All About the Golden Retriever Husky Mix aka Goberian

Whether they are called a Golden Retriever Husky or a Husky Golden Retriever, one thing is for certain, the Goberian is a breathtakingly beautiful designer breed that has been gaining popularity over the last few years. One of the reasons for their popularity may be their often-stunning blue eyes or the golden hue of their … Read more

More About the Corgi Husky Mix aka Horgi

Corgi Husky Mix aka Horgi Description:
The cute looking Horgi is a cross between two much loved dogs, the Corgi and the Husky. It is most commonly known as the Horgi, but in some circles it is referred to as the Siborgi. Taking the best traits from both its parents, these dogs tend to have a sweeter temperament than most mixed-breed dogs. However, they do also tend to have a lot of energy and love being outdoors as both the Corgi and the Husky are known to be herding dogs. This designer mixed breed dog was bred to have the positive characteristics of both its parents, but in a smaller size just like the Corgi.

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More About the Labrador Retriever Husky Mix

Labrador Retriever Husky MixDescription:
This big dog is a mix between the Labrador retriever and the Husky and is more commonly known as the Siberian Retriever which is not to be mistaken with the Labrador Husky which is a completely different breed. Their appearance depends on the percentage of the mix while some Siberian retrievers look more like a Husky there are others that resemble a Lab retriever more. This dog has a triangular shaped head with pointed erect ears. It is not unusual for a Siberian retriever to have two different eye colors with one brown one and one pale blue one. This is quite a tall dog with long legs and webbed paws. This dog’s tail curls upwards like a Husky’s and is usually black with a white pointed tip. The coat of the Siberian retriever has medium length hair and it can be either black and white or brown with copper. These intelligent animals make wonderful companions and they will stay loyal to their owners.

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Learn About the Adorable Pomeranian Husky aka POMSKY

Pomeranian Husky MixDescription:
The Pomsky is a cross between the Pomeranian and the Husky. Another variation of the spelling of Pomsky is Pomski. This is a relatively new ‘designer’ dog which also goes by the name of Huskeranian in some breeding circles. These dogs are bred by specialist breeders and care needs to be taken when purchasing these popular breeds as there are a few breeders who claim their puppies are Pomskies when they are not. Reputable and responsible breeders breed the male Pomeranian with the female Husky because there is a danger of health complications if done vice versa due to the smaller dog carrying the pups of a much larger dog. Additionally, the Pomsky is a much coveted designer dog because of its size and therefore this is another reason why a male Husky is not used as they are considerably larger than the female.

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