About the Pyrenean Mastiff, Its Puppies, Breeders and More!

Pyrenean MastiffThe Pyrenean Mastiff is a dog of enormous size. They are a mountain dog with a thick coat that is coarse and long.

The average coat length is between 6 and 9 cm. Their fur tends to grow longer across the shoulders, under the belly, and around the throat.

They resemble the Saint Bernard in terms of size and shape.

The Pyrenean Mastiff breed is very gentle and calm; they love spending time with their owners and even children. 

They are also very loyal, and if they feel that their family is being threatened they will use their strength and become very hostile towards enemies. 


Pyrenean Mastiff puppies grow up to be self-reliant dogs that are generally docile and even-tempered.

They are gentle with their pack and will act protective of children in their homes.

They will not hesitate to defend their family members if they think a threat is nearby. Overall they are loving and kind dogs that require plenty of socialization from a very young age.

Even with good socializing, the Pyrenean mastiff will still display an ingrained suspicion of strangers they meet.

Pyrenean MastiffHeight & Weight

Pyrenean Mastiff breeders will warn most potential owners that this breed gets very large.

The average male will stand 30 inches (77 cm), with females coming to 28 inches (71 cm) at the withers.

They usually weigh around 178 pounds (81 kg), but males can get as high as 220 pounds (100 kg).

Health Problems of the Mastiff

The Pyrenean Mastiff is prone to health conditions that are typical of large size breeds.

These types of health conditions would include hip dysplasia and bloat. 

Make sure to keep bloat at bay that you are feeding your dog multiple smaller meals a day. They need to eat a lot of food but not all at once, or they can get severely sick.

Hip dysplasia is another condition that most larger dog breeds get. The way to prevent this is to have the hip score done on your dog as a puppy or by checking out the parents of the puppy.

If you ever have any concerns with your dog’s overall health, make sure you are checking it over with a health professional.

Living Conditions

Anyone interested in finding a Pyrenean Mastiff for sale should note that this dog will be enormous. Small living spaces are not recommended.

It is not a high energy canine but it still needs space to live comfortably.

Life Expectancy of the Mastiff

The typical Pyrenean Mastiff will live approximately 8 to 13 years.

Pyrenean Mastiff


I hope by now you have learned that the Pyrenean Mastiff was originally bred as wild outside mountain dogs. 

That being said that means this breed is used to being outdoors getting a lot of exercise. 

These dogs are the happiest when they can go outside as they please to roam, play, eat, and sleep.

If your dog cant freely go outside where you live then you need to take your dog on multiple walks giving them over a total of an hour of exercise a day. 

If your dog has a day where they get more exercise than usual then they may be hungrier or need more food than usual. 


Pyrenean MastiffThe Mastiff breeds are very big dogs, so as you can imagine, they eat a lot of food.

This breed needs three cups of food a day. Now don’t give your dog three cups of food all at once. They need to have it divided into smaller meals throughout the day.

This will prevent bloat, which is crucially important in bigger dogs.  Separate the meals into breakfast, lunch, and dinner for your dog.

The average cost per day for high-quality large dog food is around $1.50 to $2.oo a day.

If your dog has been outside more playing and running around, they may need four cups of food instead of three. You will need to gauge this on your dog’s activity level.

Grooming the Mastiff

Pyrenean Mastiffs have a heavy coat that requires regular combing and brushing.

This dog is a regular shedder, so the more frequently it is brushed, the less fur owners will find on furniture and carpets.

The dog’s face, primarily around the ears and eyes, should be kept dry.

Origin of the Pyrenean Mastiff

The Pyrenean Mastiff we know today descended from ancient livestock dogs. These canines were responsible for guarding the animals left in their care.

Since 1977, a modern purebred was documented by the Spain-based Club del Mastin del Pirineo de Espana.

They are currently being promoted in other countries including the United States by the Pyrenean Mastiff Club of America. The Federation Cynologique Internationale (CFI) recognized the breed in 1982.


No notable sub-groups currently exist.

Pyrenean MastiffWhat Colors Do They Come In?

They have a thick coat that is white with large dark spots that can range from black to tan.

Here are all the color options that you might see in a Pyrenean Mastiff:

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Gray
  • Sandy
  • Beige
  • Golden
  • Light Brown
  • White

Cool Traits / Characteristics

This breed is a gentle giant that is very protective of its family.

They have a great temperament; they are very gentle with children, loveable, loyal, and reliable dogs.

This breed is also very good with other dogs and other pets.

The breed was once used long ago as a livestock guardian, guarding cattle and sheep.

Another fun fact about the Pyrenean Mastiff is that they used to wear collars with large spikes on the ends to protect them when they were outdoors from wolves.

Pyrenean Mastiff Puppies

Now you want to keep in mind that while your Pyrenean Mastiff puppy is still small, they will grow up to be very large big dogs.

If you are not ready to raise such a big dog, then I suggest finding a different breed to adopt.

It is important to begin early socialization with your dog. This will make them feel more comfortable around people and children.

It is also always a good idea to start training your puppy early. They will learn obedience and right from wrong.

Trust a reliable breeder that can give you the health history of the mother and father dogs.

Other Names

Other names used to call the Pyrenean Mastiff are:

  • Mastin del Pireneo
  • Mastin dÁragon

Common Mixes

No common Pyrenean Mastiff mix-breeds are currently recognized.

Close Relatives

The “Mastiff” breed has so many variations and relatives that even the Pyrenean Mastiffs are closely similar to other breeds.

Here are a few breeds of dogs similar to the Pyrenean Mastiff:

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