German Shepherd Corgi Mix aka Corman Shepherd

This is a designer hybrid breed and it is growing more popular each year. The Corman shepherd is the result of a corgi and German shepherd mixed together.  There are so many different mixed breeds out there and this one was intended for a purpose. This dog was created to have goods hunting instincts and … Read more

All About the German Shepherd Husky Mix

This big dog is a mix between a German shepherd and a Siberian husky and is otherwise known as a Gerberian Shepsky. These are one of the most beautiful dogs in the world with pale blue piercing eyes and it is hard not to fall in love with this dog’s appearance. Both the Siberian husky and the German shepherd are classified as working dogs and when these two breeds are crossbred they produce another strong and reliable working dog. This dog typically has a thick gray or brown coat with a slightly fluffy appearance. There coat is quite thick compared to other dogs and it tends to shed a lot especially when there is a change of season. It has an extremely calm and gentle temperament but often people fear its intimidating muscular build.

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Learn More About the Long Haired German Shepherd

long haired german shepherdDescription:
The long haired German shepherd otherwise known as the long coat German shepherd is a large good-looking dog. With exactly the same facial features and size of a standard German shepherd this dog’s only difference in appearance is the length of its coat, its distinct mane and notably bushier tail. The long coat is believed to be a genetic fault and the long haired gene is a recessive one, so these dogs are much rarer and only found in a few bloodlines. Because the long hair gene is a recessive gene, if two short coated German shepherds are bred, it is still possible for them to produce puppies with long hair. Normal German shepherds have two coats whereas a true long coated German shepherd does not. Therefore the coat of a long haired German shepherd appears shiner as it does not have any undercoat to deal with. Because of its single coat there is less protection from the weather and for this reason alone the long haired German shepherd is rarely entered into competitions. This particular breed of German shepherd is a strong and agile dog with a very protective nature.

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Learn about the German Shepherd Border Collie Mix

german shepherd border collie mixThe German Shepherd Border Collie mix is great combination of breeds. This large working dog takes all the positive traits from both the German shepherd and Border collie and as a result it is extremely intelligent and full of energy. This crossbreed has adopted its high energy levels and playfulness from the Border collie and its natural sense of protectiveness from the German shepherd. Their appearance can differ depending on the dominant breed they were crossed with. Usually the German shepherd Border collie mix looks more like a purebred German shepherd rather than a Border collie with its tan colored coat and black saddle and it is often mistaken as a full bred German shepherd. Its tail resembles a Border collie’s which is typically less bushy than that of a purebred German shepherd. The most distinctive feature of this dog is its slightly floppy ears on a German shepherds face. The coat is noticeably hairier than that of a German shepherd; however, its large and muscular body is typical of a purebred. This mixed breed dog has been dubbed a hardworking dog and is known to be one of the most industrious working dog breeds.

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All About the German Shepherd Lab Mix a.k.a. the Sheprador

german shepherd lab mixDescription:
The German shepherd lab mix dog is more commonly known as the German sheprador and it’s a cross between the stock German shepherd and a Golden Labrador retriever dog. This hybrid dog’s appearance is similar to a Labrador with a sleek, lean body, short haired coat, floppy ears and long short haired tail. Their coloring is distinctly similar to that of a stock German shepherd and they are typically tan with a black saddle. However, some of these dogs have a completely tan colored coat with distinct black circles around their eyes. Their eyes are a dark almost black color and they have very expressive faces. This makes for a lovable pet as it typically takes the best characteristics of both its parents. These dogs are full of energy and love to play making them great family dogs.

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The German Shepherd Poodle Mix a.k.a. the Shepadoodle

german shepherd poodle mixDescription:
The German shepherd poodle mixed breed is more commonly known as the Shepadoodle dog. This is not a purebred dog and it is a mix between the standard poodle and the stock German shepherd. These shaggy medium sized dogs come in a variety of different colors including: black, gray, tan or cream and they can come in either a solid color or sable. The Shepadoodle is both a strong and agile dog and together with its good muscular framework they tend to have good stamina. This usually hairy dog typically has a narrow muzzle like the poodle but sometimes it can have a wider one like the stock German shepherd. Its ears are typically the same as a poodles and are hairy flopping downwards. It has a well fringed tail which is carried high with a slight curve upwards.

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Learn About the German Shepherd Pitbull Mix

german shepherd pitbull mixDescription:
This is a common mixed breed and despite the criticism this dog gets because of the stereotypes of its parents, it can be a loving dog if cared for and trained properly. There is a common misconception amongst potential buyers that the German shepherd pitbull mix is ferocious which is completely unfounded. If socialized well this can be a loving companion for dog lovers. In appearance it looks more like its pitbull side with its distinct short muzzke and half bent ears. However, its appearance does vary and sometimes it can have a longer face like that of the German shepherd. Usually this short haired dog has the same coloring as a stock German shepherd dog with a tan coloring and black markings; however, it does also have black and fawn varieties.

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More About the German Shepherd Chow Mix

German Shepherd Chow MixDescription:
The German shepherd Chow mixed breed is a medium to big sized dog. Its features vary depending on the dominant breed. Typically these dogs’ faces look more like a German shepherd with a long narrow muzzle and distinct black mask and eyebrow coloring. Their ears usually stand half upright and are slightly floppy on the top. The Chow Shepherd mix usually is much hairier than a German shepherd with its downy fur and it takes its coat from its Chow ancestry. Its tail is busy and curves upright like a Chow. They have a typical red or tan coloring often with the German shepherds black saddle back. These dogs are known to be aloof at times but they are also fiercely loyal.

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