you really need a good internet signal to connect to your PetChatz. Some office buildings don’t have a strong internet connection so it’s best to be in Wi-Fi if you can when wanting to chat with your dog! It may take a long time to connect but you should eventually be able to chat!

Other Things – One reviewer had mentioned that his PetChatz dispenses treats randomly all the time! I have not seen other people have this issue so maybe it’s just a technical glitch on his PetChatz. People have notices it makes a loud noise powering up scaring smaller dogs. Also a request people want PetChatz to make a wider camera range to see more of the room than a small area.

Pawbo Wi-Fi Pet Camera, 720P Interactive Wireless Pet Treat Cam

This awesome dog treat dispenser with camera has been exploding the market! This dog camera has an awesome two way audio so your dog can hear you and you can hear your dog! It has a recording video capability so you can record little clips of your furry friend to show your friends. It has an awesome laser so you can play with your furry friend and awesome noises to surprise your dog with! Check out this awesome dog camera below!

Pros of the Pawbo Wi-Fi Pet Camera

Cool Features – This pet webcam has some really cool add-ons that came with it that I haven’t seen in other pet cameras. It has sound effects that come with it so for example it can make cat meowing noises or even bird noises. It really gets our animals attention weather you are using this for a cat or a dog.  It also comes with a laser you can guide around the room. You can use the automatic laser button or manual where you get to move it!

Quality – the quality of the webcam is great going up to 720P! people love the quality of being able to see their pets clearly on their mobile device! Another great thing about this pet camera is you can take screenshots of your furry friend saved to your phone! How cute then you can share them with your friends!

Cons of the Pawbo Wi-Fi Pet Camera

Treats – The treat dispenser is small and can’t hold as many treats as reviewers would like! Most people would want their treat dispenser to hold around 20 treats but this dispenser maybe hold half that! The treats also get jammed sometimes then you have to take them all out to find the jam!

Audio – Audio on the Pawbo can sometimes have an echo. This echo can get annoying because you might be able to hear yourself in your dog’s audio. Also remember that this camera works the best when you are in Wi-Fi! You will get the best picture quality and the best sound quality as well!

Why Should You Use a Doggie Cam?

Pet cameras are good for pet owners who have to leave for long periods of time during the day! The pet camera is supposed to provide you with ease of mind so that you can see what your pets are doing.  With most pet cameras you will be able to see your pets and be able to speak to them through a microphone.

There are other benefits of pet camera besides just the sense of knowing your pet is alright! One of the reasons to invest in one is to watch out for possible burglaries that could happen in your home while you are gone.

Cool Features

Pet camera webcams also come with other features besides be able to just view your pets! You can even reward your pets with treats for good behavior. Most pet cameras or webcams have a place for you to insert treats and with your command it will dispense the treat out to your dog.

Some dog cameras come with sound affects you can play with from your app. Your pet will hear these noises and react to them in a positive way. Some examples are bird sounds or cat sounds! Another great feature of some dog cameras is they have a laser you can point manually from your app to play with your pet! This is a feature people rave about and love to use while they are gone!

Save Their Life

Pet cameras have been known to even save some of your pet’s lives! Pet owners have opened their app to see their animals and they can notice if an accident has happened or if their pet is hurt. Dog and cats get bored throughout the day and they might find a cord or wire to play with and chew on.

This is extremely dangerous and can give your pets shocks or even electrocute them. This happens quite often and now that pet owners have this camera to monitor their pets they can see when something bad happens and can come home right away to check out the situation.


So in conclusion I really hope you found this article helpful! I took the liberty of reviewing and doing the research on all of these pet cams for you. These are the best five dog camera webcams on the market so you can choose anyone of those for your house to keep an eye on your dog. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!

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