How To Take Care Of A Dog

How To Take Care of a Dog

Owning a dog is an awesome experience which comes with a responsibility of taking care of your canine companion. A dog, just like a child, will depend on its owner to keep it safe, take it for health checkups, exercise, and even … Read more

How to Put a Dog to Sleep: Making the Decision

How to Put a Dog to Sleep

Putting a dog to sleep is always a hard decision to make but it comes a time when a dog owner has to administer euthanasia to relieve the dog from its pain. For a dog owner to successfully embrace that putting his dog … Read more

Can Dogs See In The Dark? Vision 20/75

Can Dogs See In The Dark

Although cats bask in the pride of being the overall pet champ of night vision, dogs can also navigate through the darkness with ease. So, can dogs see in the dark? Yes, their better vision in darkness is not as good as … Read more

How to Get Dog Hair Out of Carpet

If you own a pet with lots of fur, it is certain that your carpet will always be riddled with fur. In most cases, vacuuming is the preferred option to remove dog hair but some hair may prove to be hard to remove. Below … Read more