Labrador Retriever Information

Labrador RetrieverThe Labrador retriever is in our top ten most popular dog breeds in the whole world! The Labrador has been awarded the best dog breed throughout the entire world! They are most known for their amazing hunting and fishing skills because they are known for being in the group of the working dogs! The Labrador is a proud member of the purebred American kennel club and more than a hundred thousand Labrador retrievers are registered! That is a lot of dogs and one from one breed! The popularity of this amazing dog breed is just staggering!

The Labrador has so many different assets that other dogs just don’t have! Some of these assets are they can be show dogs, hunting dogs, service dog, therapy dog, just your companion, etc. the list goes on and on but this breed is known for so many different things! The Labradors have proven their usefulness throughout history but one thing for sure they have stayed the friendly wonderful companion we have grown to love! Please check out the article below for everything you need to know about our favorite breed the Labrador retriever!

Labrador Retriever’s History:

The Labrador was originally found on the island of Newfoundland. They were found there in the early 1700s where they helped fisherman catch fish! This island of Newfoundland is called St. Johns today! You may hear the Labrador called St. John’s dogs! Then the Englishman started to notice these dogs amazing abilities in the water and wanted to bring them to England to help them hunt! The dogs started coming over by seas in the 1830s and they started being called Labradors.

They stayed in England until around the 1920s then they started to import them to the United States where they really started to take off in popularity. They grew more popular after everyone saw all the amazing things this dog breed could do! Now the Labradors today are helping with search and rescue missions, fishing, hunting and just being an amazing dog to your family!

Labrador’s Size:

The size of the beautiful Labrador retriever can vary depending on your dog but the average size is what we will be talking about today! The females Labradors can weigh up to 60-75 pounds while they stand 21 to 23.5 inches! The male Labradors can weigh up to 65 to 80 pounds! That’s one big dog! The males stand 23- 25 inches tall! This is a very big strong heavy built dog but they are extremely gentle with children despite their big size!

Labrador Retriever Personality:

Yellow Labrador RetrieverWhere to start talking about the amazing personality of the Labrador! This breed has so many good traits about them that it would take pages and pages to talk about; I think I will just sum it up for you! The Labrador is extremely sweet to really anyone they meet, outgoing, very eager to please, but the best thing about this breed is each dog puts their own spin on all those traits. So yes you’re getting this amazing Labrador with all these great traits but it’s your own unique Labrador! Labradors are also an extremely intelligent breed! They are the type of dog that if things are constantly stimulating them they can get a little destructive especially as puppies!

When your Labrador is between the ages of two and three they get to the age where they are active all the time! They want to run, play, and dig in the garden! This breed has a lot of energy that will need some attention; if you have to go to work for very long hours of the day this breed might not be right for you! This breed needs to be outside taking walks and having fun and all Labradors have this in their personality.

One of the main things that all Labradors love is water! Labs love to swim and I know you have seen those YouTube videos of labs jumping into lakes with their owners! Weather is a pool or a tiny puddle as long as it has water in it the Labrador loves it. Remember the Labrador was breed in its beginning of time as a fisherman’s dog to help the crew on the boats catch the fish. Well this trait has not disappeared from this breed whatsoever.

Labrador’s Temperament:

As you know from above the Labrador’s personality is very loveable, happy, and they are just fun loving! Well every trait they have in their personality affects their temperament as well! They really have a loyal temperament. Once you are their owner you are always their owner! They will do anything for their owner and they will always be by their side!

The Labrador breed is also very good with other dogs. They are good with dogs at a dog park or if your introducing a new dog into the family they will accept them with open paws! The same goes for children if you have small or young children the Labrador will be loyal to them just like they are loyal to you! A child’s best friend is usually their dog!

We talked about it above but Labradors have very energetic temperaments. To keep the chaos down with the destruction you will want to get your Labrador outside a lot! They love being outside even if they are snoozing taking a sun nap they like being outside playing, digging, jumping, or even sleeping! Without the proper exercise to get that energy out you know what will happen! Destruction of your stuff by your dog!

Labrador Retriever’s Coat:

Chocolate Labrador RetrieverThe Labrador has a two layer coat; the top layer is very soft with very thick hair. This coat is usally straight fair; they shouldn’t have any curls unless breed with something else. The under coat is their water resistant layer. This layer protects them from cold and wet climates which are very important if they are helping in fishing.

