Where to Find Sarplaninac Puppies for Sale

Sarplaninac Puppies for SaleOriginally bred in places like Macedonia and Serbia, the Sarplaninac was created to guard livestock.

These dogs feature large, strongly built bodies and are commonly described as reliable, independent, and protective, but not snappy.

They are known for their calmness, even to strangers; however, they will attack the moment they feel a threat on their flock.

If you are looking for a rare, Molossar type dog that is perfect for guarding your home or livestock flock, then the Sarplaninac is a great option for you.

Below you will find answers to some common questions about where to get this breed.

How Much Does a Sarplaninac Puppy Cost?

A pregnant Sarplaninac female can have one litter every year, and it can be anywhere from three to five puppies in a litter.

If you are buying a puppy from a reputable breeder a puppy can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $2,000.

Sometimes you can find this breed cheaper, but you have to make sure you trust the breeder and the puppy’s parents.

The price could even be higher if the breeder has gone above and beyond getting the puppy its first shots or even microchipped.

Sarplaninac Puppy

Sarplaninac Breeders

When looking for Sarplaninac breeders in the USA, you will have several options. Some reputable breeders are:

Kell Sarplaninac Kennel

This kennel is operated just south of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and began in 2004 when the owner, Alan Kell, began looking for a livestock guardian.

What he found was this large breed that he instantly fell in love with.

Today, he breeds Sarplaninac puppies and has litters for sale from time to time. You can contact him via his website at http://www.sarplan.com

Shara Kennel

This was the kennel that helped establish this wonderful breed in the USA.

Since 1990, Shara Kennels has been breeding and producing top-notch Sarplaninacs.

To purchase a Sarplaninac puppy, you can find their website at http://www.sharakennel.net

Shar Mountain Kennels

All the dogs at the Shar Mountain Kennel live on a beautiful mountain view home in Pennsylvania.

All the dogs get accustomed to being around other animals. These dogs are naturally livestock guarders, so they help look after the neighbor’s goats and sheep.

They are also accustomed to chickens and other animals running around.

They do have litters of puppies quite often, so you will need to talk to them about availability.

You can contact them here: https://sharmountainkennels.com/puppies/

Where Else can you Find a Sarplaninac for Sale?

If you are unable to contact a Sarplaninac dog breeder, you can always check at local dog rescues, as they get all types of dogs.

If this is also not possible, you can always look on the breed’s registry page at http://breedersclub.net/html/breeds/sarplaninac.htm

Here you will find a reliable list of breeders who currently have available puppies. If you check back often enough, you will find what you are looking for in time.

As far as the price, you may want to begin saving because these dogs are rare and can cost a bit. The average Sarplaninac price can range from hundreds to thousands, depending on where you get the dog from.

In the end, the best place to obtain a Sarplaninac puppy is from a reputable breeder. From time to time, you will not only find puppies for sale, but some even re-home retired breeders.

Therefore, finding one will take some time and patience, but it is definitely achievable.

Sarplaninac Rescue

Sometimes you can do the amazing thing of adopting a dog that is in need of a home. There is one rescue that I know of that does get a Sarplaninac dog from time to time, but it can be rare.

You can contact the resue here: https://www.mastiffstomutts.org/animals/browse

They do get other dog breeds as well, so you can check them out and help a dog in need of a home.

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