Labrador Retriever Information

The Labrador retriever is in our top ten most popular dog breeds in the whole world! The Labrador has been awarded the best dog breed throughout the entire world! They are most known for their amazing hunting and fishing skills because they are known for being in the group of the working dogs! The Labrador … Read more

Afador: Afghan Hound and Labrador Mix

This extremely cute dog breed is a designer breed mixed with Afghan hound and a Labrador. This dog breed first originated in Alaska for their hunting and fishing skills! The afador has become extremely popular over the past decade gaining more and more popularity. Even though it is gaining a lot of popularity they are … Read more

Labradoodle:  Labrador Retriever Poodle Mix

A Labradoodle is a hybrid dog breed also known as “designer Dog”. A Labradoodle is a mix between a Labrador retriever and a poodle. The Labradoodle was originally breed and developed in Australia to be a hypoallergenic guide dog; there were only a few people in charge of breeding these dogs. So not only did people like that they were guide dogs but they liked that the dog could be a versatile family and therapy dog as well

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Learn More About the Labrador Pitbull Mix

The Labrador Pitbull mix is otherwise known as the Labrabull or the Pitador.  This dog, if trained and socialized well can be a very loyal and loving family pet.  Both the Labrador and the Pitbull have short coats.
These are medium sized dogs with a longer muzzle like the Labrador and distinct long pointed ears.  They have long hairless tails that resemble that of the Labradors.  Thanks to the Pitbull genetics they come in a variety of different colors that include: black, white, chocolate, gold, spotted, brindled or cream. This athletic and agile dog is full of playful energy and if given the right amount of attention it will make the ideal pet.

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More About the Labrador Retriever Husky Mix

Labrador Retriever Husky MixDescription:
This big dog is a mix between the Labrador retriever and the Husky and is more commonly known as the Siberian Retriever which is not to be mistaken with the Labrador Husky which is a completely different breed. Their appearance depends on the percentage of the mix while some Siberian retrievers look more like a Husky there are others that resemble a Lab retriever more. This dog has a triangular shaped head with pointed erect ears. It is not unusual for a Siberian retriever to have two different eye colors with one brown one and one pale blue one. This is quite a tall dog with long legs and webbed paws. This dog’s tail curls upwards like a Husky’s and is usually black with a white pointed tip. The coat of the Siberian retriever has medium length hair and it can be either black and white or brown with copper. These intelligent animals make wonderful companions and they will stay loyal to their owners.

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Learn more about the Beagle Labrador Mix

Beagle Labrador Mix Description:
The Beagle Lab mix is a common crossbreed dog between a Beagle and a Labrador and is also known as the Labbe, Beagador, Labeagle and Labbe Retriever. This high energy ‘designer’ dog first originated from the US and its popularity quickly spread throughout the world due to its fun-loving nature. The typical Beagle Labrador mix takes after both its parents in appearance and has the head of the Beagle with its tricolor coat with the colors of the Labrador. The Labbe’s body tends to resemble that of the Beagle in height but it is slightly longer in length. Its coat is very short and it has a sleek appearance which it inherits from the Labrador side.

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All About the German Shepherd Lab Mix a.k.a. the Sheprador

german shepherd lab mixDescription:
The German shepherd lab mix dog is more commonly known as the German sheprador and it’s a cross between the stock German shepherd and a Golden Labrador retriever dog. This hybrid dog’s appearance is similar to a Labrador with a sleek, lean body, short haired coat, floppy ears and long short haired tail. Their coloring is distinctly similar to that of a stock German shepherd and they are typically tan with a black saddle. However, some of these dogs have a completely tan colored coat with distinct black circles around their eyes. Their eyes are a dark almost black color and they have very expressive faces. This makes for a lovable pet as it typically takes the best characteristics of both its parents. These dogs are full of energy and love to play making them great family dogs.

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The Boxer Lab Mix aka the Boxador

Boxer Lab MixBoxador description:
This dog is a Boxer Labrador hybrid mix and is commonly referred to as the Boxador. This dog is approximately the same size as a Labrador and it shares its same characteristics. The Boxador’s coat comes in a number of different colors including brindle, black and tan. It has a short sleek coat with a lot of natural oils that keep it looking shiny. The head is a mix between the Lab and the boxer which is slightly bigger than the average Lab’s head. A distinct feature of this dog is its large droopy jowls.

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