The Labrador’s coat can come in an array of colors which are chocolate, black, and yellow. The black lab is the most worldwide known out of all the Labrador breeds! Later over the years the chocolate lab and the yellow lab have become increasingly popular in the United States. You might see other colors of Labradors but really it’s just a variation of the standard yellow Labrador.

Labrador Retriever Grooming:

The Labrador does require certain grooming needs to keep them looking and feeling great at all times. The Labrador retriever sheds throughout the entire year. When your dog sheds this much it is a good idea to have them brushed on a regular basis. A regular basis is about once to twice a week just to get the tangles out and keep from all the hair falling around your house.

The Labrador has that water resistant and dirt resistant coat we talked about so they won’t get as dirty as most dogs. It is still good to give your Labrador a bath once a month unless their visibly filthy then by all means give them a bath then as well. Another big thing with Labradors is their ears loose moisture from the water. So it is good to put some lotion on their ears to prevent ear infections from happening.

Lastly keep up with the care of your dog; their teeth should be brushed at least two times a week. I know life gets hectic and we forget but it is a vital thing in preventing gum disease in your dog. Remember to have a vet trim your Labradors nails because if you clip them you can cut into nerves which will give your dog excruciating pain!

Labrador Retriever’s Health Issues:

Do not freak out at all, these are just precautions that you should know about just in case this happens to your Labrador retriever.

Osteochondrosis Dissecans: this is a very painful disease that will affect your dog’s elbows, shoulders and knees. This condition usually strikes the bigger dog breeds just like the Labrador retriever.

Cold Tail: this is a strange condition that usually only happens in Labrador’s where their tails go limp and so it makes it feel numb in which the dog may bite their tail and irritate it.

Acute Moist Dermatitis: this happens when your dog’s skin gets irritated. It gets irritated so much that it gets inflamed from the bacterial infection!

Ear Infections: like we said above in the grooming section their ears lose a lot of moisture and this is why you need to moisturize their ears to prevent the ear infections.

Epilepsy: This is a condition where you can have mild or serve seizures. This is something that labs can suffer from.

Labrador‘s Exercise:

Labrador retriever’s have an extreme amount of energy. The only way to help your dog burn all that energy is to take them to the dog park! These dogs need so much time outside especially when they are puppies because they keep so much energy. A game of fetch, a run, or a trip to the dog park for over 30minutes will be perfect for your dog! Remember to hydrate your dog throughout playtime because they do have thick coats that can make them overheat!

Labrador Retriever Training:

The Labradors are extremely intelligent dogs that are very wise when it comes to learning new things.  They will do almost anything if you dangle a treat in front of their face. They have a strong desire to please their owners and sometimes they can be a spazz but they will follow instructions clearly. Start training when they are puppies; start of by potty training them to crate training and go on from there. They will surely master these skills within a few months!

Labrador Retriever’s Feeding:

This topic really depends on the size of your Labrador but the average size dog should get an average amount of food. The recommended amount is 2 ½ cups to 3 ½ cups of premium dry food a day. Now this is usually divided into two meals; one in the morning and one at night.  It is important that you get a good brand of dog food especially one made in the country you live in. some dog food products are made in china which is causing hard to our dogs. Remember to keep up-to-date on recalled pet foods to keep your Labrador safe.

Labrador Retriever Puppies:

Labrador Retriever PuppyWhen you first bring you Labrador retriever home there is no doubt that you and the puppy will be nervous.  If they are scared you need to cuddle them and make them feel protected. Everything the puppy sees smells or even hears will come to a shock to the puppy at first and it can even scare them. Make you dog feel comfortable with some puppy treats, maybe a new toy and just play with them for a little. They will come around to their new surrounds and have a great time.

Remember when caring for a puppy to keep them up to date with their vet on shots! This is important because they have to get a couple rounds of puppy shots to keep their immune system working properly. When feeding your puppy they need to eat a premium bag of puppy food. Make sure you look at the recalls when buying any dog food or teats because some dog foods are made in china with unsafe chemicals.

Puppies should only be eating food depending on their weight. If they are 15-20lbs they should be getting 7-8 ounces divided into four meals a day! If they are 23-26lbs in weight they should be getting 20 ounces of food divided into 3 meals. Lastly if they are 45-55 lbs. almost in adult stage; they should be getting 14 ounces of food dived into 2 meals a day.  Remember the puppy stage is a hard stage but it doesn’t last forever and once they get out of puppy stage it will be smooth sailing from there! J

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