Where to Find Kai Ken Puppies for Sale

Are you looking for a native Japanese dog? Here we have the Kai Ken, which is a herding dog breed. This dog right now is part of the foundation stock service with the AKC. If you are looking for one of these dogs, check here.

Where to Find Briard Puppies for Sale

Are you searching for a French dog breed to purchase? If so, you should definitely check out the Briard dog breed. This is a large dog breed and a very good sound dog that was used to herd sheep and guard them.

How to Find Parson Russell Terrier Puppies for Sale

Another breed similar to the Jack Russell Terrier is the Parson Russell Terrier. It is the show quality option of that breed but is recognized by the AKC as its own breed. Are you looking for more information about puppies, then click here!

Can Dogs Eat Sour Cream?

I love sour cream on my tacos, do you? Have you ever wondered if your dog can have sour cream with you? In this article, I will answer that question and much more.

Where to Find Shikoku Puppies for Sale

Are you interested in owning a rare Japanese dog? The Shikoku is a medium-sized dog breed that was used for hunting boars. If you want to own your own Shikoku, you will want to check out our recommendations here.

About the Irish Setter Golden Retriever Mix

Golden Irish

The Irish Setter Golden Retriever mix is a large dog breed the combines the great Golden Retriever and the Irish Setter. This is a fantastic mix and will quickly become your best friend.

How to Find Puli Puppies for Sale

Many amazing dogs come from the country of Hungary, and so does this dog breed called the Puli. It is a natural herding and guard dog for farms. After it was brought over here, more people wanted to get their very own. I am here to help you find your dream Puli.

Where to Find Otterhound Puppies for Sale

Are you interested in an Otterhound? It is a large breed dog that can be used for companionship or even hunting. This dog breed is quite special because it is one of the rarest with having less than 1000 in the world.

Can Dogs Eat Cheesecake?

If you have eaten cheesecake, then you know just how delicious it is. It can be so tempting to share what you are eating with your dogs, but it is vital to make sure it is safe first. Find out if cheesecake is safe for dogs here.

Can Dogs Eat Tapioca?

Tapioca is a very versatile ingredient that can be used for a wide variety of things. Many people think that tapioca is only for humans, but dogs can also benefit from it. Find out more about it here.

How to Find Mudi Puppies for Sale

Another rare breed that I would like to share with you is the Mudi dog breed. It originated in Hungary, and it is a sheepdog. If you are looking for a medium-sized dog breed, then look here to get a Mudi puppy.