Natural Balance Dog Food Review

Natural balance dog food was founded by Dick Van Patten in 1989. Van is an actor and animal welfare advocator whose goal was to see dog owners feed their dogs on whole foods that are of good quality.

Today, Natural Balance is being marketed as a natural healthy brand that goes with the slogan ‘‘truly the food for a lifetime”.

Who makes Natural Balance Dog Food?

Natural Balance is manufactured by a privately owned company known as Diamond Pet Foods. Although its dog food has seen a number of recalls, the food is proven to be good for your dog. In fact, the company has made all efforts to show the pet owners that its food is the best. The “buy with confidence’ slogan is to gain buyers confidence.

Top Ingredients By products Artificial Ingredients Our Rating
Sweet Potatoes
Chicken Broth
Dehydrated Potatoes
No No 96

Buyers Confidence

Natural Balance has complete confidence in the quality of their ingredients.

They also want you to have the same confidence level in their brand. To do this, they began the Buy With Confidence program.

The program lets dog owners who bought a bag of Natural Balance dog verify their purchase.

Once you have your bag, visit their website, select the formula as shown on the bag, and then put the best by date. You will be shown the laboratory test results of the bag you purchased.

Ingredients They Use

The best thing about Natural Balance dog food is that their ingredients are human-grade.

The vegetables as well as the meat, are human grade meaning they are also good for humans. The top five ingredients of this food are; chicken, sweet potatoes, chicken broth, potatoes and dehydrated potatoes.

Even though chicken is the first ingredient, it is a little disappointing because chicken meal would have been better.

The disappointing thing about whole chicken is that it is composed of 80% water and other nutrients which are sadly lost when the chicken is cooked.

On the flip side, the carbohydrates sources are good because sweet potatoes, dehydrated potatoes, and normal potatoes are a good source of energy.

The rest of the ingredients are good except for the sodium nitrite which is a carcinogenic ingredient.

Other worrying ingredients some grains that aggravate or lead to allergic reactions to the dogs. If you notice your dog has an allergy that can be pointed to grains, you are better off putting him on a grain free diet.

Natural Balance Dog Food Reviews

We reviewed two of natural balance top dog food products. The two products are original ultra whole body health dry dog food and fat dogs low-calorie dry dog food.

Original Ultra Whole Body Health Dry Dog Food
The Original Ultra Whole Body Health Dry Dog Food is a Natural Balance dog food that’s good for dogs that are allergic to some grains.

The ingredients in this dog food are completely grain-free and potatoes are used to provide the energy requirements. It includes alpha chicken, duck dry dog food or turkey meal in your dog’s diet gives the dog a balanced diet.

This diet has 13% crude fat and 23% crude protein. There are wholesome ingredients like potatoes, chicken, chicken, lettuce, dried carrots, pea fiber, oat fiber, flaxseeds, and duck.

In addition, it also contains vitamins, sulfate, and amino acids. The good thing is that there are no fillers and all the ingredients all have a purpose. This is a solid formula to put your dog on.

Fat Dogs Low Calorie Dry Dog Food
Fat dog’s low calorie is Natural Balance dog food formulated for dogs that are overweight or the ones that are headed there.

It helps in keeping your dog healthy because it has low calories, special proteins, and fiber blend. This combination helps to keep the dog feel full while losing weight at the same time.

The premium protein in this formula promotes healthy weight because it helps the dog to maintain lean muscles even as they lose the excess weight.

The fiber helps the dog to feel full all the time thus reducing the urge to eat at all times; it also helps to reduce excessive begging.

This formula comprises of chicken meal, dried peas, garbanzo beans, salmon meal, dried, yeast, vegetable pomace and chicken fat.

It also has salmon oil, dried egg, potassium chloride, vitamin d supplement, vitamin B12 supplement and niacin among other things. Most dog owners have praised the food according to the results they have been getting after putting their dog on this formula.


Just to be on the safe side, it is good to be on the look-out for any reactions after you put your dog on any new diet.

Don’t mix the formula with any other new food so that you can be able to point out any reactions if any.

If the dog doesn’t react to the food, then you can happily introduce other foods that will enhance your dog’s health. This rule doesn’t apply on Natural Balance dog food only; it applies to all dog foods.

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