Meet the Queensland Heeler, Learn About Its Size, Shedding and More!

Queensland Heeler

The beautiful Queensland Heeler is a natural cattle dog originating in Austrailia. This muscular dog has a natural attitude to work and do the job they were designed to do. This is a very high energy do so it wouldn’t be good for apartment living. Find out more specific information here!

About the Spanish Mastiff, Puppies and More!

Spanish Mastiff

If you love the variety of different Mastiff breeds out in the world, you will want to check out the Spanish Mastiff. This is a big stocky dog breed hailing from Sprain. They are naturally protective and used as guard dogs. Find out more here!

Find Out More About the Tamaskan Dog

Tamaskan Dog

The widely popular wolf look-alike dog breed called the Tamaskan is taking the world by storm. With its muscular build and wolf appearance, everyone whos anyone wants to get their hands on one of these dogs. Their loyalty to their owners and friendly demeanor makes them one of the perfect dog breeds.