German Shepherd Corgi Mix aka Corman Shepherd

German Shepherd Corgi MixThis is a designer hybrid breed and it is growing more popular each year. The Corman shepherd is the result of a corgi and German shepherd mixed together.  There are so many different mixed breeds out there and this one was intended for a purpose. This dog was created to have goods hunting instincts and to be a good protector. Overall the German Shepherd Corgi mix is a very loyal and intelligent dog and will get along great as a part of your family! Read below to find out more about this amazing designer breed the Corman Shepherd.

Corman Shepherd’s Size:

The size of the Corman shepherd can vary depending on what traits they get from the corgi and the German shepherd. Usually this breed can get to about12-15 inches tall. They dog get their short legs from their parent the corgi! They can also weigh up to 25-65 pounds! This really means that you will not have a lap dog. This will be about a medium to a larger dog.  This breed has an excellent life expectancy ranging between 12-14 years old! If you want a dog for a very long time this would be the breed to get!

German Shepherd Corgi Mix Personality:

The corman Shepherd is very intelligent and sometimes that intelligence can get them in trouble. This breed is excellent at herding; that sometimes they might even heard you.  This of course should be addressed as a puppy and you shouldn’t have too many problems with the dog bossing you around.  This breed is extremely loyal to their owners and will do anything for them. They have been known to be great with other animals and children.  This dog breed is very sweet and caring and will become a great addition to any family looking for a great pet.

Corman Shepherd’s Temperament:

There are positives and negatives with any breed of dog when it comes to temperament. The corman Shepherd is very loyal and sometimes they can take their loyalty to far. For example if there is a Stranger or someone they think is trying to hurt their family they will get upset. This comes from their parent the German shepherd to have the protecting trait. They also lover to herd things and they get this from their parent the corgi. Now sometimes this can get annoying because they will try to herd you! Overall this dog breed has a great temperament and will be a perfect addition to your home.

Corman Shepherd’s Coat:

The coat of the Corman Shepherd is very dense. This breed gets that trait from their parent the German shepherd.  The coat is short and heavy with lots of dense fur.  The coat of the corman shepherd is easier to groom then their parent the Corgi. The color of the corman shepherds coat can come in many different colors such as gold, black, white, and brown.  The most common colors you will see are the gold and browns.

German Shepherd Corgi Mix Grooming:

The Corman Shepherd has a very easy coat to brush. It’s short and dense and easy to pull a brush through. The problem with this breed is that they shed a lot! So even though it’s easy to groom their coat you will have to brush it every day to keep track of the dead hairs falling out. This will prevent less shedding around your home.  Nails will need to be clipped as they grown and it’s always good to have a vet help with that. Remember to always check the ears of your dog and look for signs of redness.

Corman Shepherd’s Health Issues:

Remember when reading health issues about breeds that it could be a possibility your dog could get these but it’s all based on genetics so check with the breeder about health issues from the parents of the dog. Aklso take your dog to the vet if you are unsure about anything.

Bloat: Since the coman shepherd’s parent dog is a corgi it is possible for this breed to inherit this. The stomach can get bloated and twist on the inside causing the dog pain.

Joint Dysplasia: this is a condition where the animals elbow will pop in and out of place causing severe pain for the dog.

Cataracts: this is very common in most dogs but this can also happen at birth and it is the start of blindness of the eye.

Allergies: just like us dogs can get bad allergies too! This dog breed can get it based on environment changes or pollen!

Slipped Disc Syndrome: this is a condition where the disks in the spine start to pop put of place and can cause severe pain to the back of the legs and back.

Corman Shepherd’s Exercise:

This breed of dog is very active and can always be on the move if they need to be.  This breed does require more exercise and play time then other breeds. They to go on a walk every day and if you can go to a dog park and let them run around with the other dogs. They love toys and if you take them to a pond I’m sure of it that they will chase the ducks. Remember that lack of exercise can leave your dog without the proper mental stimulation that they need for a healthy lifestyle.

German Shepherd Corgi Mix Training:

The Corman Shepherd is very smart and will pick up on training very easily. They can sometimes be very stubborn but overall they will listen to you and with the right persistence they will learn fast.  They were pack leaders in a past life so they are used to being the alfas. Remember to always reward positive behavior with treats and good praise. Also start socializing your dog as a puppy to teach them that its okay for other people to pet them or talk to them.

Corman Shepherd Feeding:

Feeding amounts for dogs will always vary on the breed type and the size of the dog. Typically an average Corman Shepherd will need to eat two servings of 2-3 cups of higher quality dry food a day. Make sure you look at the recalls on dog food brands because some are actually really bad for your dog.

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