What Breed Is My Dog DNA Test Kit – Mars Wisdom Panel Review

Have you ever wondered what kind of breed your dog is? Especially if you rescued your dog from a shelter, you may not know what their ancestry is. Understanding your dog’s breed (or breeds) can be a fun way to get to know your dog better. However, being able to make a dog breed identification can also have practical ramifications. For instance, if you know your dog’s ancestry, you can better understand their behavior, and you can better understand which training techniques will work best for them.

In addition, understanding your dog’s breed can help you to make wise decisions regarding their health. For example, certain breeds are more prone to certain health problems (such as hip dysplasia) than others. If you know that your dog might be susceptible to these health problems, you can take steps to prevent or alleviate them before they become serious. Plus, you can make decisions about your dog’s exercise and nutrition regimen that are tailored specifically to your dog’s needs.

If you want to find out what breed your dog is mixed with, or if you want to get confirmation that your dog is a purebred or designer dog, you can run a DNA test on your dog. The best dog DNA test kit will offer you detailed information about your dog’s ancestry, as well as health alerts regarding any potential problems your dog may face down the road. The Wisdom Panel 2.5 Breed Identification DNA Kit offers you these perks and more, making it a great DNA test for dogs. Following is an overview of the test kit and some of the advantages it can offer to dog owners like you.

What information can the Wisdom Panel 2.5 give me?

The first thing you want to know about any dog DNA test kit is what information it can give you. Some tests only offer you a best guess as to your dog’s ancestry. The Wisdom Panel 2.5, as one of the best dog DNA test kits on the market, however, provides you with a detailed analysis of your dog’s DNA. Following are the main elements you will receive in the report:

Breed Designation(s)

The first piece of information that your Wisdom Panel 2.5 dog DNA test kit will generate for you will be the breed or breeds that make up your dog. This information includes not only which breeds are present in your dog, but also how much of each breed is present in your dog. For example, you might learn that your dog is 45 percent German Shepherd and 20 percent Dalmatian and 35 percent Staffordshire Terrier.

Thanks to the accuracy of the test, you will also receive confirmation regarding whether or not your dog is a purebred or a designer dog (parents of two different, but purebred, breeds). While the kit cannot certify your dog’ purebred or designer bred nature, it can indicate how closely your dog’s DNA mirrors the DNA of purebreds or designer dogs of the same breed(s).

Plus, when you activate your dog DNA test kit, you can select the breeds that you suspect are in your dog. When you do so, your dog’s DNA will undergo additional tests to specifically compare it to purebreds of those breeds. The result? You get a firm answer regarding which breeds are actually in your dog.

Breed Profiles

In addition to learning which breeds are in your dog, you will also receive breed profiles for each breed. For example, you would receive a profile of the German Shepherd, the Dalmatian, and the Staffordshire Terrier. This information can assist you in understanding and responding to your dog’s temperament and health needs.

Breed Ancestry Tree

In addition to learning about the breeds that make up your dog, and receiving detailed information about each breed, this at home dog DNA test will tell you exactly where in his ancestry each breed appears. The family tree will go back three generations and tell you which breeds were likely present in each generation. If the dog’s great-grandparents were mixed breeds themselves, the test will give you the breeds that were most likely present in the great-grandparents.

This information can be fascinating for dog owners, but it can also be extremely useful. For example, understanding which breeds are in your dog, and understanding those breeds’ behavioral and health needs, can help you to make wise decisions in training and caring for your dog. Plus, you can guess at how much the traits of each breed will show up in your dog based upon how much of that breed is in your dog. For example, if you know that your dog’s great grandparents were German Shepherds, and his parents were Staffordshire Terriers, you can guess that the traits of a German Shepherd are less likely to show up in your dog than the traits of the Staffordshire Terrier.

MDR1 Results

In addition to learning what breed or breeds your dog is, the Wisdom Panel 2.5 dog DNA test kit will also tell you whether your dog has the MDR1 genetic mutation. This mutation, also called the Multi-Drug Resistant Mutation, means that your dog cannot control how quickly he or she absorbs medication. Plus, it means that medication remains in their system for longer. The result for dogs with the MDR1 genetic mutation is often adverse (and sometimes fatal) reactions to drugs.

By telling you whether your dog has his genetic mutation, the Wisdom Panel 2.5 allows you to provide potentially life saving information to your veterinarian. Armed with that information, you and your vet can refrain from giving your dog medication that could harm them, and instead make sure that their illnesses are treated safely and effectively.

Weight Prediction

Your Wisdom Panel 2.5 DNA test for dogs will also predict the weight of your dog when full- grown. This prediction can help owners of puppies to have an idea of how big to expect their dog to get. The weight prediction is not a guarantee, because factors besides genetics (such as nutrition and exercise) can impact the size of a dog. However, it should give you a good general idea of what to expect as your dog grows.

