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This small lap dog is called a Pomchi and it is a cross between the Pomeranian and the Chihuahua.  Other names for this dog are the Chi-Pom, Chiranian and the Pomahuahua.   This dog is not officially recognized as a breed by purebred organizations because it is a mixed breed dog, however, the American Canine Hybrid Club do classify it as its own breed.  This dog can either have a single or a double coat depending on whether it has more Chihuahua or Pomeranian content.  Generally the topcoat of the Pomchi is soft and full.  There are variations in the coats’ length and they can be either long or short depending on the parentage.  The typical Pomchi dog has a rounder head with a narrow muzzle.  Their eyes are large and round and of a dark color.  Their ears typically are pointed and stand erect which it takes from the Chihuahua.  This dog has shorter limbs compared to other small dogs and a longer torso.  Depending on the sex of the Pomchi will depend on how much it sheds it coat.  Male Pomchi dogs shed once a year while the females shed after giving birth or while they are in heat.

Often the runt of the Pomchi litter does not grow to a full-size like its brothers and sisters would and it is referred to a teacup Pomchi.  The teacup Pomchi tends to have a sweeter disposition than the full-sized ones, however, they are more susceptible to illness due to a weaker immune system and injury due to its small delicate size.


Pomchi temperament:

The Pomchi is known to be a highly intelligent and energetic dog which is eager to please and learn.  It does not take long for this dog to become part of the family and bonding with its owners is almost instantaneous as it has a friendly disposition.  This dog is more easy-going than the full-bred Chihuahua and is less stubborn which makes it easy to control and train.  This dog also has a protective nature and it often makes a good watchdog alerting owners with its bark when a stranger approaches.


Pomchi size:

This is a very small dog and measures between 6-9 inches (15.2-22.8cm) in height and a male typically weighs 6-18lbs (2.7-8kg) and a female 2-10lbs (1-4.5kg).


Pomchi health problems:

The Pomchi has a long life expectancy compared to its purebred parents and can live up to 18 years if it is cared for properly with regular checkups.  This dog does not have any known health problems and does not suffer from the medical conditions that its purebred parents do.


Living conditions:

The Pomchi is an indoors dog and due to its small size it is suitable for apartments and houses without yards as it does not need an excessive amount of exercise.  This dog does not do well in cold conditions and it is very sensitive to the change in weather.  It should be in a place that has a good room temperature and if it goes outdoors in the wintertime it ought to wear a sweater.


Pomchi exercise:

This dog does not need a lot of exercise and a short walk to let it go to the bathroom outdoors is sufficient.  It will get a lot of its exercise from playing with games and toys.


Pomchi grooming:

Because this dog has longer hair it is necessary to brush it multiple times a week in order for it to stay tangle-free.  The skin of the Pomchi is sensitive so care needs to be taken when brushing it.  This dog should only be bathed when absolutely necessary and due to its sensitive skin a mild hypoallergenic shampoo needs to be used to avoid any skin irritation.  These dogs are also renowned for having overactive tear ducts and their eyes often have discharge.  To avoid having a buildup of discharge, owners need to wipe it away with a damp Kleenex to prevent eye infections.



This dog is a great dog if you have a lot of time to spend with it as it does not like to spend long periods of time alone.  It is a great dog for all ages but parents need to take care that their children are not too rough with the dog as it can easily get hurt due to its fragile size.

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