How to Stop a Dog from Whining

Dogs communicate in many ways and whining could also be a means of communication. Dogs tend to whine when they are seeking attention, anxious, excited or when they are seeking to please their owners. The first step necessary to undertake when learning how to stop a dog from whining is to know the reasons why dogs whine.

Why Dogs Whine

1. Appeasement
Dogs tend to whine when trying to please their owners or fellow dogs. They whine to show their submissiveness to the owners. This type of whining is frequently accompanied by a tail shake, the dog showing its belly or tucking its tail.

2. Physical need
When a dog starts to whine with no reason it is important to know if the whine is a result of any distress or pain. If the behavior intensifies consult a vet.

However, a dog whining may be an expression that he wants to relieve himself, especially if the dog is housetrained. This kind of frustration may be accompanied by physical reactions as they try to communicate to you that they need to go outside and defecate or urinate.

3. Mental state
When dogs are together in a pack, whining is frequently used as a sign to show that a dog has given up. Normally this submission sign is accompanied by postures that portray submission. These postures include lying down with the entire body.

Dogs can also use whining as a way of greeting their owners or expressing excitement. In such cases, the dog displays affection by being hyper. Try not to touch him, talk or maintain eye contact until he ceases being hyper and calms down.

How to Stop a Dog from Whining

Dogs can also use whining when trying to get something from their owners. Dogs will use this trick especially if it has yielded fruits before. As a dog owner, you have to calm them down before granting the dog its needs. This enables you to be in control of the situation.

4. Emotional state
Dogs tend to whine when trying to express their emotional state. They also incorporate the use of body language to help understand what they are trying to put across.

Dogs can whine due to certain emotional states like when they are anxious, excited, fearful or frustrated.  Excitement is accompanied by yipping; jumping, circling or any activity they find fit to express their excitement. Activities such as nervous pacing and unpredictable body language are used to portray instances of anxiety.

Whining due to frustration may be accompanied by activities such as the dog scratching the dog or trying to reach under house furniture. Fear may be displaced through whining, submissive behavior and sometimes even trembling.

For most owners, especially ladies, a dog whining is cute, but it is important to know why your dog or pup is whining. This will help you know how to stop a dog from whining.

It is vital to understand our dogs and the reasons why the whine rather than showering them with immediate affection and treats. Giving treats and affection will not help solve the problem but instead, you will be cementing a behavior that you will find difficult to make your dog to stop.

The key to learning how to stop a dog from whining is being the pack leader.

By taking charge you can change your dog from a whining and hyper dog to a calm and submissive dog. When a dog gets hyper trying to get something, wait till he calms down then grant them their needs. It is all about training to be submissive to your commands.

Remedies on How to Stop a Dog from Whining

1. Giving your dog treats

Dog Treat

Dogs whine for various reasons, giving them treats after they calm down is an easy way to tackle this problem. When your dog whines rule out cases of injuries or pain before ignoring them. Ignorance is a vital method when trying to calm a dog down. But since every whining is different, handle your dog according to the situation.

2. Increase your dog’s confidence
For instance, if your dog whines due to anxiety or when trying to appease you, incorporate ways that will help you build its confidence.

Use ways that will increase its confidence. Anxiety is mostly brought about by low confidence levels. You can also enroll your dog in obedient classes, shower him with great affection or increase the one-on-one playing times.

Use of physical punishment or harsh treatment will not work since this will counteract all the lessons of obedience that you have taught your dog. The more your dog’s confidence grows the less incidences of whining are likely to occur.

3. Ignore your dog (Not very easy though)
Trying to ignore a dog that is in need of attention is not that easy especially if it is a puppy. This method can help reduce, and at last stop your dog from whining.

When your dog starts to whine try to and ignore him for as long as possible until he calms down.

This method requires a lot of patience from the owner and after your dog stops whining give him treats and grant him the attention he was seeking. Scolding the dog or yelling at him will not work since you will only be rewarding him the attention he is seeking.

Give your dog proper mental stimulation and exercise to reduce the whining. Keeping your dog pre-occupied and tired will reduce the need for constant attention.

4. Providing a distraction
Dogs sometimes whine as a form of greeting or welcoming their owners back home. However, these greetings may get out of control and will need to be calmed. The most appropriate way to calm this kind of whining is by providing a distraction. You can either use commands, treats or actions that your dog is familiar with.


A dog whining is not bad but constant whining becomes a problem. If the whining gets out of hand you can use the above remedies on how to stop a dog from whining.

How do you stop your dog from whining?

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