What You Should Know About Low Sodium Dog Food

Low Sodium Dog FoodSodium is an essential mineral in your dog’s food and it helps in maintaining the fluid balance in your dog’s body system. However, you need to be careful in case your dog suffers from some of these ailments like enlarged valves and other heart-related problems.

Too much sodium in dog food is just as dangerous as in humans’ food because it leads to increased fluid retention in the body as well as increased high blood pressure. In such a case you need to get your dog low sodium dog food because sodium can be quite dangerous if it is absorbed into the body in large amounts.

The nutritional benefits of sodium

As much as too much sodium can be quite dangerous in a dog’s food, you should not entirely remove it from your dog’s food. What you ought to do is get your dog low sodium dog food such that it will still be getting just enough nutrients needed for bodily functions.

Sodium is helpful to the dog’s body in that it helps in the fluid balance as it had been noted earlier, it is also important  for muscle cell function and healthy nerves.

The natural sources of sodium in your dog’s food include poultry, meat, fish, and eggs.

The recommended sodium in any dog food whether dry or canned should be o.3%. Just like in humans, a high sodium intake will lead to increased intake of water with the excess sodium being excreted in urine.

In healthy dogs, high sodium intake doesn’t lead to increased blood pressure. In this case, high sodium content doesn’t come as a concern for healthy dogs when buying commercial foods.

Heart problems and low sodium dog food

A healthy dog doesn’t have any problem processing sodium in its food. However, a dog that has a heart condition might have a problem while processing the same sodium content in its food. Dogs that have no heart conditions can consume 0.35 to 0.5 % sodium content.

However, dogs that have heart conditions should not be given food that has more than 0.35% sodium content. Dogs that have an advanced heart problem should not be given foods whose sodium exceeds 0.10 percent.

Excess sodium can aggravate the accumulation of fluid in the dog’s body or lead to high blood pressure; both of them being quite dangerous.

Low sodium dog food recommended by vets

Depending on how bad your dog’s heart problems are, you need to visit your vet for a prescribed diet so that you can prolong its life.

Your vet will advise you well on what to feed your dog so that too much sodium doesn’t lead to death and too little sodium doesn’t deteriorate your dogs already failing health.

Your vet will give you a series of low sodium dog food that your dog will need to stay in good health. Some of them are:

Hill’s Science Diet which is for overall Cardiac Health

Wellness CORE Original Formula

Proplan Select for dogs with sensitive stomach and skin


You need to understand that your dog’s life depends primarily on what you feed him. Whatever food you choose for your dog, it has a great impact on its health and you need to be extremely careful.

Therefore, you need to have lengthy consultations with your vet and if need be, you might as well seek a second opinion. You also need to do research widely on whatever food you decide to give your dog.

However at the end of the day, your vet’s opinion matters because he or she is the expert in all this and he knows better than you do.

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