How to Find Pumi Puppies for Sale

Another great Hungarian dog breed that you can choose from is the Pumi. This is a very energetic sheepdog that can make a great farm and family companion. Ready to get a new dog? Check out our recommendations for breeders here.

How Much Should a Beagle Eat?

Are you curious about how much should a Beagle eat? Here I will go more in-depth on this topic; that way, you can be a great Beagle owner. I will also help you understand some basic Beagle feeding guidelines.

Best Brush for Bernese Mountain Dog

Best Brush For Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog has a lot of hair and needs to be groomed on a regular basis. You will definitely need a good brush to accomplish this. Here you will find the best brushes for the Bernese Mountain Dog.

How to Teach Your Dog to Smile on Command

Dog owners like to train their dogs to do a variety of things. One thing many owners want to teach their dogs is how to smile. This is a really cute trick if you can successfully train your dog to do this. Here you will find step by step on how to train your dog to smile.

How to Find Lowchen Puppies for Sale

Are you interested in owning your very own Lowchen? This is a cute dog that has a haircut that resembles a lion. This is also a quite rare dog breed, so if you want one, you will need to contact one of the reputable breeders on our list.

Why Do Dogs Cross Their Paws?

Why do dogs cross their paws? Are they trying to be polite or just getting comfortable? There could be a few reasons why your dog is crossing their paws. Whatever the reason maybe, it isn’t something you need to be worried about because it isn’t bad.

How To Get Dog Hair Out of Car?

Is it that time of the month where you need to clean out your car? Well, when you are a dog owner, it can be very tough to clean all of the dog hair out of your car. Thankfully, I am here to help you by showing you all the ways you can clean your car effectively.

How Long Are Pugs Pregnant For?

Here you will find out exactly how long Pugs are pregnant for. We will also explore complications that your Pug could have during her pregnancy. Click here if your Pug is expecting a puppy.

How to Find Kuvasz Puppies for Sale

A dog breed that isn’t heard much about is the Kuvasz dog breed. This breed is native to Hungary, and it was used to guard livestock and the royals. Are you interested in owning this type of dog breed, then click here.

Where to Find Carolina Dog Puppies for Sale

Are you interested in owning what some consider to be the first dog? The Carolina Dog is native to South Carolina. It was said that this dog breed was seen with the early Native Americans.

Can Dogs Eat Boba?

Have you ever tried boba or boba tea? Boba is the round thing inside those incredibly popular drinks. They are squishy and taste rather good to some people. Do you think your dog could enjoy a boba pearl? Find out here.