Can Dogs Cry Tears?

Can Dogs Cry Tears?

Dogs, they are our hearts and they are everything good that we want to see in ourselves. For dog owners around the world, dogs are often seen as not only a companion but also the best part of ourselves, which we see … Read more

How To Take Care Of A Dog

How To Take Care of a Dog

Owning a dog is an awesome experience which comes with a responsibility of taking care of your canine companion. A dog, just like a child, will depend on its owner to keep it safe, take it for health checkups, exercise, and even … Read more

How to Put a Dog to Sleep: Making the Decision

How to Put a Dog to Sleep

Putting a dog to sleep is always a hard decision to make but it comes a time when a dog owner has to administer euthanasia to relieve the dog from its pain. For a dog owner to successfully embrace that putting his dog … Read more

Can Dogs See In The Dark? Vision 20/75

Can Dogs See In The Dark

Although cats bask in the pride of being the overall pet champ of night vision, dogs can also navigate through the darkness with ease. So, can dogs see in the dark? Yes, their better vision in darkness is not as good as … Read more

The Ultimate Guide To Dog Adoption [Infographic]

Thinking of adopting a loyal companion? Animal rescue shelters are filled with pets that are waiting to be adopted. However, it’s important to remember that giving a rescued pet a new forever home is a big decision. You want to give your … Read more

How to Fly With a Dog

Families with dogs tend to bring them during their vacations. Some of the travelling may require boarding airplanes and just like humans, waiting at the airport to catch a flight is stressful for dogs. With so much noise at the airport, it … Read more

How to Bathe a Dog Properly

How to Bath a Dog

Watching people bathing their dogs in reality shows or movies looks like fun. However, bathing your furry friend in real life cannot be said to be as fun. How to bathe a dog in real life needs you to have some little knowledge on … Read more