8 Best Dog Food Brands

When it comes to dog food, safety is one of the biggest concerns for every pet owner and that is why you should always buy from the best dog food brands. It is also the biggest challenge that dog manufacturers have to overcome.

A few years down the line after the Chinese-sourced food was recalled, many consumers have become keener and they read word for word on the ingredients list of the food they are buying for their dogs. Some believe that food made in the USA is safer but the truth is, even the USA made food can be quite unsafe.

The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) sets and maintains the standards that have been set for the proper levels of ingredients in pet foods. However, it is the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that determines the food quality. Regulations that have been set by FDA however, do not mean that all the ingredients will be safe.

How to select the best dog food brands

When selecting your dog’s food, you need to look at all the varieties; wet, dry, dehydrated, home-made as well as frozen foods. Whatever variety you choose, the most important thing is to make sure you check the ingredients of the food from the best dog food brands.

What you are trying to do is to make sure your dog gets the best. You also need to check the history of recalls if there are any before you pick any of the brands.

Below are some of the best dog food brands that are good for your dog. Some known dog food brands didn’t make it to the list of the best dog food brands because:

  • Their main ingredient was not any kind of meat
  • They contained grains, wheat, corn or soy which is not healthy for your dog
  • The products contained beet pulp or sugar which are also not good for your dog
  • The products had a history of recalls, they were not satisfying to the customers and some of the ingredient sources were not good
  • Some of the products had sauces added into them and sauces are harmful to dogs
  • Some of them did not have sell-by dates and sell-by dates make sure the dog is not fed on expired foods
  • The other brands were reviewed based on their source of carbohydrates, protein source and protein ratio.

Best dog food brands


Orijen is considered as one of the best dog foods and the manufacturing company has won a couple of awards for their good work. It has won an award from Glycemic Research Institute as the Pet Food of the year.

This manufacturing company has also been named as the manufacturer of the Year in Western Canada and an award as a Growing Alberta Leadership Award.  Champion Pet Foods and Orijen have been known to produce biologically appropriate pet foods that come from fresh regional foods.

Their argument is that dogs should eat food that’s almost similar to what they would eat if they were in their natural habitats. This is the food that contains lots of meat proteins.

Foods from Orijen have been made in such a way that 75 to 80 percent of the food is made up of meat; with the protein content being 38 to 42 percent. This percentage is more than what other dog foods contain.

Orijen’s carbohydrates content is 18 to 22 percent which is quite low. A minimum of 5 types of fresh meat is used in each of the formulas. Orijen is unique in its own way and no other food especially kibbles comes close.


Acana Dog Food is highly ranked for its fresh and natural ingredients that have been locally sourced in Canada. This food has been certified by the government of Canada and it has also met all international pet food regulations as well as standards.

The company only orders ingredients from trusted suppliers. Acana food is nutritious as well as healthy because it has large amounts of chicken, fish and eggs.

These foods are easy to digest and there are no chances of your dog coming down with stomach upsets. Their dog food formula is also low in grains meaning the carbohydrates content is also low.

The food also contains locally grown fruits and vegetables for minerals, fiber, and vitamins. Acana Dog food is the best choice for a natural and a healthy diet that’s balanced.

Eagle Pack

Eagle pack dog food has been classified as one of the best dog food brands.  It has been featured in the Whole Dog Journal’s list as a dog food that has been approved. The puppy, adult, and the large breed beef formulas have all met the AAFCO nutritional requirements with each of the formulas having a protein in their ingredient list.

These proteins come from either pork meal or chicken meals that contain essential amino acids that are needed by the dog’s system to function properly.

The ingredients are locally sourced from reputable suppliers in New Zealand and Australia. Their ducks are sourced from Germany. The only thing that’s sourced from China is glucosamine and the main reason is that it is not available in all the other countries.

They conduct their own on-site testing to make sure everything is up to standard. Their most offered product lines are Eagle Pack Super Premium and Holistic select dog food.

Pork based products are also offered and they are considered as allergy free foods, something that’s not found in other products. Their foods also contain prebiotics, digestive enzymes, probiotics, chelated vitamins as well as minerals.


This is a premium dog food company that has years of experience. Fromm is a company with a commitment to using fresh foods that are nutritious with lots of animal proteins, allergen-free fruits, vegetables as well as grains.

