How to Bathe a Dog Properly

Watching people bathing their dogs in reality shows or movies looks like fun. However, bathing your furry friend in real life cannot be said to be as fun. How to bathe a dog in real life needs you to have some little knowledge on how to go about it.

There are a few dos and don’ts when bathing them. Dogs won’t mind staying without a bath. Some are even ready to put up a fight if they know bath time is nearing.

Therefore, you need to know how to make it fun for him.

How to make bath time fun for your dog

According to Josh Weiss-Roessler, it is advisable to associate bath time with something positive like a treat. You can also offer toys prior to bath and after bath.

Offer affection to your dog especially when it’s near bath time so that the dog can start loving his bath.

Before you start bathing your dog you can play with him and pet him. After bathing, the same should happen. With time, your dog will associate bathing with good stuff.

Another tip on how to bathe a dog is by getting them used to the bathing space. Let the dog get used to getting into the tub even when it’s not bath time.

When inside the tub, keep the toys and treats in good supply such that with time he will get distracted.

Add warm water to the tab and give him a bath with the toys still inside the tab. Spend time with him near the tub with treats until he can come even when there are no treats.

Dos and don’ts when bathing the dog

How to Bath a DogAccording to Dr.Becker dogs can be bathed from anywhere depending on the availability of options.

You can bathe him from the kitchen sink especially if he is small, you can bathe in the tub or even in the yard when its warm.

One big issue with first dog owners is how to bathe a dog in the tub and make him feel safe.

Tubs are quite slippery and dogs will feel insecure if they keep on sliding when taking a bath. This insecurity, in turn, will make it harder for the dog owner to convince him to take a bath.

Place a towel at the bottom of the tub but make sure the drain is not covered.

You can remove his collar or keep it. If the collar helps you to have a firm grip on the dog as you bathe him, you can keep it.

If you are new to bathing a dog, or if the dog is not used to taking a bath in a tub, you can get a helper.

A helper will hold the dog down and soothe him while at it as you bathe him. The helper will also give him an occasional treat for good behavior.

Keep the ears and eyes protected

Dogs don’t like their ears getting wet. Other than being quite uncomfortable it also causes ear infections.

One rule of thumb on how to bathe a dog is to keep the ears and eyes protected. Never allow water near his ears and eyes.

You can lather him up and scrub him from the head to the rest of the body then wipe the eye and the ear parts with a wet wash cloth.

Steps on how to bathe a dog

Dog in BathYou should brush your dog before bath time to remove any mats on his to bath a dog

Wet mats are hard to remove and might need you to get a professional to cut them.

Cover the bath area with something like a bath mat or a towel so that the dog can feel secure when inside the tub.

By now you should be having the right shampoo suitable for your dog’s skin and color.

When you have a flea protection, make sure you don’t wash it away with the shampoo. When the fur is dry, you might need to re-apply the flea protection.

Keep your dog leashed just in case it takes off.

Put cotton balls in his ears so that water doesn’t get in. The ears should be the last to clean to remove any cleaner that might have found its way there.

Clip your dog nails before bath time to prevent him scratching you when trying to run away. Wet the dog’s skin by using a sprayer but start from the head towards the rest of the body.

Once the skin/fur is fully wet, shampoo the dog and work up some good lather. It’s important to follow the directions on the shampoo on how to bathe a dog.

The instructions will also tell you how long it should stay on the dog’s fur. Don’t leave the shampoo for more than it should stay on your dog because it might cause irritation.

Once you have scrubbed him enough, rinse from the head towards the rest of the body till all the shampoo has come out.

Once the dog is clean, it’s time to dry him off. Depending on the length of his fur, you will know whether you need a towel only or if you need a hair dryer.

If the weather is good, you can leave him out in the sun for some time.

If not, you can use a hair dryer to dry his fur. However, it is good to know that leaving him out immediately might undo what you spent your last 30minutes doing. Let your dog sit in his crate or on a towel for some time.


For a good and fun bath time, let your dog get used to some things like the combs, brushes, nail clippers and the like.

Let him sniff on them. Let him get used to the sound of running water. Use verbal praises and give treats for good behavior during bath times.

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