How to Clean a Pug’s Ears

The cleaning of your Pug’s ear is a very important aspect of Pug grooming. Without proper cleaning, your Pug could end up getting an ear infection or even mites.

In this article, I’m going to walk you through the steps on how to clean your Pugs ears. It is super simple once you know how and your Pug will be feeling great afterward.

How To Clean Pugs Ears

What Does a Pug’s Ear Look Like?

Pugs have quite small ears that are covered in a velvet like hair. Pugs have black ears that match with the black markings on the dog’s face.

The ears will be small and not very thick. There are three types of Pug ears: the button, rose, and fly ear. We will talk about the differences of each below.

Button Ear – The Button Ear is the preferred ear when it comes to conformation in the clubs. The button ear folds forward and covers the canal of the ear. The tip aligns with the eye of the dog.

Pug Button Ear
Pug Button Ear

Rose Ear – With the rose ear, it is very similar to the button, but the only difference is in the softer fold of the ear in which the ear doesn’t lay against the dog’s face. This is still accepted in the show ring during competitions, just not as preferred as the button ear.

Rose Ear Pug
Rose Ear Pug

Fly Ear – The fly ear looks significantly different than the other two ears. This ear barely folds, and this is due to a genetic trait based down in Pugs genes. Many breeders do not breed this type of pug due to it passing down in their puppies. If your Pug does have this ear type, do not worry; there is nothing wrong with your Pug. The ears just may get dirtier and sensitive to things.

Fly Ear Pug
Fly Ear Pug

How to Clean Pugs Ears

Here are some guided step by step instructions to help you accomplish the task of cleaning out your Pug’s ears. Don’t forget even a Pug puppy will need to keep its ears cleaned.

Step 1.

Gather all the necessary supplies you will need. Find some cotton balls, cleaning solutions, ear wipes, and some sort of towel. Before you begin cleaning your Pug’s ears, it is imperative that you have everything you need in the spot you will be cleaning your dog’s ears in.

Step 2.

Find a safe and secure spot to clean your dog in. You don’t want your dog to escape while you are trying to clean your dog’s ears. Sit in the bathroom or even place your Pug in the tub where it won’t jump out.

Step 3.

Begin the cleaning by lifting your dog’s ear up and looking inside. Squirt the cleaning solution inside the ear and gently massage the ear to allow the solution to break up the buildup of wax and dirt in the ear.

Step 4.

Place the cotton ball firmly into your fingers and enter your dog’s ear no more than two inches. Wipe around the area to remove excess liquid, dirt, and wax. Take a look at the cotton ball; if it comes out filthy, then you will need to repeat the cleaning process until the cotton ball comes out clean.

Step 5.

When the cleaning process is completely finished, make sure you reward your Pug with a treat and a big kiss. This will teach your dog to enjoy getting its ears cleaned.

Dog Silhouettes Background Pug

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Best Ear Cleaner for Pugs

I’m not sure if you know this already, but you can use human cleaners such as peroxide in dog’s ear. Dogs have highly sensitive ears, so they need their PH balanced cleaner for their ears. Here are two products that we highly recommend you use when cleaning your Pug’s ears.

Veterinary Formula Ear Cleaner for Dogs

The Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Cleaning solution works great on both cats and dogs. Simply squirt the solution into your dog’s ears and massage it through a few times. The solution is designed to clean, deodorize, and to provide relief for very dirty, bacterial, or infected ears. The solution is painless and alcohol-free, so it will not hurt or sting your dog.

Pet MD Dog Ear Cleaner Wipes

For effective and super-fast cleaning, you can try the Pet MD Dog Ear Cleaner Wipes. Grab a wipe and clean your dog’s ears easily. This one product solution acts as your cotton ball and your cleaning solution. These wipes are designed to clean wax, dirt, and deodorize the smell in your dog’s ears.

Pug Ear Infection Symptoms

One major indication that your Pug may have an ear infection is due to redness in your dog’s ear. Lift the flap of your dog’s ear to see if it is red. A slight pink ear is totally normal. A very red ear indicates infection.

Another indication is you may smell a terrible odor coming from your dog. Check the ears to see if there is wax buildup. If you see brown or black ear wax, that could mean an underlying infection. You will need to clean that ear wax out right away.

If your dog does have an ear infection, another indicator will be that your dog is very irritated by its ear. You may notice your dog itching at the ear, causing it irritation. If your dog continues to do this without treatment, it can actually scratch too much it will start to bleed.

Common Symptoms of Pug Ear Infections

  • Scratching at the ears
  • Odor
  • Redness inside the ear
  • Blood or Discharge
  • Your dog is Shaking its head a lot

If you suspect that your dog has an ear infection, it is best to make an appointment with your dog’s veterinarian to get their opinion. If your vet does confirm it is an infection, then your vet will prescribe some medication to take care of it.

There is a product that could help reduce the chances of your dog getting an ear infection. This can be used for maintenance purposes if you notice your dog to be irritated with its ear.

Zymox Clean Once-a-Day Dog Ear Solution helps to reduce redness and inflammation in your dog’s ear. This solution is an alternative to antibiotics as it is made from an enzymatic solution and also has 1% hydrocortisone for itching relief. You’re supposed to use the solution in your dog’s ear once a day for seven days to clear up mild infections or bacteria.

Pug Ear Infections

How Often Should You Clean Your Pug’s ears?

You should check your dog’s ear regularly during your grooming sessions. That way, if there are any health concerns or even if the ears are just super dirty, you can correct it quickly. I would say to check your Pug’s ears once a week to ensure no problems are occurring.

What Are Some Things Pugs Need Groomed?

The ears are not the only part of your Pug’s body that will need cleaning. During your Pugs bath, it is crucial that you clean the folds and wrinkles on your dog. These are areas that get super dirty clogged with dirt and sweat.

You always want to check your Pugs eyes often as they get a lot of eye boogers due to bulging eyes. These areas are very important when it comes to keeping your dog at optimal cleanliness.

Bones Silhouettes Background


Consistent ear infections in your Pug can be quite costly; it is important to stay updated on your dog’s ears’ cleanliness. Check your Pug’s ears once a week and follow the steps on how to clean pug ears above.

Make sure to end any ear cleaning experience on a positive note with a kiss from you to your dog and a tasty treat. Let us know if you have a Pug, and tell us about your experience cleaning its ears in the comments below.

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