Where to Find Mountain Cur Puppies for Sale

The Mountain Cur is a type of hunting dog developed in the United States for trailing and treeing small game like raccoons and squirrels. These dogs are good at what they do, and make excellent pets when trained properly. However, these dogs require a job or they can become bored and anxious. Therefore, before bringing home a Mountain Cur puppy, make sure you do your homework. On the other hand, if you want a working dog that is good at chasing down small animals and capable of being used a water dog also, then the Mountain cur may be the type of dog for you. If you are concerned with where to find one of these puppies for sale, keep reading.

Where can I find a Mountain Cur Breeder?

The truth is that there are many Mountain Cur breeders in the U.S.; many of them are found in Tennessee, Ohio, Virginia and Kentucky, but can be found other places also. Below you will find a few reputable breeders where you can begin your search for a puppy:

  • Gasconade River Mountain Curs: Located in Rolla, Missouri, this kennel has Mountain Cur dogs for sale quite often. One of their males, they call “Jammin Jukebox” is from champion bloodlines, and they are actively breeding him to their females. At around $300 per puppy, you can’t beat this price and quality. They ship around the country and can be reached via their website at www.gasconaderivermtncurs.com
  • Mountain State Kennels: Mountain State Kennels is located in West Virginia and they have some great bloodlines coming out of their breeding stock. In fact, they not only breed Mountain Cur puppies, but they are also big into squirrel hunting with their dogs. So, if you choose a puppy from these breeders, you are guaranteed a working stock cur. Check out their website at www.mountainstatekennels.com
  • CastleHill Mountain Curs: Yet another high-quality breeder, CasteHill is located in Mountain Grove, Missouri. These folks offer Mountain Cur dogs that are OMCBA registered coon and squirrel dogs. They have puppies available quite often, so if you are looking for a Mountain Cur dog for sale, contact them at http://castlehillmtncurs.homestead.com

In the end, Mountain Curs make excellent hunting dogs. Regardless where you get your dog from, this will likely be the best raccoon and squirrel dog you’ve ever seen. Keep in mind that if a puppy is not the right choice for you, there are many adult dogs that need homes as well; simply contact a local Mountain Cur rescue and see if they have anything you are interested in!

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