All About the Miniature Bulldog aka the Bull-Pug

Miniature BulldogMini Bulldog description:
This is not a purebred dog and it is a cross between the Pug and the Bulldog. It is also known as the Bull-pug or the Mini Bulldog. Because of the Miniature Bulldog’s size some of the typical Bulldog characteristics are not evident in the mixed version. They have a powerful and low body with broad shoulders and a pronounced head and a short smooth coat. It comes in a variety of different colors, the most typical being: white, brindle, fawn, red or patched. The Bulldog was originally bred to catch bulls, however, this miniature version is calm, gentle and has a loving nature that many cannot resist.

Miniature Bulldog temperament:
This is a kind and affectionate dog that loves to be in the company of humans. It is the perfect dog to keep as a family pet as it adores children and because of its gentle nature it makes a great companion and playmate. It is a laid-back dog and does not demand a lot of attention; however, it does have the tendency to be stubborn at times.

Miniature Bulldog size:Miniature Bulldog
These dogs generally grow to be between 30-40lbs (13.6-18kg) and have a height of about 12-14 inches (30-35cm).

Miniature Bulldog health problems:
This crossbreed suffers from the same kind of health problems as a Bulldog. They have a tendency to suffer from breathing problems and quite often these dogs are born by Caesarean section. They have sensitive skin and it can often become itchy and irritable. Due to excess skin, they also have the tendency to overheat; therefore it is not advisable to keep these dogs outdoors if you live in a hot climate. Care also needs to be taken with the Mini Bulldog and slippery surfaces. These dogs are naturally born with weaker joints and if they slip on a surface they could hurt themselves and cause dislocation. To minimize the risk or your dog suffering from any hereditary health problems, you need to buy it from a reputable breeder. The average life expectancy for the miniature Bulldog is about 10 years.

Living conditions:
This dog is small and quite fragile therefore it needs to live in a comfortable place in the house. Because of its size living in an apartment is not an issue and it would suit people who live in small homes. Keep your dog out of areas that are too hot so it does not overheat. They should have their own private basket or crate that is in a corner because they like to rest alone without the distraction of other things.

Miniature BulldogMiniature Bulldog exercise:
These dogs do not need much exercise at all and just playing with them is enough exercise for them although they do love being outdoors so it is a good idea to let them have a run outside for a few minutes every day.

Mini Bulldog grooming:
Because of its short coat it does not need much brushing, perhaps once a week is sufficient and even still this is not necessary. As they have sensitive skin it is advisable to use a rubble bristle brush that will not hurt or irritate them. It’s necessary to carry a spray bottle of water around to cool them down if it gets too hot, especially on long walks and car trips. Because they have sensitive ears, it is advisable to place cotton wool inside them when bathing them to prevent water going in their ears.

This makes for a great pet for all ages. Children love its playful nature and old people enjoy this dog for its quietness and companionship. It is suitable for anyone who has a few hours to spare each day, although this dog does not crave as much attention as other breeds.

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