Learn More About the Pitbull

Pitbull PuppyDescription:
When people usually think of the Pitbull they think of a strong dog with power. The head of the Pitbull is typically in the shape of a brick which is broad with powerful jaws and big jowls. It is a stocky muscular dog with a well-defined neck. While this is a stocky dog, it is also agile and extremely strong at the same time. The teeth of the Pitbull usually make up a scissors bite. Its coat is short, thick and shiny and it comes in a variety of colors including fawn, tan, black, brown, white and cream. Many owners choose to crop their ears for the sake of appearance; however, many owners who use their pitbull as a working dog crop them intentionally so their floppy ears cannot get torn in the line of duty.

Pitbull temperament:Pitbull
There is a negative stigma that surrounds Pitbulls due to their fierce look especially when their ears are cropped but if socialized well with a calm and
confident hand they become great companions who are good-natured, funny, loyal and affectionate, even to children. They are rarely aggressive towards
people like many say, however, they can be more aggressive towards other animals, again this can be overcome through early training and socialization.

The only known times when a Pitbull will become aggressive towards a human is when it is protecting its owner as it is fiercely loyal and protective. This dog is fine to leave with children and it has quite a high pain threshold and can withstand the rough and tumble play without getting aggressive. While many promote this dog for fighting, it actually makes a great family pet and companion because of its calm and loving temperament.

Pitbull size:
This muscular dog approximately weighs 22-78lb (10-35kg) and measures between 14-24 inches (35-60cm) in height. The actual weight and size is not as important as the Pitbull’s proportions.

Pitbull health problems:
This relatively a healthy breed of dog and the only known health problems associated with the Pitbull is hip dysplasia, cataracts and occasionally grass allergies.

Living conditions:
The Pitbull is not a dog that should be kept indoors because of its size, strength and high energy. Ideally it should be kept in a kennel, in a garage or in a bed the laundry room. It should not be kept outdoors either as it does not do well in cooler weather.

Pitbull exercise:
The Pitbull is a naturally muscular dog full of energy and it needs to be walked twice daily for at least an hour each time.

Pitbull grooming:
Because the Pitbull has a short-haired coat it is easy to groom. Use a bristle brush and rub it with an old cloth to make the coat shine.

This dog is only suitable for those who have at least 2 hours per day to exercise it. It is suitable as a family dog as long as it is trained and socialized properly. This dog is not suitable for older people as a lot of strength is needed when walking the dog.

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