Best Grain Free Dog Food- Top Brands and Reviews

Grain free dog food is the latest idea of dog food where no grains are used in the manufacture of that particular dog food. This idea came up to help dogs that are allergic to some grains used in kibble food. Today, grain free foods have been on the rise and more and more dog owners are embracing the idea of dog food that has no grains.

Grain free food for dogs in detail

Grain free dog food can be said to be that food that doesn’t have grain as an ingredient. To most people, grains are wheat and corn; however, grain free dog foods have other grains that are not so common. If your dog is allergic to particular grains, it is important to read the ingredients on the package carefully so that you can spot the ingredient (the grains) that your furry friend is allergic to.

If your dog is allergic to particular grains, it is important to read the ingredients on the package carefully so that you can spot the ingredient (the grains) that your furry friend is allergic to.

What you need to understand is, just because the food has been labeled as grain free, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have some of the grains, for example, rice. If you are keen enough, you might be surprised the ‘grain free food’ actually has grains.

Is grain free dog food healthier as compared to other dog foods?

This is a question that almost all pet parents ask themselves. The answer is not yes and neither is it no. What pet owners need to understand is that some grain free dog food have good ingredients, while the same cannot be said of others.

You also need to understand that some dog foods that contain some grains cannot be said to be inferior. Dogs being very close to humans tend to follow the humans diet and the latest fad being grain free foods for humans, grain free dog foods are being marketed as healthy for dogs.

If you are a smart dog owner, you will take time to read through the ingredients on any dog food that you intend to buy. You also need to do extensive research when buying a particular food for your dog because some sites are biased towards some foods.

Does it mean grain free dog food is more digestible as compared to foods with grains?

Dogs can digest grains but this ability to digest grains has evolved with time. Initially, dogs could not digest grain but as times went by, they evolved with genes that gave them the digestive enzymes they need to digest starches found in grains. The reason behind this evolution is the fact that dogs have been existing with humans for the last 30,000 years and their diet was close to that of humans.

Dogs and humans can consume the same diet although this doesn’t mean you should feed your dog on pizza. Most dogs can eat human food but this should only happen once the meals have been formulated to something that can be accommodated by the dog’s digestive system.

Therefore, grain free dog food doesn’t mean your dog can’t digest grains; it means you are looking out for your dog’s welfare just in case it has some form of allergy.

Do some dogs suffer from grain allergies?

Yes, some dogs suffer from grain allergies but the most common allergies are caused by beef and milk as well as other dairy products. Other products that dogs are allergic to are chicken, fish, lamb, eggs, wheat, corn and soy. Most dogs that have food allergies are allergic to lots of common dog foods and not necessarily wheat, corn, and other grains.

Therefore, grain free dog food will come in handy when the dog is allergic to grains, but you as a pet owner also needs to know what else your dog is allergic to.

Very few dogs have allergies which means only 10 percent of all dogs have food allergies. The others only have flea bite allergies or inhalant allergies. It is also good to understand that every dog should be treated as an individual and a grain free dog food that worked for one dog should not be the saving grace for all other dogs.

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