Dog Fear & Aggression

Canine fear and aggression tend to go hand in hand, and often times ends with very sad and preventable results such as high euthanasia rates in shelters or a bite to someone who cannot read a dog’s body language.  The term fear … Read more

Spay & Neuter; When, If, and Why?

It is socially ethical to spay and neuter pets as soon as possible, usually long before the pet has even reach adulthood, but is it right for you and your dog?  A surgical altering of your dog means a life changing event … Read more

Diet & Routine Vet Care

The basis of your dog’s long term health lands in the lap of diet and routine veterinary care.  Preventative treatments such as vaccinations and regular doses of heartworm and other pest control products can keep disease and infestations away while the foundation … Read more

Canine Social Anxiety

Dogs are, by nature very social and curious animals. They love to meet new people, pets and they are always following their nose to the next interesting thing! However, on occasion you may reach out to pet a dog that instantly backs … Read more

How To Gain a Rescued Dog’s Trust!

Helping a rescued dog to acclimate to his new environment of safety and love can be incredibly challenging. Most of the time, dogs are pretty resilient to the emotional, physical and mental abuse they can receive through neglect, being a stray, or … Read more


When you hear your vet, breeder or shelter worker, and even friends and neighbors tell you to socialize your dog, are you really prepared for what that entails?  Socialization sounds like a fun thing to do with your pet, and it most … Read more

Housebreaking & Crate Training

Professional dog trainers hear it all the time. Owners don’t want to use a crate because they believe it is cruel to the dog to keep them locked up. Unfortunately, it is the dog who ends up suffering in the end with … Read more

How to Properly Raise a Puppy

Raising a puppy can be a taxing challenge for any new owner! Acquiring all of the necessary supplies, training, socialization, finding the right diet, considering vet costs and options are all major decisions that can either set your puppy up to succeed … Read more