How To Get Rid of Dog Smell

Most pet owners love cuddling with their dogs but sometimes the dog emits bad odors.

Some years back, dogs were regarded as working companions and only lay by the fireplace each time they were allowed into the house.

Nowadays, they cuddle with their owners on the couch while watching TV, get affectionate hugs in bed, carried along during holiday trips and even taken out for dinner in cafes.

With all this dog love, your furniture and beddings are most likely to have a distinct dog smell.

Even the zealous dog lovers may not prefer their houses smelling like their dog. Keeping the house fresh is relatively easy but first, you ought to know how to get rid of dog smell.

What Contributes to Dog Odor?

Dogs with skins that are naturally oily tend to release high levels of dog odor.

Some dogs produce a lot of skin oils to counteract itching and inflammation due to skin allergies. Since these oils don’t cling onto the dog’s skin for long, they drop on sofas, carpets and beddings as the dog moves about.

Having ample knowledge on how to get rid of dog smell will come in handy when dealing with the skin oils.

How To Get Rid of Dog SmellDogs mostly smell because they are dirty and are in dire need of a bath. Sometimes they smell because they probably went swimming and later smell like a “wet dog”.

Compared to other pets dogs smell more, which is attributed to the fact that they have larger sweat areas.

However, dogs sweat only in parts of their body that are fur free.

The paw pads have no fur thus as the dog walks around the house it leaves its sweat on the carpets, sofas, floors, beds and anything he touches with its paws.

Dogs also have waxy ears that sometimes produce a yeasty smell as the eyes are a breeding ground for micro-organisms. Lastly, dogs use scent- marking to mark their territory.

They constantly produce odors as a message to let other dogs know they are around. As the dog moves around the house these smells get absorbed into the soft furnishings.

A Master Plan on How to Get Rid of Dog Smell

First, know the areas in the house that have been soiled. Clean these areas effectively such that the dog can’t smell his scent.

If the areas are not thoroughly cleaned the dog will continue to soil the place.

Some of these odors we can’t smell them but our dogs can. Make sure all the cleaning steps are followed while cleaning.

After cleaning, re-arrange the area such that it is unattractive or unavailable for your dog to use it as a bathroom.

Take your pet to the vet for any digestive causes that could lead to accidental soiling. Using rewards and positive reinforcements re-train the dog to relieve in the appropriate place.

Understanding the dog’s motivation makes it easier to get re-train her.

Getting Rid of Dog Smell Right From the Source

When learning how to get rid of dog smell it is important to first clean your dog before embarking on cleaning the house.

Wash your canine friend properly. Many people clean their dogs just for the sake of doing it without being keen on the smell.

First, examine your dog thoroughly for any bad odor sources. Inspect the toes and fur for poop or anything that might have been tangled between its toes or pads.

Use cotton to cover the dog’s ears and wet your dog thoroughly.

Using a soft and amiable shampoo lather your dog properly all over. Finally, rinse using clean water and be sure to remove any soap on his body.

If soap is left on your dog it dries up, starts to itch and eventually the dog produces excess skin oil resulting to bad odors.

Thoroughly dry your dog after a bath.

Other Bad Smell Causes

Bad odors are not only caused by excess oils or poop on the dog but also by bacteria.  These bacteria will fancy wet fur, where they can live and reproduce happily.

With this in mind, drying your dog properly should be a top priority. For dogs with thick fur, use a blow dryer but at the coolest settings available.

Bad breath from a dog can give off a strong and unpleasant smell in the house. To reduce this stench it is important to observe oral hygiene.

Brush your pet’s teeth once every day and if not possible couple times every week. You can also use dog breath treats to counter bad breath.

They are effective and the dogs like them. Before taking any action towards your dog’s bad breath, take him to the vet for a dental check up.

Conditions like gingivitis could be the causes of bad breath.

Feed your dog a healthy diet. According to Eric D Ronning bad breath is associated with a bad diet. Just imagine the stench from your mouth if you only ate fast foods and Ramen Noodles without brushing your teeth. Seek your vet’s advice on dog food to keep him healthy.

Lastly, dogs have anal glands that secrete stale smelling substance alongside feces.

When these glands block or slow passage it results to bad odors emanating from the dog’s backside. Seeking a vet will help unclog the blockage and your dog will smell better.

Also, ear infections, skin infections or allergies could result in bad odors. The vet will help you get rid of these infections in case of occurrence.

How to Get Rid of Dog Smell and Stains in the House

Since it is inevitable to not have a dog smell in your house, knowing the how to get rid of dog smell and stains will be a reprieve.

Dogs will soil any place they see fit to use as a bathroom and at the end of the day, you will sheets, carpets and floors to clean.

Cleaning dog stains is always an uphill task but with the right knowledge and detergents, it becomes easier.

Homemade Cleaners

1. Vinegar-Baking Soda solution

This mixture is simple, cheap and works well on both urine and urine stains.

Baking Soda is a natural odor remover while white vinegar removes even the old stains. Mixing the two in the right proportions gives a solution that removes even the toughest stains and odors.

2. A mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking powder

Hydrogen peroxide breaks down the urine crystals and cleans stains. Combined with baking soda they clean up stains effectively.

3. Citrus-enzyme cleaner

Reading the stain removal product labels you can easily make an enzyme cleaner. This, however, takes time and patience.

Before using any of these homemade cleaners it is important to test them on a small patch to check if it discolors the carpet.


Bad smell irks and puts off everyone so keeping your dog clean wouldn’t hurt that much.

A house smelling like a dog kennel is not any better but with all the homemade cleaners mentioned keeping it smell free will be cost and time friendly.

Retraining your dog to pee and poop in the right areas  will make cleaning work easier for you. Enjoy a dog smell-free home.

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