How To Get Pet Stains Out Of carpet

When you own a pet, how to get pet stains out of a carpet can be quite a hustle. Sometimes your pet decides to make your carpet their potty and you have no idea how to remove the stains.

Sometimes you can clean the carpet but the stain and the smell won’t just go away.

Even after you clean your pet, they might make it a habit of relieving themselves at that particular spot. To discourage the habit, make sure you remove the odor completely.

Once your dog can smell their odor, they will always want to go back there and do the deed.

Sometimes you as the pet owner can’t smell it but the pet can smell it. Once the area is clean and the smell is no longer there, make sure the area is unattractive to the pet.

How do you do that? Put something like a piece of furniture in that area such that the pet won’t have access to it.

While still at it, make the designated bathroom area attractive by maybe placing treats and play toys.

Dog Stain On Carpet

Steps to follow on removing a stain on the carpet

How to get pet stains out of a carpet starts by locating the stain or sometimes the odor in the carpet.

You can use your nose to sniff the area. If the smells or stains are hard to find, you can buy a black light that will also come in handy when locating even old stains.

To find these stains using the black light, you need to switch off all the other lights in the room.

After locating the stains, make sure you mark the soiled areas. Wash the carpet in a washing machine and add a considerable amount of baking soda to the regular detergent that you use.

Dry the carpet out in the sun. If the stains and the odor are still there, machine wash it again and add some enzymatic cleaner .

This cleaner will break down the stain and the carpet will be sparkling clean. However, make sure you follow the instructions on the bottle.

If your room has a permanent carpet and you don’t know how to get pet stains out of the carpet, first soak the place with as many newspapers as possible.

The more urine (fresh urine) you can remove the better.

Place a load of paper towels on the area then cover them with newspapers. Step on that area for a minute or so then remove them.

Repeat the process until the area is barely wet. Put the fresh soaked paper towels on the designated potty area.

This will show your dog that doing potty isn’t bad but it should be done at the right place. Clean the accident area thoroughly with the clean and cool water. Remove the water completely to avoid dampness.

How to get pet stains off a carpet that have stayed for long

You can rent a wet vac to remove the stains. It works pretty much like the vacuum cleaner. A wet vac forces clean water onto the carpet and the dirty water out of the carpet. Don’t use any detergent or cleaner because they work better with plain water.

You can use a pet odor neutralizer but make sure the accident area is clean first. Read all the instructions before using it and try using it on a hidden area of the carpet to make sure it doesn’t corrode or stain the carpet.

Try carpet stain removers but use them after the carpet is completely neutralized and dry.

Don’t use cleaning chemicals especially the ones with strong odors. Some will leave ammonia or vinegar-like odor which might actually encourage the pet to have more accidents on that area.

Make sure the carpet is thoroughly cleaned before you can use the neutralizer. Make sure the old cleaner has also been rinsed out completely. This will make sure that the cleaner doesn’t use up all its strength trying to remove the older cleaner rather the protein based stain its meant to remove.

If the urine has completely soaked into the padding under the carpet, you might need to remove it, clean it and the replace it.

How to get pet stains out of the carpet using home remedies

1. Vinegar baking soda spray

This is a simple yet inexpensive way of removing pet stains from your carpet. This spray mostly works on blood as well as urine stains.

It cleans even the old accidents and also removes the odors completely. Baking soda is a natural odor remover and when combined with the vinegar, stains will not see another day. All you need to get this spray are;

  • 4 tablespoons of baking soda
  • 2 cups of distilled vinegar
  • 2 cups of lukewarm water
  • Spray bottle.

Blot as much as possible the stain that you intend to remove before you start using the baking soda-vinegar spray. Mix the distilled vinegar with water in a large bowl and then add the baking soda in smaller amounts to reduce the fizzing.

Once ready, pour into the spray bottle and spray the area to be cleaned and scrub gently. Let it stay for 5 minutes then blot it out with a soft cloth. If you don’t have a spray bottle, you can pour it right out of the bowl.

2. Hydrogen peroxide/baking soda mixture

Another cheap yet effective tip on how to get pet stains out of carpet is using hydrogen peroxide/baking soda mixture.

Hydrogen peroxide is a great substance that breaks down the crystals of urine and pulls out stains while at it. When it’s combined with baking soda, a deodorizing agent, you get a perfect cleaning solution. You need;

  • ½ cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide
  • A cup or baking soda
  • One teaspoon of eco-friendly dish washing liquid
  • Rags or paper towels
  • A bowl

Use the paper towels or the rags to soak up the stain; place a heavy object over the paper towels on the stains. Sprinkle a good amount of baking soda when the area is completely dry.

Mix the hydrogen peroxide with the dish washing liquid and slowly pour the solution on the baking soda over the stain.

Scrub the mixture gently with a cloth or a brush and let it stay there for 10 or 15 minutes. Vacuum the area clean. If the stain is still there, repeat the process until the area is clean.

If these homemade stain removals don’t work, it’s time to get professional help on how to get pet stains out of the carpet.


Stains should be removed as soon as they occur to reduce the amount of work put in them when they dry. Keep on looking for these old stains to reduce the number of ‘accident’s that your pet has.

Make sure you remove the stains and the odors completely because pets can smell their own smells and keep on going back to the ‘accident’ area. You don’t have to buy expensive stain removers, some of them are found right inside your kitchen.

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