Their foods have been given a five-star rating because they have all nutrients in good measure. If you look well at the ingredients list, you will realize that protein is one of the ingredients and the main sources are chicken, beef, salmon and fresh duck.

The best thing about Fromm dog food company is that it gives its customers a chance to air their grievances. In the past, their customers were able to express their concerns about some of the canned foods that were being manufactured in China.

From that time, the company no longer manufactures its products in China. Today it is done in the US where there are regular tests carried in the warehouses and manufacturing centers to check for any bacteria.

All in all, Fromm dog food is a good choice for your furry friend.

Nature’s Logic

In the Nature’s Logic brand, meat tops the list of ingredients. Meat takes the biggest portion when it comes to ingredients. The other leading ingredients in this brand are egg product, fruits, and vegetables.

The best thing about Nature’s Logic dog food is that it also uses meat meals -these are concentrated meats where water has been removed. In such a case, meat concentrates have a higher protein concentration as compared to other animal proteins; this is what dogs need.

Nature’s Logic is the only company that produces dog food without synthetic minerals or vitamins in their formulas. All of the essential nutrients in their formulas are derived from natural sources.

This is a company that makes sure that none of their suppliers get their products from China. It also conducts regular tests to make sure that none of the products are GMO.

Just to be on the safe side, it also conducts tests to make sure that products from their suppliers do not contain pesticides, herbicides or any preservative. The natural ingredients, high levels of proteins and the absence of the harmful additives gives Nature’s Logic dog food a better rating as compared to other dog foods.

Stella & Chewy’s

Stella & Chewy’s can be rated as a five-star food because of their superior ingredients, the absence of unnecessary additives as well as a lack of fillers.

The Frozen and the Freeze dried dinners are inclusive of ground bones good in calcium, high levels of animal proteins, essential minerals as well as vitamins, organic fruits and vegetables.

Their dog formula also includes probiotics which help in digestion. Stella & Chewy’s also doesn’t have any additives, artificial flavors, grains, artificial flavors, preservatives, salt or sugar. This means that dogs will only be served on a balanced diet and they will only get what their bodies need.

The company also sources their products from reputable suppliers so there are no chances of sub-standard ingredients. The company has also upgraded its ingredients such that the dog formulas now include chelated minerals.

This is good news to pet owners because your dog will get better health benefits like easier food absorption. The food also has taurine which is good for your dog’s heart health.

With all the high-quality ingredients, it will not be wrong to say that this dog formula already exceeds the AAFCO dog food requirements needed for healthy dogs. For all pet parents who are keen on getting their dogs the best, Stella & Chewy’s is one of the best dog food brands out there.


Meat meal is the first ingredient which means its volume is quite high as compared to the others. The carbohydrate is also high but no need to worry because it comes from high-quality sources like flax seed, quinoa as well as oats.

There are no artificial additives in the food, no artificial color, and no chemical preservatives. This means that the food formula is safe for your dog.

Pinnacle brand dog food doesn’t have any notable ingredients that might lead to allergic reactions in your dog. However, if your dog suffers from a protein-based allergy, one is advised to consider one of Pinnacle’s dog formulas that have limited ingredients.

The company has put into considerations dogs that have allergies which is quite a unique concern as compared to other companies.


Primal dog food formula is a formula that’s geared towards pet owners that would like a raw diet for their dogs. Unfortunately, there has always been a controversy about how to go about feeding your dog on a raw diet.

Primal dog food is a product of Primal Pet Foods which is based in San Mateo California and it markets its products as being 100% human-grade raw foods as well as treats for dogs.

The meat products used in this formula are free from any antibiotics or steroids and this is one unique factor as compared to other dog foods. The minerals used in this formula have been certified to be 100% organic.

The raw formulas have been frozen and they have a variety when it comes to different protein sources with some of them being rabbit, venison, sardines, salmon, quail, chicken, beef, lamb and pheasant.

The formula also includes vegetables such as carrots, kale, and broccoli. Primal dog food is best for those who prefer a raw food diet.


In conclusion, no one food company is perfect but this list of the best dog food brands gives the top dog food companies that manufacture quality dog food. The price for these foods varies from one manufacturer to another.

From the 8 best dog food brands my preferred brand is Orijen because they use a high amount of protein in their food products. If are looking for raw dog food diets then go with Primal.