Petzi Treat Cam Review

In this day and age of busy work schedules and dwindling spare time, our furry friends can sometimes slip down the list of our daily priorities. As guilty as we may feel ourselves about being away from our pets, our dogs and cats probably feel even more upset – it’s not like we can make them understand why we need to work those overtime hours or sit on that committee, for instance.

Tech Solutions for Pet Owners
What’s handy about the ever-increasing pace of technology, though, it that now we can communicate instantly with our pets in the same way that we would talk remotely with friends or members of our families, allowing us to build and strengthen the loving bond we have with them. From smart phone apps to online pet trackers, we can actually connect with our cat or dog in far more ways than ever before!

One example of this revolutionary way to interact with our fur kids is the Petzi Treat Cam. Developed by the founders of Petzilla (an online pet solution company) and released in December 2014, it’s an internet –based, innovative piece of pet tech that works to make our furry friends happier when they’re separated from us. Most of us worry about the fact that our pets are home alone, but I love the concept of this gadget because it gives us anxious pet owners a brief glimpse into the everyday routine of our four-legged family members.

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What is the Petzi Cam?
An interactive video camera, speakerphone and treat dispenser all in one, it’s a way for owners to see their pet, talk to them remotely, and even give them a special snack or two while they’re gone. Using a dedicated and secure app that’s available for either iOS or Android devices, this handy little pet cam also allows you to check in on your pet from almost anywhere as well; you can’t beat that for convenience! The wide angle camera lets you see your pet in a real time video stream, but you can also snap cute pictures to share with your friends or post to Petzi’s popular social ‘Petwork’.

Chat and Treat in Real Time
Your furry friend’s favorite part will probably be the super snacks, however; with a simple button push, the Petzi Cam tosses anywhere from 1-3 treats to your pet on your command, giving them some extra TLC whenever you feel they need it. Finally, the quality audio speaker function not only alerts your pet the instant you check in on them, but allows you to ‘chat’ face to snout to your pup pal or feline friend whenever you want, giving your pet the reassurance and security that only your voice can provide.

What makes it better than other products?
Although there are a lot of interactive pet devices on the market, the Petzi Treat Cam has a few stand-out features that increase its user-friendliness for pet parents – let’s take a look.

First, the setup for the camera to phone interface is relatively simple, with only a few steps needed to sync the device to your smartphone or tablet. There are three different mounting options as well –wall, flat surface or post mounted with Velcro straps (included), which really increases the placement flexibility for pet owners who want to make sure that the camera is at just the right height for Fido or Kitty to peer into.  Next, the camera itself is fairly sturdy; the wide angle lens provides video streaming at 720p, and has the added bonus of night vision as well, so you can even capture your kitty’s midnight antics if you want to.

The few drawbacks are minor, but can be annoying for pet owners who might want a more complete interactive experience. For one, the sound is only unidirectional; although your pets can hear your voice, you won’t be able to pick up their own barks, meows, whines or purrs. The unit’s treat hopper also only works with tiny bite-sized tidbits, so if you’re looking to give your Great Dane a meal in the middle of the day, this isn’t the gadget to do it with, though the hopper’s 100 treat capacity works well for small dogs and cats. Finally, although the casing is sleek and modern, it looks as though an over-exuberant snack-seeking pet could easily crack the casing.

Superb Reviews from Real Pet Owners
Don’t just take my word for it, though; the Petzi Treat Cam has tons of excellent reviews online from some very happy pet parents. Some use it as a way to relieve their dog’s separation anxiety, using their voice and treats to calm their furry friend, while others simply love seeing their normally lazy cat or dog come running into the room when the unit chimes on. One cat owner claimed that the purchase price was worth every penny, since it allowed him to give his sick old kitty extra food food anytime during the day to prevent him from losing more weight!

No matter which way you use the Petzi Treat Cam, however, the end result is the same, and one that most pet owners are going to be thrilled with; it allows us to connect more deeply with our pets on an everyday basis. Isn’t that something to howl about, after all?

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