How To Take Care Of A Dog

Owning a dog is an awesome experience which comes with a responsibility of taking care of your canine companion.

A dog, just like a child, will depend on its owner to keep it safe, take it for health checkups, exercise, and even its nourishment.

A dog owner ought to learn how to take care of its dog because your dog’s well being and happiness should be a priority. The common dog needs to consider are:


One way on how to take care of your dog is by ensuring it has proper identification.

You can fit your dog with a collar as well as an ID tag that has your name, telephone number as well as your address. Make sure the collar is not too tight for your dog’s comfort.

Make sure two fingers are able to slip under your dog’s collar.

Other than the external identification, you can have him fitted with a microchip. This can be done by your vet. Microchips come in handy when your dog loses his collar. If the dog ends up at a vet’s or in an animal shelter, the microchip will provide the owner’s details once it has been scanned

Microchips come in handy when your dog loses his collar.

If the dog ends up at a vet’s or in an animal shelter, the microchip will provide the owner’s details once it has been scanned.


According to Melissa Carreker, it is advisable that puppies be fed four times in a day.

Wendy Winquist suggests that for puppies, it is advisable to start feeding them using your hands such that the puppy gets to know you as its food provider.

When the puppy feeds from your hand, it creates a connection enabling the puppy and the owner to bond. For adult

For adult dogs, it’s advisable to feed them twice although mostly decide on how many times they want to have a meal.

Owners of dogs prefer to leave food for their dogs to eat whenever they feel like.

Experts, however, advise against free feeding due to health complications such as obesity. Melissa Carreker recommends that a meal schedule be used when feeding dogs especially puppies.

Carreker also advices that puppies be fed for 20 minutes then after 20-30 minutes allow them to go for nature calls, this way housebreaking becomes easier.


Dog HouseDogs require a quiet and warm place to rest.

The place should be well cleaned, safe, comfortable, and well sheltered.

For you to learn how to take care of a dog, duties like cleaning the dog kennel should be on your shortlist.

For dogs that sleep outdoors in kennels, they should be provided with extra comfort and warmth by providing them with blankets and easy to clean rugs and mats.

It is advisable to leave an adult to supervise whenever children are left alone with indoor dogs.


Training your canine companion improves its ability to socialize, feeding times, where to defecate and some commands. You can read more about dog training here.

Interactive dog training improves the dog’s understanding of the human world.

Training a dog is fun but to avoid difficulties during training it is advisable to employ a dog trainer.

It takes about 6 months for a puppy to completely develop bladder control thus holding their urine for longer periods. 20-30 minutes after a meal or a drink take your puppy to a place where it can empty its bowels.

Taking your puppy to the same place every time helps it to familiarize with its “bathroom”.

Prepare a meal schedule for your dogs and feeding them at the same time every day. Preferably, first, feed your dogs before embarking on your meal.

This ensures that your dog won’t beg for food while you are enjoying your meal.

You could come up with phrases to notify them that they have already had enough.

Exercise and play

Dog ExercisingExercising and playing with your dog, makes one gain experience on how to take care of a dog.

Dogs are playful animals and thus need to be regularly exercised and played with. Dogs need a way to let out their energy.

This could be through walks, allowing them to run without their leashes or even an organized play.

Dog exercises should be well handled and the dogs shouldn’t be allowed to wander off on their own. Even during the exercises the owner should be able to control the dogs.

Some dogs could be thick-headed it is advisable to keep his leash on even during exercises.

After feeding your dog it is advisable to let it rest rather than exercising them since this might  lead to bloat related problems.

Love and affection

Dog AffectionIt requires minimal effort to make a dog happy, and it later gives its owner unquestionable loyalty, an immense amount of love and true friendship.

Your dog will look up to you to provide it with basic requirements which is the first step in showing your love for him.

Dogs flourish on love and affection.

The more your dog feels it is loved, the more it gives back more love. Make your dog feel special by taking good care of it, gentle patting, once in a while you can give treats out of the blues. Just give him

Just give him treats, not because of good behavior; treat him just to show him you love him.

Since it is your dog you could spoil it with affectionate hugs sometimes even kisses.

Since it is your dog you could spoil it with affectionate hugs sometimes even kisses.


Dogs are hairy animals and often their fur overgrows thus becoming loose.

It is recommended that regular clipping or shaving be done. Brushing your dog’s fur regularly keeps him looking neat and gets rid of leaves and shedding fur snarled in your dog’s fur.

Bathe your dog preferably once every month, and yes there is a routine to follow when bathing your dog.

It is advisable not to overdo your cleaning as it washes away natural oils found on a dog’s skin.

This could lead to skin problems such as rashes and itching of the skin. When bathing your dogs you could brush their teeth to reduce the doggie breath. Read more articles on grooming your dog.

Veterinary Care

Dog with a VetAnother way on how to take care of your dog is by taking him for vaccinations, to de-worm and other health checkups.

You could get more information on how to prevent flea and tick infestation from your veterinary officer.

Early de-sexing is recommended for puppies to reduce chances of acquiring mammary cancer, unplanned puppies and enlargement of the prostate glands with age.

To minimize discomforts and stress upon heat periods vets advise dog owners to spay their female dogs. Neutering reduces the aggressiveness of male dogs curbing testicular cancer.

Take your dog to the vet regularly even without signs of injury or disease.


Treat your dog like a child and provide it with all the necessities. As its caregiver, your dog will look up to you for all its needs and in return give you unconditional love and companionship.

How do you take care of your dog? Tell me in comments below.

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