Ancestry Certificate

Finally, the Wisdom Panel 2.5 DNA test for dogs will deliver an ancestry certificate to you. This certificate is NOT equivalent to certification by the American Kennel Club, but it will allow you to put your dog’s ancestry on display for all to see if you wish. As such, it serves as a fun reminder of your dog’s unique genetic makeup and of the factors that might influence your furry friend’s temperament, health, and behavior.

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How do I use the Wisdom Panel 2.5 DNA Test Kit?

The Wisdom Panel 2.5 DNA Test Kit is simple to use. It comes with 2 swabs, both of which you will use on one dog. In order to take a sample from your dog, you must make sure that your dog has not consumed any food or liquid besides water within the last 2 hours. Then, you open the swab and firmly rub it on the inside of your dog’s cheek for 15 seconds. At the same time, apply firm pressure to the outside of your dog’s cheek to ensure that you get a sufficient DNA sample to send to the lab.

Once you have taken samples on both swabs, you should leave them to dry for 5 minutes. Simply make sure that the swabs are not touching anything that could contaminate them, and put them into their protective sleeves as soon as the five minutes are up. Make sure to leave the ends of the protective sleeves unsealed in order to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Third, place the swabs in the prepaid packaging. Activate your dog DNA test kit by clicking on the green “Activate Your Kit” button at the top right hand corner of the Wisdom Panel website and inputting the kit’s ID number (This number can be found on your kit).

Once you have activated your kit, you can mail your dog’s samples to Mars Veterinary. You will be able to track your package to make sure it reaches its destination safe and sound.

How is the Wisdom 2.5 Panel used to identify my dog’s breed(s)?

Once your dog’s sample reaches the lab, its DNA is removed from the sample and then compared to the more than 1,800 genetic markers the company uses to identify different breeds of dog. A computer’s algorithm is then used to analyze all of the different 3-generation pedigrees possible from the genetic markers that are identified in the DNA. Once the computer determines the most likely pedigree, that pedigree is used to create your individual report. Further testing is conducted to determine whether your dog has the MDR1 genetic mutation.

How accurate is the Wisdom Panel 2.5?

The Wisdom Panel 2.5 dog breed identification test is very accurate, especially when compared to other dog DNA test kits on the market. While Mars Veterinary makes no specific claims to the test’s accuracy, the company does take steps to ensure its accuracy. For example, the company uses more than 1,800 genetic markers to determine the breed or breeds of your dog. Mars Veterinary also compares your dog’s DNA to the DNA of about 200 other breeds, and is always looking for more breeds to add to its database. Finally, the company checks its findings with repeat testing, third party validation, and other steps to confirm that its results are as accurate as possible. In repeat tests of the same dog, the DNA results are more than 99 percent alike. The result is that the Wisdom Panel 2.5 is the best dog DNA test kit on the market today.

How long does it take to get results from the Wisdom Panel 2.5?

Mars Veterinary will tell you to allow 2-3 weeks to get results from the time that they receive your samples in the mail. However, many of this dog DNA test’s reviews report that people got their results less than 2 weeks from mailing their samples. As a result, chances are that you will not have to wait very long to learn more about your dog’s ancestry.

What dogs are not eligible to use the Wisdom Panel 2.5?

While the Wisdom Panel 2.5 can identify more than 200 breeds of dogs, there are certain circumstances in which it may not be able to help you identify your dog. In particular, any dogs born outside the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Western Europe may not get good results from this DNA test for dogs. The reason is that there are enough variations among breeds from country to country that the test may not be able to identify accurately breeds that are not from the countries from which Mars Veterinary has been able to obtain samples.

In addition, the Wisdom Panel 2.5 is not suitable for use with dogs who have died. The reason is that the DNA is typically not in good enough shape to be usable. If you wish to have your dog’s ancestry analyzed after they have died, you can contact the company for more details about how to get a usable tissue sample with the help of your veterinarian.

Finally, certain rarer breeds of dogs, plus dogs with wolf ancestry may not show up on the Wisdom 2.5 Panel. These dogs’ DNA may need to be analyzed using the Wisdom Panel 3.0 or 4.0, which looks at wolf ancestry and a slightly broader range of breeds (250 breeds instead of 200).

Wisdom Panel Reviews

Reviews of the Wisdom Panel 2.5 dog DNA test kit are overwhelmingly positive. In particular reviewers are impressed with the speed and accuracy of the results. Most reviewers find that they receive results in less than the 3-week wait time recommended by the company.

In addition, reviewers support the accuracy of this test kit. For instance, they find that the reports match what they know about their dogs, and make sense based on their dogs’ appearance, behavior, etc. Even people who already knew the breed of their dog find that the results reflect what they already know. Plus, they are impressed by the fact that the test comes up with those results without the use of a picture or any information other than the sample and the weight of the dog. As a result, it is clear that this product is on of the best dog DNA test kits around.

If you are looking for a dog breed identification test, the Wisdom Panel 2.5 from Mars Veterinary might be just what you are looking for. With strong reviews, proven accuracy, and an ability to provide you with in-depth information, it can help you to understand your dog, and care for him or her, better than ever before.

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