How to Shave a Dog

I’m sure you agree with me that grooming your dog is very important. An introduction on how to shave a dog will prepare you well before you embark on that important task. You can shave your dog using dog clippers coupled with a blade.

These clippers can be used all over the dog’s body, around the face and down the legs.

The length of the blade to use on your dog depends on the length of your dog’s hair. You can decide to shave the face using a shaver or you can use scissors.

You can trim the hair around his feet using scissors while the tail can be shaved or brushed then trimmed using scissors.

Care and comfort for your dog during shaving

Knowing how to shave a dog is not enough if you don’t ensure that your dog is comfortable.

For starters, dogs should not be handled in a harsh or a rough manner. If our dog keeps on wriggling as you shave him, get someone to hold him down.

Make sure the one holding him is giving him treats in intervals for good behavior like being still. Even as he’s held down, make sure the dog is not stressed because he will not enjoy the treats.

Dogs are just like babies and they get bored quickly.

Therefore, when your dog starts wriggling, give him a break of 30 minutes or one hour then continue. Repeat this until the whole body is done.

If the dog is too difficult during the grooming session, you can take him to a vet for sedation then shave him when he’s sedated.

This can be quite expensive an alternative is to get the dog a natural calming remedy that will relax him during shaving.

How to shave a dog with a clipper

How to Shave a DogBefore shaving your dog, it’s good that the dog is clean, his skin treated and his fur brushed.

By doing these things, shaving or clipping will be made easier for you and your dog.

For better success, it is good to start clipping or shaving your dog when he’s still a young puppy.

Just like it’s said, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, it is harder to train an older dog to accept clippers.

It is good to compare the buzzing sounds of several clippers. Choose the one that has the least buzz that will not scare your dog. Some sounds are loud enough to scare humans too.

Read more about your dog’s breed and get as many clues as possible on how to keep him well groomed.

Once in a while, you can get a professional groomer to show you how to go about clipping your dog’s hair. Most of them won’t mind spending some time with you until you get how to shave a dog right.

If shaving goes wrong, do not worry too much. The dog will have bad hair days for a few days then he’ll grow out of it. The only thing you should be concerned about is how to use the clippers safely.

How to use the clippers safely when shaving your dog

How to shave a dog without hitches depends on how well you use the clippers.

For starters, make sure the clipper blades are sharp enough. Blunt clippers pull more hair thus making it painful and uncomfortable for the dog.

When buying clippers, make sure you choose the one that’s suitable for the specific hair that your dog has.

You can also try using the snap-on guide because they help keep cut uniform.

Use a clipper lubricant or coolant to keep the clippers from getting too hot thus burning the dog.

The clippers lubricants or coolants are available separately from the usual pet supply shops. Browsing the internet should help you get what you are looking for.

When oiling the clippers, make sure you wipe off excess oil so that you don’t ruin your dog’s coat. Turn off the clippers regularly and touch them to make sure they are not too hot for your dog.

If they are too hot, spray them using a coolant (read instructions on the canister before spraying).

Alternatively, you can switch blades and get cooler ones. You can also switch clippers if you have two.

How to shave a dog for the first time or after a long time

First, make sure the clippers feel comfortable in your hands. However, as we had noted earlier, make sure the dog is clean and the fur/hair is free of any tangles or mats.

The best way to know if the clippers are comfortable is by neatening up an area where the dog had been trimmed but the hair grew back.

Again, it is good to start with an inconspicuous area, then see the amount of hair the clipper removes.

Depending on the amount, you can switch the blade to the appropriate one. The higher the blade number, the finer the cut.

Should dogs be shaved for summer?

You have already learned how to shave a dog and you are wondering if you should shave him this summer.

Most experts’ advice is that, don’t shave your dog just because it’s summer.

Their coats are naturally designed to regulate the temperatures; like if its warm, the hair will kill the dog cool and vice versa.

Shaving your dog just because it’s summer interferes with their natural temperature regulation.

According to Wendy C. Fries, it is ok to shave dogs that have thick coats, however, short haired dogs have the risk of getting sunburns.

In the event you decide to shave him anyway, make sure there’s an inch of hair to protect him from sun rays.

According to Wendy Fries, it is advisable to shave a dog that’s outdoors all the time, has long matted hairs and is likely to have wet hair.

In such conditions, the dog is prone to developing myiasis where the dog gets maggots on his fur.

If the dog is likely to suffer from hot spots, it’s good to get him a summer shave, but also get opinions from your vet first.

During the summer, keep your dog cool, keep on brushing his coat when you have time to increase blood circulation and removed dead skin.


Shaving should be made fun for the dog to reduce aggression.

It’s good to start the practice when the dog is still young to reduce the bad experience both for the dog and the pet parent.

When shaving, make sure the blade or the clippers are sharp enough to reduce chances of pulling his hair and leaving him in pain. Also, it’s good to introduce the shaving tools and the shaving space to the dog prior to shaving.

This will familiarize the dog with the exercise and both you and your dog will have a good time. Make sure your dog is as comfortable as possible during the shaving time. It’s a perfect bonding time.

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