How To Take Care Of A Dog

Owning a dog is an awesome experience which comes with a responsibility of taking care of your canine companion. A dog, just like a child, will depend on its owner to keep it safe, take it for health checkups, exercise, and even its nourishment. A dog owner ought to learn how to take care of … Read more

How to Put a Dog to Sleep: Making the Decision

Putting a dog to sleep is always a hard decision to make but it comes a time when a dog owner has to administer euthanasia to relieve the dog from its pain. For a dog owner to successfully embrace that putting his dog to sleep is the kindest option to relieve the dog from pain, he … Read more

3 Top Heavy Duty Dog Crates that are Escape Proof 2019

Large, aggressive, and powerful dogs need heavy duty, escape proof, and chew-resistant crates, so they will not be able to break and destroy it easily. Making sure that your dog is safe, guarded, and away from any danger when they roam around the house unattended is important to ensure your home’s safety. It is quite … Read more

Best Automatic Dog Feeder Guide 2018: Compare Automatic Pet Feeders

Technology is advancing really fast. Daily chores are being automated and making life easier. Dog feeding has not been left out either. Automatic pet feeders are already widely used by dog owners. Automatic dog feeders can be very useful when it comes to feeding your dog in case you are not around. The best automatic dog feeders come in various styles

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Can Dogs See In The Dark? Vision 20/75

Although cats bask in the pride of being the overall pet champ of night vision, dogs can also navigate through the darkness with ease. So, can dogs see in the dark? Yes, their better vision in darkness is not as good as the cats but better than humans. Dogs eyesight in darkness is attributed to their eye … Read more

How to Get Dog Hair Out of Carpet

If you own a pet with lots of fur, it is certain that your carpet will always be riddled with fur. In most cases, vacuuming is the preferred option to remove dog hair but some hair may prove to be hard to remove. Below are a few methods that you can use to get dog hair out … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Blueberries? 18 Reasons to Feed Your Dog Blueberries

Next time you purchase some blueberries, you might as well include your canine friend. Blueberries are very nutritional, small in size and work well for both small and large dogs. Blueberries are not only safe but also excellent sources of iron, zinc, antioxidants and selenium. Blueberries are also high in vitamins such as B complex, … Read more

Best Wireless Dog Fence 2019: Wireless Dog Fence Reviews

All dog owners have three main concerns running in their heads. First is how to keep their dog or dogs safe. Second is how to keep your dog healthy and the last one is how to ensure the two without breaking the bank. This is where the wireless dog fence comes in. When it comes … Read more

Seresto Flea Collar Reviews – Flea and Tick Prevention for Dogs

Ticks and fleas can be quite annoying and dangerous to your pooch. Not only do they make your dog uncomfortable, they can also transmit diseases from one dog to another. Treating your dog for ticks and fleas regularly will keep him comfortable and free from diseases. That’s why your dog needs a dog flea collar. … Read more